My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 320 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 320 Part 2 – The Horror Of The Ground Breaking!

Editor: Zephyr04

Mutant Beast!

A species that had a stronger overall strength than zombies!

Despite the limitations of their body structure and their numbers being small, each mutant beast posed a great threat toward humans.

And their speed of evolution was even faster than zombies!

They were natural born hunters… No, they were natural born meat grinders!

A mutant rhinoceros, which was comparable in size to a tank, attracted everyone’s attention as soon as it appeared.

A huge body covered with iron red skin charged with violent speed. The entire ground seemed as if it was shaking as it quickly approached!

The zombies that were blocking the mutant beast didn’t even have any chance to resist. They were hit directly and flew like sandbags. When they landed on the ground they were instantly trampled into meat paste.

“Holy fuck, thank god I didn’t meet it. This one probably escaped from the zoo….”

Ling Mo’s scalp suddenly went numb. Behind this mutant rhinoceros, there was a mutant elephant! Along with some mutant horses, mutant deers, and even mutant sheep!

Once mutated, these once docile animals became aggressive and violent!

Many of them mutated after being bitten, and their natural advantages became magnified.

For example, a horn that became sharp like a knife, or a powerful hoof. Each of them was enough to bring great harm to ordinary humans.

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These terrible creatures normally weren’t active during this period, but they were all attracted by the bloody smell in the air!

“Mamma Mia! Here comes a big one! Get the shells ready! Shoot! SHOOT!”

Yu Wenxuan shouted.

The intensive gunshots immediately overshadowed the running sounds of the two large beasts.

However, the bullets couldn’t pierce through the monster’s thick skin. It was as if they were shooting at steel plates!

The abandoned cars that made up the multiple defensive lines were knocked flying as if they were toys.

The mutant rhinoceros directly crashed into the tank that was closest to it. Even though the gun barrel was aimed at it, it only made the rhinoceros furious, making it angrily try to flip the tank over.


An explosion sounded and drowned the mutant rhinoceros in flames and smoke, but just when everyone was relieved, it rushed out, burnt and charred all over.

Although it’s appearance looked very bloody, it wasn’t severely injured!

“It’s skin has been broken, aim for its flesh!”

The bullets burst into its flesh, but was immediately blocked by its tough muscles and was only able to go in a little bit.

“That monster is too fierce! The combat strength of humans are garbage compared to it!”

Ling Mo secretly swore. This one mutant rhinoceros, could very likely destroy the Falcon Camp’s last two lines of defense!

Two psychics attacked together, but ended up getting knocked away immediately.


One of them had screamed right before being stomped into a meat patty.

The other psychic rolled and crawled away for more than ten meters, but was pulled back by the powerful suction force from the mutant elephant. The elephant’s trunk then coiled around him and smashed him head first into the ground.


The bright red blood, as well as the tragic death, stimulated the nerves of everyone present.

“It’s really impressive, even if it’s us, maybe…”

Shana didn’t finish her sentence, but Ling Mo nodded dimly with a pale face, “These two monsters… are animal war machines.”

Ye Lian’s eyes had also turned red. She clearly felt threatened.

“Don’t worry, even if we can’t beat them, we could still run from them. I doubt there are many mutant beasts like those two. In the whole X City, there’s maybe only one or two. Relax.” Ling Mo hurriedly said.

What he said was the truth, they were in the city, not the wilderness.

Fighting in the city was slightly different than fighting in the wilderness. In the city, a threat could be anywhere. Even in a garden that’s by the roadside, a zombie could just suddenly jump out. Obviously for a survivor, a complicated environment also signified the opportunity to live.

As for Ling Mo, he preferred to live in the city. Of course, the main reason was because he was surrounded by three female zombies and a human-like maid.


Hei Shi shouted from downstairs while Ling Mo was thinking. When Ling Mo went out to check, he instantly widened his eyes in shock.

A mutant python had appeared in the courtyard, and was two meters away from Hei Si

Hei Si squatted on top of a wall, vigilantly watching the five-meter-long mutant python.

Its size wasn’t too big as it lifted its head, making it almost parallel to the wall. It was dangerously flickering its tongue, as if it could attack at any time.

“Oh right, their ability to smell is much more powerful than those zombies. It sure is insidious and sinister, actually avoiding the battlefield and sneaking over here to attack us.”

This python however wasn’t alone. Ling Mo had also discovered another python on the wall that was slithering up the pipe.

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