My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 321 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 321 Part 1 – Almost Poked Through…

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Hei Si barked and jumped down violently, and the mutant python also flashed forward.

Just as they collided, Hei Si dexterously flipped in the air and caught the mutant python’s head with her legs. She then twisted her legs and pinned the giant python to the ground.

Although her movements weren’t as flexible as the mutant pythons, she won due to her numerous attacks towards the python.

The moment she caught the snake, she inserted her nails into gaps of the scales.

The mutant snake violently twisted its body to get rid of Hei Si, but to no avail.

It was then that Hei Si persevered on and didn’t have any intention in letting go of the python, similarly to when she charges towards Ling Mo.

The mutant python was trapped between Hei Si’s legs, these two were entangled with each other, rolling on the ground.

The tail of the snake protruded from Hei Si’s legs, then swayed wildly, with the intention of attacking Hei Si.

Unfortunately, due to being restricted by Hei Si’s legs, it wasn’t able to use its powerful tail to strike or strangle Hei Si.

“This is such a fierce battle, but why does this feel like some R-rated scene? Is my mind too dirty?”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but think about it.

However, he soon discovered that both Li Ya Lin and Shana were staring at the scene below with great interest, even Ye Lian made a “oh” sound, as she blankly stared with her shining big eyes.

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“Apparently I’m not the only one with those thoughts…. It would’ve been fine if it was just Senior Sister and Shana sharing the same thoughts as me, but if Ye Lian did as well …” Ling Mo instantly let out a sigh of relief.

“Brother…Brother Ling, come look, Hei Si is just like you, she grew something between her legs as well!”

Ye Lian suddenly clapped her hands, saying that with excitement.

She turned her head towards Ling Mo and asked, voice filled with anticipation, “Right? It… It looks just like it!”

Ling Mo was stunned for a moment. Then he smiled and nodded, “En! I think so too! Hahaha….”

“That is a female snake…” Li Ya Lin suddenly cut in.

She and Shana glanced at each other and became more interested in the situation below…

At this time, the other mutant python had almost reached the top floor. Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacle immediately materialized and was unleashed.

The tentacle immediately drilled into the snake’s mouth when it had opened to make a “hiss” sound.

Its scales were too hard, and Ling Mo wasn’t going to waste his time trying to attack it.

The snake’s mouth was really magical. As the tentacle continued to drill into its belly, both the belly and mouth grew bigger and bigger.

“I suddenly feel that if she had a boyfriend, they would be very happily in love…”

At first, Ling Mo was concentrating in his mental state, but he didn’t expect for Shana to suddenly say such a sentence.

Her eyes had already changed color and her mouth had a creepy smile. She obviously was in her zombie mode, and Dark Shana had come out to play.

“Just a bit bigger. Just a bit more bigger…Ah, almost about to break…[1]”

“Senior Sister, narrating is fine and all but could you not say it with a double meaning!”

The growing tentacle finally succeeded in opening a hole in the mutant python’s head. The virus gel had also fell out of the bulge on top of its head. Ling Mo’s tentacle caught the virus gel and threw it to himself.

But Li Ya Lin’s cheering and commentary of the whole process almost made Ling Mo fail to catch the virus gel.

“The virus gel of the mutant python is the most suitable for Senior Sister. If we find any more mutant snakes later, it would be best to bring them here.”

The virus gels of other mutant beasts are also useful for Li Ya Lin, but the most useful gel for her would be one that came from a snake species beast.

Hei Si had also dug open the bulge from the mutated python downstairs and removed a pigeon egged-sized virus gel from its head.

Li Ya Lin excitedly took the two virus gels from Ling Mo and threw them into her mouth like they were jelly beans.

Watching her tender red lips squirming, her snow-white teeth chewing, and that pink tongue move when her mouth opened, Ling Mo couldn’t resist and felt slightly in the heat.

Senior Sister is a snake beauty indeed. Her every action was full of deadly charm.

If all snake demons looked like her, then I’m afraid that everyone would be willing to be Xu Xian[2], and be in a love story between a human and a snake demon.

After consuming the two virus gels, Li Ya Lin’s cheeks immediately started to blush, and the red and white part of her eyes seemed as if it was covered with a layer of mist.

to be continued…

[1] A play on words from my point of view. In Chinese ‘Just a bit more bigger’ sounds close to saying ‘Just a bit more or harder’ and ‘almost about to break’ sounds similar to I’m about to cum.

[2] Xu Xian is a character in a movie called ‘Legend of the White Snake’ where its basically about a man who falls in love with a snake demon.

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