My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 321 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 321 Part 2 – Almost Poked Through…

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“Hmm… My palms… Feel hot…” She leaned on Ling Mo’s shoulder and whispered in a low and seductive voice.

“Really? If you let go of my little buddy, you would naturally not feel hot anymore. Didn’t you know it could be used as a hand warmer after being rubbed?”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes while saying.

Currently, the battle at the bus station has also reached its peak.

The mutant rhinoceros was finally defeated after being attacked by multiple psychics who were led by Yu Wen Xuan. However, the mutant elephant that had followed behind, rammed itself into an iron gate creating a loud “BANG” sound.

With a swing from it’s trunk, a few soldiers were knocked far away and fell to the ground like a sack. From the looks of it, they didn’t survive.

A blanket of bullets greeted the elephant, but at most only pierced through its skin.

Even Yu Wen Xuan’s flame could only burn its skin.

The violent mutant elephant turned into a pedaling machine, madly lifting its legs and stomping madly.

From time to time, there would be a blood-curdling scream, coupled with Yu Wen Xuan’s crazy laughter.

“I still underestimated the virus… Mutant zombies should be considered a combination between mutant beasts and ordinary zombies, but the zombie composition is slightly more, so their overall combat power is between the two.”

Ling Mo was shocked and said to himself, “But compared to the mutant beast, ordinary zombies and mutant zombies have more space for growth. For example, even if Hei Si has changed her shape into what it is now, her intelligence is still equivalent to that of a ten year old child….”

He just finished speaking when he heard a “Bang” from behind him.

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Hei Si, who was about to go downstairs to continue guarding the door, tripped over her left leg and fell down gorgeously.

But she quickly climbed back up and disappeared towards the doorway.

But it hadn’t even past a minute before the same muffled sound was heard from downstairs.

“Never mind, what I said previously about her being equivalent to a ten year old might be an insult to those kids. At most, she is equivalent to a six year old…”

Although the battle at the station was extremely difficult, with the sacrifice of some psychics, they were able to block the mutant beasts from entering the main gate.

This was their last stronghold, which only had a few buildings nearby other than the station.

However, the Falcon Camp was still very capable. In that extremely dangerous battle, they stood their ground for two full days until the battle in this area was completely over and there were no more zombies attracted over.

A large number of corpses were piled up into a mountain. Fortunately, the weather was cold and the corpses didn’t immediately rot.

But the thick bloody smell in the air irritated the girls, causing their eyes to turn red for most of the day, and they would occasionally lick their lips while staring at Ling Mo.

As the soldiers started to pick up the corpses and dump them into a car to clean up the battlefield, Ling Mo took the girls out at night to look for gels from the pile of corpses.

He was very careful during his raid, and was never caught. In total, he had obtained several bags of virus gels.

“There were both regular virus and mutant beast gels. Senior Sister can’t fully replenish her stamina with an ordinary virus gel, the mutant beast gel is more suitable for her…”

After taking all the gels from the nearby high-level zombies, Ling Mo turned his attention towards the bus station.

The bodies of the mutant beasts weren’t burnt, but mounted on a tow truck outside the entrance. It seems that they’ve intended to ship the corpses back to A City.

These bodies would have some research value for the Falcon Camp.

To be honest, Ling Mo didn’t wish to take the risk because other than his last puppet, there weren’t any other zombies nearby that he could use to sacrifice.

But Ling Mo was reluctant to let go of those precious mutant beast gels.

“After fighting for so long, they should be very tired. Although the distance slightly closer, as long as I’m careful…. there shouldn’t be any problem.”

After making up his mind, Ling Mo took the girls and his puppet, and went to the station during midnight.

Hei Si was left behind to guard the retirement home. For the past few days she ate all kinds of corpses and consumed numerous gels. However, she had developed a thick bloody smell on her body which couldn’t be washed off.

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