My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 322 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 322 Part 1 – Receiving An Enormous Benefit For The First Time

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At the entrance of the station.

The ground was full of dark brown blood, and the air had a pungent smell.

Two tow trucks were parked on the side of the road; two soldiers were patrolling the area further with armed with guns.

Several figures appeared silently in the grass field across the road. Ling Mo quietly moved to the branches and leaves blocking their view of him, heading towards the station.

“There’s two at the entrance, two on the side of the road, and two more behind the bus roof.”

Ling Mo narrowed his eyes and observed the situation in front of him carefully for a while, then turned his head and looked behind him.

The puppet that had its consciousness erased was crouched over there as Ling Mo switched his vision to the corpse’s. He then controlled it to slowly move along the wall that was facing the road.

It wasn’t difficult to avoid the gaze of those patrolling. As Ling Mo had guessed, they were all tired after the battle.

The corpse that was in a crouching dashed across the road and approached closer to the tow truck.

Although it was only a regular puppet, Ling Mo was still very careful. If he had lost this opportunity, he could only watch so many mutant beast gels fly away from his hands.

‘Being a spectator, there’s bound to be some benefits. Plus, these gels are completely useless to them.’

Ling Mo thought while hiding in the shadows and observing the two soldiers on top of the bus roof.

When they looked to the other side, Ling Mo immediately rushed forward and reached the edge of the tow truck, and quickly jumped up.

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“Did you hear that?”

A patrolman asked while turning around to look at the empty street suspiciously.

The other person immediately raised his gun nervously, and after observing the empty area for a few seconds, he felt relieved and said, “Motherfucker, can you not scare me? What noise? Something is wrong with your ears….”

“Hehe, my bad.”

While they were talking, Ling Mo used the opportunity and slowly climbed to the corpses.

At the very top was a mutant sheep. There wasn’t a bulge on its head and it was obvious that the virus gel was growing in its brain.

But it’s not easy to get the virus gel out from its head, the skull is too hard….

Because he couldn’t make a single sound, Ling Mo could only rely on the fingers of the zombie puppet to slowly dig out the virus gel. By the time the puppet  dug out the virus gel, two minutes had already passed.

“With so many bodies, I would probably have enough…”

Ling Mo was a little excited. Even when he was at the zoo, he didn’t see so many mutant beasts with virus gels.

It didn’t matter if it was a zombie or a mutant beast, they would both evolve faster in a cruel environment.

This time, Ling Mo received a huge benefit. With his strength, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to kill one or two mutant beasts. However, it would be too difficult for him to kill such a large amount of mutant beasts.

In order to achieve victory, the Falcon Camp had also paid a heavy price.


The more he dug, the more experienced he became, thus his speed at digging the gels became much faster.

But while he was digging, he suddenly heard footsteps from afar.

Ling Mo quickly made the puppet hide in the pile of corpses to avoid being discovered.

There were two people that approached the tow trucks. After greeting the other patrolmen, they climbed onto the truck where Ling Mo’s puppet was located.

Fortunately, they haven’t notice anything since they jumped up from the front of the tow truck where corpses that Ling Mo haven’t dug were located.

One of them excitedly pulled out a tactical knife and then meticulously cut out a shape of a flower while touching the corpse as if it was his lover.

“Zhang Yu. You still haven’t found anything these past few days? Any likely areas?” he asked as he gently caressed the corpse.

The man named Zhang Yu looked at his every movement, then hesitated before saying, “Nope…”

He quickly changed the subject and asked, “Yu Xuan, are you really going to dissect the corpse? The intelligence team was opposed to this when you said it during the day. Aren’t you worried that they’re going to rat you out?”

“Why should I be afraid? These things killed more than 60 of our people. We lost a tank and several psychics in the process! Now they want to take the corpses to those half-assed researchers to research and make us wait for the results? What a joke! I’d rather believe in myself than those dumbasses.”

Yu Xuan said disdainfully, and then let out a mad laughter, “Hey, I just had an idea. If we removed the skin from these corpses and turned them into vests, wouldn’t it be stronger than our bulletproof vests? Problem with this idea is that I wouldn’t know what kind of needle and thread can be used to sew this.”

To be continued…

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