My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 322 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 322 Part 2 – Receiving An Enormous Benefit For The First Time

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Ling Mo silently took a peek from the gap and he realized that he recognized them.

One of them was the crazy person, and the other was the psychic that had previously almost detected him.

This made Ling Mo immediately become extremely vigilant, and he completely hid his aura.

Such terrible luck… He was obviously a captain-level figure, yet he personally runs out to dissect a body in the middle of the night, there is truly something wrong with him!

But thinking about his actions on the battlefield, only idiots would believe if someone said that he wasn’t sick!

“It turns out that this person’s name is Yu Xuan… I really don’t know a person by that name. Forget it, his face probably has some features that make him seem familiar.”

Ling Mo silently thought.

At this time, Yu Xuan had already dragged out a corpse, but while doing so, it caused a domino effect, causing the corpses on Ling Mo’s side to fall directly on him, surprising him.

“WTF!” His arm was cut off instantly, and although it didn’t hurt, it still shocked Ling Mo.


When Ling Mo became surprised, the aura that he was hiding had leaked out.

If it was a normal psychic, they would never have noticed it. However, the one that stood next to Yu Xuan was Zhang Yu, a very strong psychic.

Seeing that his cover was blown, Ling Mo didn’t bother on hiding any longer.

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He quickly got up and wildly jumped off the truck, and then rushed onto one of the side roads.

If there wasn’t a distance limit to his spiritual connection, Ling Mo could have just let the corpse continue running forward, but because of the spiritual connection with Hei Si and the girls, Ling Mo could only figure out another way. After entering the woods, the puppet quickly turned around and ran back towards him.

However, he was extremely cautious. Although the puppet was heading towards his direction, he still made the puppet take a different path.

Both Yu Xuan and Zhang Yu were shocked. The person hiding in the pile of corpses had ran away before they had even gotten a chance to make a move.

“Hahaha! There’s actually someone that’s also interested in these corpses, quickly, chase after him!”

 Yu Xuan shouted in surprise, and jumped out of the truck and rushed after him.

Zhang Yu cursed and turned back to shout at the patrol team who was rushing over, “Stay vigilant! There could be someone that intends to infiltrate the camp! Check if there are any other people on that truck!”

After he shouted, he hurried to catch up to Yu Xuan.

Although the speed of these two people weren’t fast, their stamina on the other hand, was quite good. In addition, the sensory type psychic kept using his powers to find him, so no matter how far Ling Mo’s corpse ran, he couldn’t shake them off his trail.

“There’s no other way, I can only use it as a sacrifice now. Anyways, there’s plenty of zombies to control.”

As he jumped over a dried up gutter drain, Ling Mo threw the bag of gels under a cement slab, then turned and ran in the other direction and quickly rushed into a building.

Seeing Ling Mo enter the building, Yu Xuan immediately whistled, “Surround him! Ahahahaha, I really want to know who actually has the same idea as me!”

But Zhang Yu, who was behind, had a perplexed expression.

He vaguely felt that something was familiar about this mystery figure.

The building had one entrance and one exit. Yu Xuan chased after the figure from the entrance while Zhang Yu took the initiative to intercept the person at the exit.

The two chased the figure from two different staircases. Zhang Yu sped up even more.

Relying on his extraordinary reflexes, he caught up with this figure in an office on the seventh floor.

But to his surprise, this figure actually climbed up the window and looked as if he was planning to jump off the building!

“Hey! Wait a minute! I won’t kill you!”

Zhang Yu stared at the person and shouted, “Do you know a girl…”

Unfortunately, before he could finish his sentence, the figure had already jumped off the tall building.

The moment the corpse jumped, Ling Mo broke off the spiritual connection.

In this way, there would be no evidence of a person and he would be able to pick up the bag of gels after they left.

“I struck gold this time!”

After his vision returned back to his main body, Ling Mo immediately smiled while rubbing his hands, then turned to grab Li Ya Lin’s boobs and said, “Senior Sister, I found so many desserts for you, how are you planning on thanking me?”

“How about I bite you?” Li Ya Lin asked while licking her lips.

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