My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 323 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 323 Part 1 – Having A Girlfriend And Being In Love Are Two Totally Different Things

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Zhang Yu blankly stared at the window as he was overwhelmed by several emotions.


“Hey, Did you get him?”


Yu Wenxuan just arrived, but when he finished asking, he only saw Zhang Yu run past his side with an ashen expression on his face.




Zhang Yu made a beeline downstairs and found the corpse.


Jumping down from the seventh floor, this person definitely died on the spot. But when Zhang Yu turned over the body, he was stunned.

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“Zzz… Zombie?”


Why is it a zombie again?


The last time he sensed this aura, it also came from a zombie…


But this time, Zhang Yu didn’t immediately think of the worse case scenario. Instead, a strange feeling rose up in his mind.


This zombie’s face was not distorted, indicating that it was a high-level zombie with some intelligence.


If it happened to just jump off the building, Zhang Yu wouldn’t think much of it.


After all, zombies were a mysterious race, and no one would dare say that they completely understood them.


However, he felt that the aura coming from this zombie was exactly the same as the strange zombie they met before, which was impossible to be a coincidence.


“Why did you run, what happened?”


Yu Wenxuan followed Zhang Yu down and saw the corpse lying on the ground. He suddenly cried out, “This is… A Zombie? Don’t tell me the person just now was him?”


Zhang Yu nodded and then took a walkie-talkie out from his pocket, “Falcon. Falcon. What’s the situation on the tow truck, over.”


There was a quick response, “Report, heads were all dug open and the brains have been eaten, over.”


“Eh, doesn’t that mean that he came here just to eat?”


For some reason Zhang Yu felt that he neglected something, which made the whole thing feel like a mystery.


He shot Yu Wenxuan a worried look. If it wasn’t for this crazy captain of his, he wouldn’t care about these kinds of things.


But the name Crazy Xuan didn’t come from nowhere. Once he made up his mind to do something, he would certainly complete it at all costs.


Although Zhang Yu is able to restrain him for now, once he loses his patience, he might do something crazy.


Yu Wenxuan was very surprised as he carefully looked at the body, but in the end he wasn’t able to find out anything.


As for Zhang Yu, when he told him what happened, he naturally hid the fact about the aura.


“I finally encountered something interesting, but the result… Ai… It was so sad and disappointing.”


Yu Wenxuan sighed and said.


Zhang Yu rolled his eyes at him and sighed in his heart, “I don’t want to be dragged around with him, courting death. Please quickly find her…. Please!”


The Falcon Camp spent a full week cleaning up the battlefield, while Ling Mo spent the whole week getting benefits from their cleanup crew.


He had filled most of his backpack with virus gels, which was enough for Ling Mo to let Ye Lian and the girls eat them like jelly beans.


A large amount of virus had entered their bodies, letting Ye Lian get closer to her next level in evolution…


If the foundation was good, it would most likely be easier to reach the next level. Although she was at an extremely high level now and the effects of an ordinary gel was very weak, consuming that many gels would still accumulate.


For Ye Lian’s evolution, Ling Mo was extremely careful. Her evolution was different from Li Ya Lin’s and Shana’s. It was a brand new experience for Ling Mo.


He definitely needed to be careful this time, to avoid the same result as Shana’s…


Thinking about Shana’s situation, Ling Mo also felt helpless.


Shana could accept sleeping with Ling Mo, but once Ling Mo’s tentacles or body began to be naughty, she would silently jump up, then directly change to zombie mode, letting Dark Shana come out.


Indeed, he didn’t really have too much communication with Shana when she was human. Did this mean that he would need to try and woo her all over again?


But chasing after girls was never a strong suit for Ling Mo!


If he was so good at flirting, he wouldn’t have liked a girl for more than ten years and still didn’t confess! But when he thought about what Shana had said to him before she took the last step to evolve, Ling Mo was very touched.


“No matter what happens, I will always like you…”


“Then I can use my own way to express my like for you… No, my love for you…”


Ling Mo really didn’t understand a girl’s heart, even though he was surrounded by girls. One girl was silly, the other one had no common sense, and a senior sister who wanted to have kids all day long…


No matter who he asked, none of them seemed very reliable!


“I clearly conquered both of them in the spiritual world. But why do they always look at me with a weird expression ever since they evolved?”


Ling Mo was at a complete loss. Although his EQ was low, he at least knew that Shana was the last person he should ask.


‘If I really asked, she might bite me in anger.’


And Ling Mo could also vaguely feel that every time Shana ran away, she would look at him with expectation and embarrassment.


‘What the hell does she exactly want?!’


to be continued…

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