My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 323 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 323 Part 2 – Having A Girlfriend And Being In Love Are Two Totally Different Things

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“Oh God! This has got to be a lie! Although I have three girlfriends, my greatest weakness is falling in love. Who the fuck would believe this bullshit!”

On the other hand, Hei Si directly went into a deep sleep as if she ate too much.

Even parasites can become lazy and tired.

Hei Si’s fighting power was amazing though. Ling Mo could sense a chill from her even when he was a few meters away.

She had swallowed too many virus gels, and had probably reached the edge of the next evolution stage.

Ling Mo had put most of his attention on her this time, and wanted to see what her evolution led to.

While the battlefield was being cleaned up, thousands of people were sent over from the camp.

There were male and female survivors included this time causing it to be more chaotic than before.

Being separated by such a distance, Ling Mo could often hear someone crying.

Every time a survivor got off the vehicle, it was as if they were at a memorial service…

“Why should we go to the battlefield! I am just a woman!”


“Sob. Sob. Sob. I want to go back! I beg you to let me go back, I’m not the type to hold a gun!”

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“The scream of this woman is too loud and annoying…”

Ling Mo couldn’t help but say.

In fact, Ling Mo could tell that the Falcon Camp didn’t bother sending any of their elite soldiers to the battlefield.

As for the actions of making the survivors take up arms to fight, Ling Mo felt that there was nothing wrong with this.

In this world, there was no free lunch, if you wanted to live, you had to pay a price.

The protection would naturally be stronger in a large survivor camp, but that didn’t mean they would keep freeloaders in their camp.

The more people they had, the more resources they needed.

The establishment of the isolation zone was actually just to open up a safe settlement for them.

To survive, it was necessary to go into zombie infested areas, to risk collecting materials. Food and vegetables could be planted, but things like essential spices could only be collected.

Productivity was destroyed by the apocalypse and wasn’t easy to recover from. Ling Mo felt that if they could choose, The Falcon Camp would definitely have chosen to restore the production of weapons first, instead of saving and gathering the survivors.

After the battlefield was almost cleaned up, a team of scouts were sent out. They had planned to continually expand the isolation zone apparently.

Ling Mo decided to leave this area before the start of the second battle. He basically found out all that he could on the Falcon Camp. Now all that was left was to wait for Hei Si to wake up from her evolution.

However, the amount of survivors nearby that were examining the situation like Ling Mo, seemed to have grown. Ling Mo, who went out daily to obtain benefits from the battlefield, had inadvertently encountered some.

But after discovering these people in advance, he was always able to avoid them in time.

Unless it was necessary, he didn’t want to have any contact with these survivors.

While he was digging the head of the body, outside a supermarket, Ling Mo came across a group of people.

The two men that led the team, were armed with guns and had tactical knives at their waists. The clothes they wore were dirty, there was ash all over their faces, and their bodies were covered with blood stains from head to toe.

But the expressions on their face seemed to tell everyone that they were excited about something. They were talking with great passion as they walked.

“That was awesome, we got so many things!” a man cried out.

Another person who followed behind nodded, “Yea, we were fortunate to come this time. But are we really not joining them?”

“Are you fucking retarded? They’re obviously going to war. If we went now, we would be treated as cannon fodder. It would be a better choice for us to go when they are more stable.”

Ling Mo frowned. He had just wanted to leave, but he suddenly became stunned.

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