My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 324 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 324 Part 2 – Pretending To Be Cool Is Risky. You Need To Careful When Shooting

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The man looked at Wu Peng Fei very disdainfully and spoke in a very ironic tone, “When the apocalypse happened, he escaped from his house like a dog, crying with snot in his nose and tears in his eyes. It really made me sick. All the survivors of that neighborhood are just us now. If it wasn’t because he was so timid, he probably would have died already!”

These people immediately sneered as the man slammed his gun down again at his forehead. He then raised his hand and said, “Come here, get up. It’s been very boring these past few days, we might as well have some fun. Remember how I used to bow down every time I saw you? Come here and let me see you do it!”

Wu Pengfei had blood dripping from his head and he stood up silently, his eyes were full of humiliation.

“Mr. Guan, good …morning.”

As Wu Pengfei bent down, Boss Guan immediately laughed.

However, Boss Guan didn’t wait for Wu Pengfei to stand back straight and smacked the back of his head, “You dumb shit, your action’s aren’t even up to standard! I hate guys like you the most! There was an old saying that queens only lived a happy life because they married a king! You’re just like that. Always enjoying life every day just because your father was rich.”

Boss Guan smacked his head two more times, but then noticed that Wu Peng Fei’s head was bloody, and he was lying on the ground, bawling.

The short-haired girl finally couldn’t stand it. She ran up and said, “Big brother, stop hitting him, he’s dying…”

Another man also stopped him, “Don’t be angry anymore.”

Boss Guan probably felt that he was losing face [1], so he raised his foot again, preparing to kick.

But as soon as he lifted his foot, he felt a coldness coming from the roots of his thigh.

Then in front of everyone, a bloody hole suddenly appeared on his leg!


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Boss Guan screamed. He immediately lost balance and fell heavily on the ground.

More bloody holes appeared on his body and the gun in his hands had already been dropped.

Another man looked around nervously, but as soon as he turned his head, a sharp pain suddenly appeared on his hand.

He subconsciously wanted to pull the trigger, however, due to his lack of experience, he didn’t know how to fire the gun.

With such a delay, his hand was hit two more times, and the gun immediately flew out of his hands.

A young man who came out of the shadows, reached out and caught the gun, then expertly unlocked the safety before loading the gun and aiming it on a man who was preparing to take out a weapon.

“Drop it.”

Ling Mo said briefly.

The man looked at Ling Mo with a stunned look.  As soon as he hesitated, Ling Mo lifted his gun, then fired a bullet past the man and broke a window behind him.

This sudden action scared and made everyone stunned. Breaking the glass was obviously a warning…

However, no one noticed that Ling Mo was also surprised as well.

‘Eh? I wanted to make the bullet graze across his cheek, yet it somehow deviated from the target by a meter. How did this happen? Although it didn’t match my intentions, but luckily it didn’t hit the wall, but hit the glass… Thank god! I almost looked like a fool pretending to be cool. Sure enough, there’s a risk in pretending to be cool. I need to be more careful when I shoot.’

Ling Mo coughed and said, “Take all the weapons on your body and throw them away. I get nervous easily when I see people with knives. And if I’m nervous, my fingers will tremble.”

Cold sweat had dripped down from the man’s head. Based on Ling Mo’s actions and how skillful he was when it came to shooting, he mistakenly thought that Ling Mo was a soldier from the camp.

Tremble? Motherfucker please don’t tremble….

“We’ll immediately drop our weapons.”

The man took the lead and open his coat a little, then pulled out a machete at his waist and dropped it on the ground.

The other three men, as well as the short-haired girl, took out their weapons and dropped them next to their feet.

Only Boss Guan was still on the ground, rolling around in pain.

However, even though Wu Peng Fei snapped from his state of dizziness, he was still lying flat on the ground. It seems that he didn’t have the strength to climb back up again for a while.

Seeing his miserable situation close up, Ling Mo suddenly felt sad.

“Hey, Wu Peng Fei, are you alright?”

When the words left his mouth, Ling Mo suddenly felt like he was about to cry.

And Wu Peng Fei was shocked, he wiped the blood on his face in disbelief and slowly raised his head.

[1] Face – Chinese word for respect

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