My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 325 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 325 Part 1 – When A Random Stray Bullet Flies, A Person Will Break Down

Editor: Zephyr04


Wu Pengfei was extremely shocked when he saw Ling Mo.

He opened his mouth and seemed to be completely unaware of the situation around him and was utterly stunned.

After a full ten seconds, he woke up from his stupor and shouted, “Holy Shit! You’re still alive!”

After shouting this sentence, big tear drops started rolling out of his eyes.

He didn’t know how to express his inner excitement, and continued to hit the ground with his fist, wanting to get up, but failed after trying to get up several times.

“I can’t believe you were actually still alive…. sob..sob..sob!”

Seeing Wu Pengfei’s excitement, Ling Mo was surprised and stunned as well.

After the feelings at that time started to fade, Ling Mo had thought that their brotherhood was over.

The situation from both sides had changed drastically after reuniting in this different world.

The Ling Mo of the past was just a young man who didn’t understand the world, but the Ling Mo now could at least tell why Wu Peng Fei was crying.

He was truly excited to see Ling Mo alive…

In the past, Wu Pengfei was a fat boy, but now he is so skinny. He didn’t even weep when he was nearly beaten to death a few minutes ago, yet now, he was bawling like a baby.

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Ling Mo couldn’t help but feel emotional as his eyes welled up with tears.

The man looked at Ling Mo with vigilance. Seeing that he was somewhat a bit distracted, he instantly bent down and grabbed the machete off the floor, then rushed forward with intentions to cut Ling Mo.



Wu Peng Fei screamed in horror while Ling Mo stood there like a fool, rooted to the ground.

The man had just smiled happily when he suddenly felt pain in both his knees. His body immediately lost balance and he landed with a “BANG”, in front of Ling Mo’s feet.

The machete in his hand also flew out, landing somewhere behind Ling Mo, and was stepped on by a girl.

The fluttering long-haired Shana looked extremely eye-catching, especially with a scythe in her hands, sparkling with a chilly light.

Li Ya Lin and Ye Lian also brought the same effect with their appearance, making them unable to take their eyes off of them.

In the current world, it was rare to see someone so glamorous. For example, the short-haired girl could also be considered good-looking, but her face and body were covered with ash and dust.

However, these three girls were so clean and well dressed, had smooth hair, and a clean face.

What was rare, was their flawless skin, which seemed so delicate. It was hard to imagine how they were able to maintain it.

Of course, they couldn’t possibly know that this was one of the benefits of being a zombie…

The higher the level of the zombie was, the more perfect their body became. Although it wasn’t like going plastic surgery perfect, but natural skin was definitely smooth and delicate.

Not to mention, all three of them had their own unique tastes and were all extremely beautiful.

Even the short-haired girl was somewhat attracted. She couldn’t help but lose confidence in her beauty when she looked at them.

However, the two female zombies eating two cans of meat from God knows where, and didn’t even bother looking at them.

Even the man that was screaming on the ground didn’t attract their attention.

Instead, Shana sniffed her nose slightly and licked her lips.

But she then quietly squeezed the corner of her clothes and told herself, “Calm down, I can’t. I don’t like human blood!!!”

At this time, Wu Peng Fei had also stopped crying. He had just revealed an expression of happiness upon seeing that Ling Mo was fine, as he noticed Ye Lian walking behind Ling Mo.

His face suddenly changed, as if he saw a ghost, and he raised his arm, “This… She…”

Seeing that Ye Lian didn’t even look at him, Wu Peng Fei seemed to be somewhat disappointed, but let out a sigh of relief.

Ling Mo’s two tentacles easily beat the man to the floor and aimed his gun at him.

At point blank range, even if his aim was horrible, he would still definitely be able to hit his target.

“Please I’m begging you… I didn’t mean to try and attack you… please let me go…”

The man lifted his head up and looked up at Ling Mo with great fear.

Wu Peng Fei suddenly woke up from his daze and quickly shouted, “Don’t kill him! He’s not a bad person!”

Ling Mo glanced at him and ended up not pulling the trigger.

“Thank you… Thank you!”

The man immediately crawled back slowly, gratefully looking at Wu Peng Fei.

However, when he looked at Ling Mo, his eyes were still filled with fear.

This young man looked ordinary, but his ability was so strange and his methods were ruthless. He was completely terrified.

to be continued…

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