My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 325 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 325 Part 2 – When A Random Stray Bullet Flies, A Person Will Break Down

Editor: Zephyr04

At this time, Boss Guan was struggling to get up, but Wu Peng Fei’s eyes flashed with anger.

He then grabbed the gun that was on the ground, then copied Ling Mo’s actions, and pointed it at Boss Guan.

“You ungrateful jackass! Did you forget that when you first stepped into society as a teenager, you had no place to live! I was the one who introduced you to the security company! When you got powers, I became your servant and doing your every command, you should have been content with that! Yet, you almost killed me! Yes! People who have money tend to become arrogant, but I was never like that to you! I was poor when I was young, so I know how it feels like to have no money! Just because you were bullied by others, you regarded everyone else in the world as trash. What kind of fucked up logic is that?!”

Wu Peng Fei’s fingers were shaking and his voice was trembling.

He obviously didn’t have the courage to kill since his gun was shaking.

At this time, Boss Guan had slowly recovered from the pain. He suddenly reached out with his deformed nails and tried to grab Wu Peng Fei.

But just as he was about to grab Wu Peng Fei, he felt as though his head was being smashed by a fist, and his movements slowed.

This sudden attack scared Wu Peng Fei and he subconsciously pulled the trigger.


Gunfire spouted out, and a series of bullets immediately hit Boss Guan as Wu Peng Fei screamed out with his eyes closed.

“What the fuck….”

Ling Mo hurriedly took two steps back. A bullet had almost hit his foot.

Wu Peng Fei couldn’t hold back the recoil and bullets went flying all over. The short man was hit with a stray bullet. He fell to the ground holding his crotch.

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A few spiritual tentacles immediately tied up Wu Peng Fei and removed the gun from his hands.

“I think it’s better if amateurs avoid handling dangerous items…”

Ling Mo wiped off his cold sweat. Wu Peng Fei shooting just now let him see a shadow of that fool from a long time ago.

After opening his eyes, Wu Peng Fei was shocked with horror as he looked at the corpse on the floor. When he looked back, he also found that the short man had fallen to the ground, even the arm of the short-haired girl was scratched.

The other people were hugging their heads and squatting on the ground in panic.

Everyone was scared of his godly shooting skills….


Surprisingly, Wu Peng Fei didn’t recite the usual nonsense people spout when they first kill people such as “I killed someone.” Instead he stood up slowly and held onto a railing that was on the roadside.

He stared at the scene in front of him and then said, “Don’t kill them! These people have nothing to do with this.”

Ling Mo had just noticed that his gun was still pointed at them.

He lowered the muzzle and the short-haired girl looked at him hesitantly before quickly squatting down to check on the short man’s injury.

But judging from her expression, the short man’s family jewels were probably destroyed.

The man who was lying by the foot of Ling Mo was helped up by two younger people. They quickly retreated to one side and looked at Ling Mo and his party, as well as Wu Peng Fei with horror.

“Get lost.”

Ling Mo easily said two words.

The three men immediately ran away. They didn’t bother to take the backpacks of Boss Guan and the short man.

However, the short-haired girl hesitated and looked at Wu Peng Fei’s eyes, but didn’t leave.

“Ronnie, are you not going with them?” Wu Peng Fei asked.

“I… I also don’t know…”

Ronnie looked like a very ordinary survivor girl. She looked at Ling Mo with a bit of fear, but her eyes were also glowing at the same time.

Although both Ling Mo and Boss Guan were psychics, Ling Mo was much stronger than Boss Guan.

Especially the way he fired that shot as a warning before, making people terrified while letting them understand that he was extremely powerful.

Although Ronnie was scared to death, she couldn’t figure out why she decided to stay.

At this time, Ling Mo had already picked up the two backpacks. He then picked up the gun and took a good look at it.

There were only two bullets left inside, and judging from his shooting skills…. it might be better for Ling Mo to just throw it away.

After going through so many battles, he’s already proven that bullets are not as fast as his tentacles, so why would he need a gun.

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