My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 326 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 326 Part 1 – Life Is A Soap Opera

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“Ling Mo, how…. how have you been this past half a year?”

Wu Peng Fei’s mood had calmed down a lot, but he had a complicated expression on his face when looking at Ling Mo’s eyes.

“Not bad.”

Ling Mo leaned on the railing, took out a cigarette from his backpack and lit it up before handing it to Wu Peng Fei.

He received it with trembling hands, and quickly took a deep puff.

“Come here, help patch up his injuries.”

Ling Mo took out some bandages and a hemostatic spray from his backpack, as well as some disinfection solution, and then waved at Ronnie to come over.

Ronnie walked two steps forward and nervously received the items from Ling Mo as if she would receive an electric shock taking the items from him.

She was actually quite skilled in patching up injuries, however, Wu Peng Fei’s injuries were serious. He kept licking his mouth and taking deep breaths.

“I never expected … that you and Ye Lian were both still alive.”

Wu Peng Fei exhaled a puff a smoke while looking at Ye Lian, who was standing across the street.

Ling Mo didn’t know what to say in this moment, so he just nodded.

“I would never have expected that my buddy from the past would become so powerful now. Fucking awesome, really! Stronger than anyone I have ever seen!”

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Wu Peng Fei turned his head and looked at Ling Mo enviously before saying, “I finally realize that everything else other than strength is fake. Although I ended up becoming a dog, at least my brother is living well and Ye Lian is safe… I am very happy, really! Thank you for saving me. But letting you see me like this… I feel ashamed. As you can see, even Ye Lian isn’t willing to talk to me.

“Hey, why are you saying thank you, we’re brothers. As for Ye Lian….”

Ling Mo scratched his head, revealing a helpless look.

It was hard for Ling Mo to explain to him that Ye Lian didn’t recognize him at all.

In Ye Lian’s present memories, there was only content related to Ling Mo.

Even if Ye Lian remembered him, it would be useless. She was a zombie after all. For humans other than Ling Mo, Ye Lian would only have one opinion of them, and that was that they were prey.

“However, there’s nothing wrong with that. In the past, Ye Lian didn’t notice me often anyways. I’m guessing she probably doesn’t even remember me already?”

Wu Peng Fei sniffed the snot from his nose and suddenly said, “Sometimes when I think about it, I was such an idiot. I gave up on my buddy. Sometimes I felt that if I had died, this thing would probably be what I would regret most…”

Ling Mo frowned and asked, “What the hell happened to you man?”

“Do people become particularly vulnerable when they repeatedly encounter disasters?”

Wu Peng Fei didn’t answer directly answer. He showed a very emotional expression and said, “During the day, in order to survive, I would become someone’s dog, and when night came, I wouldn’t be able to sleep. All I can do is think about the past. I felt sorry for myself, as if everything I did in the past had no importance. In the twenty years of my life, I didn’t do one thing I could be proud of. I had always thought that unfriending you was one of the best things I’ve done, but even now, I still feel regret…”

“It was the best thing you’ve done? You’re crazy.” Ling Mo was suddenly stunned.

Wu Peng Fei took the last pull of the cigarette and then smiled bitterly, “Am I not? Although people do stupid shit when their young, the things I did were too stupid. Let me ask you, are you and Ye Lian a couple? Don’t tell me you haven’t confess your feelings to her yet?”


Ling Mo suddenly became quiet. He really didn’t confess to Ye Lian about his feelings.

The reason was very simple. He was still waiting for Ye Lian to restore all her memories. Only when she restored her memories, would confessing be meaningful to him.

The most important thing was that she wouldn’t understand what the meaning of “I love you!” meant until she got back her memories.

He couldn’t possibly confess to someone while at the same time, try and explain to them what it meant!

It would be hard for Ling Mo to say, “Will you be my virus gel? That way I can eat you up.”

Wu Peng Fei took one look at Ling Mo’s expression and immediately understood.

He opened his mouth, and after a while, he spat out a few words, “Unbelievable! I’m truly impressed, even an idiot could tell that you liked her! You couldn’t wait to follow her every day!”

“Shush, doesn’t that make me sound like a pervert?” Ling Mo glanced across the street and looked at Ye Lian and then gazed at Shana.

to be continued…

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