My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 327 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 327 Part 1 – Jujube At The Front, Stick At The Back [1]

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But facing their expectations, Ling Mo could only shake his head and smile.

He couldn’t possibly tell anyone about the true identity of Ye Lian and the girls.

Although Wu Peng Fei was somewhat disappointed, he couldn’t force Ling Mo to tell him.

Although the misunderstandings between the two of them was resolved, Ling Mo’s eyes still showed a complicated look when he looked at him.

After several years of not seeing one another, both of them had undergone earth-shaking changes.

At that time, Ling Mo was still a poor young man and sort of like a loner. He wasn’t the type to speak with others.

Even though the two were best friends, but when it came to interacting with other people, Wu Peng Fei was always more popular.

He was rich, bold, and had a wide range of friends. He and Ling Mo were basically two different types of people.

Of course, the slightly introverted Ling Mo didn’t seem to mind that situation.

But, in today’s reunion, if it wasn’t for Ling Mo’s rescue, he probably would have been beaten to death like a dog already.

Wu Peng Fei was slightly unhappy about it, however, after suffering for more than half a year, he quickly got over it.

“At least you have Ye Lian by your side. Even if you had to suffer, it wouldn’t be as difficult.” Wu Peng Fei said and laughed out loud.

Ling Mo smiled and asked, “What are you going to do now? Are you planning to go back to them?”

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“Hell no, don’t let their smug actions fool you, they are actually very timid.”

Wu Peng Fei shook his head and said, “I am a very timid person, if I stayed with a team that was also very timid, wouldn’t that be stupid on my part? By the way, are you a member of that camp?”


“If that’s the case…” Wu Peng Fei casually asked, and then said, “Although there are many restrictions, at least it can guarantee a small chance of survival. I could probably still experience a normal life if there isn’t much fighting.”

This was also a general idea that most survivors agreed on. If you needed to fight, you would definitely be risking your life.

But to face danger occasionally and to face danger at any time or anywhere was two totally different things.

Wu Peng Fei already knew the answer. After all, a strong man like Ling Mo was accompanied by three beautiful girls. How could he easily join them?

And if he followed Ling Mo, he would just be a burden, a useless guy in the team.

In Boss Guan’s group, he could at least thicken his skin and leech off of them, but it was too shameful for him if he tried to be a locust under the hands of his best friend.

Fortunately, they were close to the camp. Joining them was also a good choice. At least he would be relying on his own hands and feet. He would be able to save face in front of Ling Mo as well.

Ling Mo obviously couldn’t read his mind, so he nodded, “That’s fine. But you need to think clearly on this. If you join, you might probably be sent to the front lines.”

Wu Peng Fei waved his hand, “”I had already thought clearly on this. We have also been observing the camp the past few days. Those that have power in the camp, should be the veterans and officers. Psychics also have a high status inside the camp, but I’ve always felt that they have no real power in their hands. I also heard from Boss Guan’s conversations that those psychics inside the camp are all under surveillance… It’s no wonder that you weren’t willing to join them, even Boss Guan was still hesitating.”

Ling Mo already knew these things, so he just nodded.

To those extremely powerful psychics, the camp obviously wanted to take advantage of them but at the same time, they also needed to be on guard against them.

The two sides needed each other but couldn’t trust each other. To be honest, it wasn’t a solid organization.

But during this period, most survivors would gather to a large organization. As long as there was an armed force, tons of survivors would naturally join like flies.

Human beings wouldn’t be able to survive in this world alone. They needed to face a world of death and a tremendous amount of pressure all day long. They would eventually be driven crazy eventually if they didn’t even have someone to talk to.

Even those psychics who wanted to become like kings, would try and gather a group of survivors.

Thinking about this, Ling Mo felt that he was still quite lucky.

Although the people around him were all zombies, they were also his lovers.

to be continued…

[1] – Basically it’s like the English metaphor of carrot and stick. Jujube is a kind of delicious dried fruit. It basically is saying that there’s something good in front you but you have to listen in order to get it. The moment you screw up; you get beat by the stick that’s hidden from behind.

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