My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 327 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 327 Part 2 – Jujube At The Front, Stick At The Back [1]

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“If I was a psychic, I would definitely reconsider this option. But unfortunately, I’m only an ordinary person, I’d already be grateful if they were willing to accept me.” Wu Peng Fei laughed and said, “Plus, if I get sent to the front lines earlier, it might be an opportunity for me to see if I’ll become a person with status or a dog in the future.”

It seems that the reunion with Ling Mo had inspired Wu Peng Fei a lot.

Although Ling Mo had some concerns, Wu Peng Fei’s life and future depended on himself.

The two men silently smoked for a while, then Wu Peng Fei struggled and stood up slowly, “I’m honestly too embarrassed with myself, so I won’t talk any more nonsense. If I somehow succeed and become successful in the future, I will definitely repay you. Brother…”

“If you’re still my brother, then you won’t talk about repaying me anything. You’re still injured, let me send you over.”

Ling Mo said.

With Ronnie’s size, it would be very difficult for her to help Wu Peng Fei reach the station. After all, it was a distance of roughly a thousand meters…

Wu Peng Fei hesitated for a while, but didn’t reject the offer.

He was beaten pretty badly. If he relied on himself to get there, it would probably take him all night.

When Ling Mo held his arm to help support him, Wu Peng Fei felt tears welling his eyes again.

After walking this distance of a thousand meters, the two of them would need to once again part ways.

But in this period and time, it was already a normal thing.

With Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie in their group, Ling Mo and the girls couldn’t walk using the small path.

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Fortunately, Ling Mo had his spiritual detection ability, allowing him to find out in advance whether someone was close by.

After the zombies in this area had all died, the nearby human survivors immediately became more active.

After the battle ended, the people from the camp had begun actively searching and hoarding supplies.

The soldiers ate meat, while ordinary survivors could only drink some soup, and many people ended up searching for food outside.

When Ling Mo was able to see the retirement home from afar, he suddenly felt someone trying to probe again.

However, this probe seemed to be used randomly as it didn’t stop after detecting Ling Mo and continued on.

The probing feeling disappeared soon after.


“Come out.”

Outside an alley, Zhang Yu opened his eyes.

From a dark corner, two people quickly came out.

Zhang Yu frowned and gave a very unhappy look at the two people in front of him.

One of the two had a bitter expression on his face while the other one wore a smile. There was a huge contrast between the two when they stood together.

“The intelligence team… What is the meaning of this? Why are you following us?”

“That’s exactly what we wanted to find out. What are you and Yu Wen Xuan doing? I heard that recently, both of you have been leaving the station and are quite active, but you guys never reported to Camp on what you guys have been doing.”

The man with the bitter expression on his face, narrowed his eyes and asked.

Zhang Yu cursed secretly in his heart and said, “Be mindful of how you speak! Is Yu Wen Xuan someone you can call by name? You need to call him Captain! Fuck! He has the same rank as your team leader!”

“Your mouth needs to be cleaned…” The bitter-faced man was stunned, and when he was about to retaliate, he was pulled back by the man who was smiling.

The man smiling gave people a very bad feeling. The smile wasn’t sincere and was very uncomfortable to look at.

“We’re sorry, Vice-Captain Zhang. We just wanted to ask if there was something you and Captain Yu Wen needed to do here? I remember that Captain Yu Wen was a person from X City, right? It’s normal if you guys needed to do something, just tell us about it. Our camp would definitely help you. After all, Captain Yu Wen did pretty well in this battle…”

The words from this smiling bastard almost made Zhang Yu vomit blood!

Your camp?! That’s fine, I just won’t help anymore!

The words had already reached his lips, but in the end, he swallowed them back inside.

The reason was because his child was still in A City. He couldn’t risk getting his child driven out just because he lost his temper at this moment.

In fact, many of the psychics who joined the camp were either psychics who were concerned for their family or psychics with great ambitions.

As for the psychics who joined the camp for the sake of the human race, there were some, but they were really rare.

The reason for the intelligence team’s arrogance was due to Zhang Yu’s lack of a backer. As for the psychics in big groups, they wouldn’t dare to try and provoke them.

[1] – Basically it’s like the english metaphor of carrot and stick. Jujube is a kind of delicious dried fruit. It basically is saying that there’s something good in front you but you have to listen in order to get it. The moment you screw up, you get beat by the stick that’s hidden from behind.

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