My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 328 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 328 Part 1 – Essential Items For Killing And Robbing People While Traveling Outside

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In fact, while they were conversing, Yu Wen Xuan stood at a distance with his hands in his pockets while having a relaxed expression.

Although the two members of the intelligence didn’t dare provoke him directly, they still closely observed his reactions.

“Can you guys be reasonable? We came out for the damn mission!”

Zhang Yu said very angrily.

The bitter-faced man snorted, “You mean that mission for finding weapons and ammunition? Isn’t that already finished?”

“I fucking want to look for more, is there a problem with that? What? You guys want to stick your nose into this as well? If you have so much time to waste, why don’t you go kill a few dozen zombies! Do you know how many people died this time? Your intelligence team is the only one that’s taking it easy…”

The more Zhang Yu listened, the more pissed off he became. Although he was concerned for the consequences and couldn’t scold them openly, he couldn’t stop himself from ridiculing them.

“Anyways, you guys should at least make a report if you’re planning to sneak off somewhere. What were you guys planning to do? I heard that you guys previously found someone sneaking on to the tow truck, but then you guys reported that it turned out to be a zombie looking for food. Whether that’s true or not, only you guys would know what really happened…”

Not only did this bitter-faced person have a face that looks arrogant, but the way he talked made people they could hit him. Zhang Yu clenched his fist and wished he could punch his nose.

Just as Zhang Yu was trying to suppress his emotions, he suddenly felt a figure flash past him.


A muffled sound rang out. The bitter-faced man immediately flew away, spitting out blood with broken teeth in the air.

This sudden action scared the shit out of Zhang Yu and the man with a disgusting smile.

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Yu Wen Xuan twisted his neck and then glanced at his bloody fist. He whistled cheerfully, “Ehh, it seems that my understanding of the intelligence team wasn’t deep enough. Originally, I thought that only your mouth stank. I didn’t expect it to be so hard. I actually hurt my hand, ah hahaha…”

Lunatic! A complete lunatic!

Only a lunatic would really hit a person from the intelligence team!

The man with the disgusting smile stopped smiling. He looked at his companion who was wailing on the ground, and then pointed his finger at Yu Wen Xuan, “GOOD! YOU THINK YOU’RE SO AWESOME! YOU DARE…”

He hadn’t even finished his sentence when his finger was punched and the sounds of broken bones echoed out immediately.

The man that had a disgusting smile screamed and looked at Yu Wen Xuan incredulously.

Yu Wen Xuan still had a relaxed look on his face, “Oh, don’t try and threaten me. When it comes to position and rank, I’m still a captain. You guys are only ordinary members. As for your special status… I honestly don’t give a shit! Although I was weak once, and only survived by staying with the Falcon Camp, I had already paid back what was owed. Not to mention, the Falcon Camp now isn’t the same as it was before when we fought together for survival.”

He sounded like he was talking to himself when he said this but the man with the disgusting smile’s heart sank.

If someone else had said this, he might have thought he was bluffing. But the person currently in front of him was Crazy Xuan!

If they knew he had this kind of mindset, they would never had provoked him!

“I honestly don’t care what happens to myself, but my brother here, still has a family to care for. But what should I do? I really hate you fucking flies. In addition, you guys actually interrupted my search for my little sister…”

The man with the smiling face had a bad premonition and jumped up almost instinctively. He then pushed the bitter-faced man who had just gotten up, towards Yu Wen Xuan, and then turned around and ran away.


The bitter-faced man hadn’t even finished speaking before he felt something cold around his chest. His eyes suddenly widened and slowly fell down to the ground.

Yu Wen Xuan smiled madly, looking at the bloody tactical knife.

“Captain…” Zhang Yu looked widened his eyes. “YOU ARE CRAZY! HE’S FROM THE INTELLIGENCE TEAM!”

“Shhh, calm down. Look at him, he’s already a dead person. A dead intelligence team member is nothing to be scared of.”

Yu Wen Xuan squatted and searched the body of the bitter-faced man and said.

Zhang Yu felt that he couldn’t understand Yu Wen Xuan’s crazy thought process, “YOU RETARD! THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEANT! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU KILL HIM?!”

“Oh look, I found it. Look it’s their communicator. I’ll bet you fifty cents that they didn’t tell anyone they were following us. So apart from us, no one knows that we met. Even if we killed him, no one would know.”

Yu Wen Xuan took out a turned off communication device and laughed.

to be continued…

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