My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 328 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 328 Part 2 – Essential Items For Killing And Robbing People While Traveling Outside

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Even though he said this, Zhang Yu already took out his tactical knife and turning his gaze towards the direction where the man with the disgusting smile ran.

Yu Wen Xuan skillfully took out a bottle of gasoline from his pocket, poured some on the body, and then snapped his fingers.

Flames immediately wrapped around the body.

Zhang Yu was stunned again and asked, “What are you doing with this?”

“Destroying evidence. Not having common sense is scary.” Yu Wen Xuan sighed.

“FUCK YOU! What I meant was why the hell are you carrying gasoline with you! Have you been waiting for this moment for a long time? Could it be that you knew you were going to burn a body one day?!” Zhang Yu asked wildly.

Zhang Yu came to a scary realization. The person that was usually with Yu Wen Xuan, was himself…

“WTF! Were you actually thinking of….”

“Huh? Stop being dumb, I’ve never wanted to kill you. Am I that kind of person? If you think about it, I haven’t done anything to you, even though you still haven’t found any clues on my sister. It’s normal to carry gasoline. It’s an essential item to carry on you for killing people when you’re traveling outside…”

Yu Wen Xuan smiled and said.

“…… You fucking stay away from me.”


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The man with the disgusting smile held his finger and ran desperately.

The distance to the station wasn’t too far, but there were too many buildings blocking the way!

“LUNATIC! DAMN LUNATIC! Sure enough, psychics are basically the same as zombies! Both of them are dangerous monsters! How could they still be considered as humans?”

The man with the disgusting smile looked vicious as he breathed heavily.

As a senior member of the intelligence team, he has offended many people.

He knew that a lot of people hated him. However, when he saw them get so mad, but couldn’t do anything other than swallowing their anger, he would feel very satisfied.

Especially when the ones pissed off were those psychics……

He felt disgusted towards them.

Although their appearances still looked human, but how could humans have extraordinary powers?

As for those idiots who worshipped the psychics, it made him feel even worse!

Monsters shouldn’t be in this world, whether it was zombies or psychics!

Of course, psychics were still useful right now. The man with the disgusting smile simply regarded them as tools.

How could they possibly let them participate in decision making? Wouldn’t that be letting a wolf into the room?

Many people, including him, were happy with the tragic death of Deputy Head, Huang Zhen Dong!

Although he had panicked from Yu Wen Xuan’s actions today, he was also a bit excited.

He finally obtained some evidence that he could use against the psychics!

Let’s see how those supporters explain this.

It won’t take long for him to get the appreciation from the team leader. He would then be promoted to a deputy leader, become part of the core staff, and be able to marry the young and beautiful chief of staff…

Just thinking about it excited him!

He made a turn and there was a tiny public square in front of him.

At this time, Ling Mo and the others were hiding behind a rockery, watching as the man with the disgusting smile run directly towards them, giving Ling Mo a headache.

Originally, his sensing range was very limited. Ling Mo would have plenty of time to hide if it was those survivors who were cautious with their actions.

But this guy who suddenly popped up was running too fast!

Not knowing the identity of the man, Ling Mo could only find a rockery to use as cover.

There were no other hiding spots on the left or right, and looking closely at his expression, it seemed as if he was trying to hide from someone.

His eyes were sharp, and he soon saw them behind the little rockery.

At first glance, there were four women, and two men. One of them was injured and the group seemed to be very scared, hiding behind that ridiculous little rockery.

“There really is someone coming…” Ronnie said in surprise, glancing at Ling Mo with great admiration.

The man with the disgusting smile quickly thought of his next few actions during the next few seconds. He knew he would eventually be caught if he kept running like this. It would be better if…

He smiled creepily, then reached out and withdrew a pistol from his waist.

When it came to Yu Wen Xuan, this was useless against him, however it was more than enough to deal with normal survivors. All of them were holding cold weapons, which could do jackshit against a hot weapon.

“Come out!”

He had just stopped and raised his gun at Ling Mo’s group, when his wrists suddenly started to feel waves of immense pain.

As Ronnie screamed, the man with disgusting smile seemed as if his knees were kicked and he hit the ground directly.


The man with the disgusting smile roared as he fell face down.

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