My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 329 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 329 Part 1 – Caution Is An Instinct, Regardless Of The Person

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“Why did this person try to shoot us the moment he showed up?”

Wu Peng Fei couldn’t help but ask while picking up the pistol.

A weapon like this didn’t attract Ling Mo’s interest at all. However, Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie eyes were glowing when they saw it.

“Be careful. Don’t accidentally fire the weapon.”

 Ling Mo quickly reminded him after remembering Wu Peng Fei’s godly shooting skills.


Wu Peng Fei revealed a silly smile and looked at the pistol, “There is also a silencer on it. You can tell just by looking at it that it’s good stuff!”

“Stop playing, what do you know about guns?” Ling Mo said while smiling.

Wu Peng Fei’s face turned red and said, “I definitely don’t have the knowledge in firearms, but I used to be proficient in using only good things. Anything that was of good quality never escaped from my eyes. I really hated the fact that I was a second generation rich kid for this half a year, but now that I think about it, no matter what I had experienced in the past, it could at least come in handy in the future one day…”

“You really haven’t changed…”

“Hehe, are you trying to say I’m still the same cool dude you used to know back then?”

“No, I’m trying to say that you’re just as stupid as before.”

While they were talking crap about each other, Ling Mo was also vigilantly walking towards the man with the disgusting smile.

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His knees were injured and he struggled to get up, but he was kicked back down to the ground by Ling Mo with one foot, “What are you trying?”


As he was screaming, the man with the disgusting smile was also cursing madly in his own heart.

The psychic in front of him had a superpower that was much stronger than Yu Wen Xuan’s, and there was no chance of him being fully prepared against it.

Not only that, he was obviously powerful but he seemed to keep a low profile for some reason.

Watching the dagger that was hidden in his hand being kicked carefully away, the man with disgusting smile felt weak and powerless.

Why couldn’t this person be more arrogant or high-key?!

Even underestimating me a little would do! I’m just a fucking ordinary person, do you need to be so fucking careful!?

The man with the disgusting smile was crying without tears, his other hand was completely broken. He was basically a fish on a chopping board…

However, Ling Mo didn’t think that his actions were wrong. A real expert was someone who was humble…

And experts weren’t stupid…

This person was obviously a person from the camp. People in the special forces had strength similar to ordinary psychics, and were even stronger when it came to fighting.

Ling Mo would never let his guard down until it was really safe.

The man with the disgusting smile could clearly make out Ling Mo’s appearance. He felt that if he was in the camp, he would have definitely remembered him.

However, Ling Mo’s tactical knives as well as some small equipment on his body were all from the Falcon Camp.

“Who are you? What’s your relationship with the Falcon Camp?”

The man with the disgusting smile asked regrettably.

“Are you retarded? You’re the prisoner now, do you think you have the right to ask questions?”

Ling Mo glanced at him with a scornful look, and then trampled his feet, making him cry out loudly.

“Let me ask you, what is your position in the camp? You don’t look like those ordinary soldiers.”

The man with the disgusting smile decided to test Ling Mo’s attitude, “I’m an officer… AH! Why are you still stepping on me!”

“Fuck your sister, you dare lie to me?” Ling Mo squatted down, holding the tactical knife and swayed it right in front of his eyes, sneered and said, “I’ll give you another chance.”

The man with the disgusting smile suddenly broke out in cold sweats.

His specialty was talking bullshit. The amount of lies he spoke each day was more than the amount of truths. Yet how could this person in front of him see through his lies in one glance?

Of course, he would never know that Ling Mo was carefully observing his spiritual fluctuations through his spiritual detection.

A person who was used to lying frequently, could avoid showing nervousness, but Ling Mo’s spiritual detection ability was similar to the most accurate lie detector. As long as the mental fluctuations were slightly abnormal, they could be captured by Ling Mo.

However, this required Ling Mo to concentrate on his spiritual power and was also quite consuming. He was unable to use this ability for long.

“I’ll talk, I’ll talk, stop stepping on me first…”

The man with the disgusting smile was in so much pain that his voice had changed. He looked at Ling Mo with fear and said, “I’m from the intelligence team…”

“Intelligence team?”

Ling Mo immediately remember the repulsive appearance of Huang Zhen Dong.

However, meeting a member of the intelligence team right was a good thing for Ling Mo.

The man with the evil smile was observing the changes in Ling Mo’s expression. Seeing his reaction, he immediately felt a bit relieved.

‘Hehe, since that crazy bastard Yu Wen Xuan actually dared to take action, as long as I’m alive, I will definitely kill him for revenge!’ 

‘So what if he’s a psychic? Simply put, he would die with one shot from a gun…’

to be continued…

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