My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 329 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 329 Part 2 – Caution Is An Instinct, Regardless Of The Person

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When it came to Yu Wen Xuan, the man with the disgusting smile could at least turn tail and run. In front of Ling Mo, he was basically a bed bug that could easily be crushed by him, but in his heart, he now hated psychics more with a passion.

However, he couldn’t afford to offend Ling Mo right now and said, “Listen to me, I’m in a pinch right now, if you can find me a place to hide… No hiding would be useless. If you could take me back to the bus station, I will definitely give you rewards!”

But his voice hadn’t finished speaking when he saw Ling Mo sneer at him, “Rewards? No thanks, what you can give me now is the best reward…”

While Ling Mo was talking, the man with the disgusting smile widened his eyes, a gurgling sound escaped from his throat, and his whole body started to twitch violently.

“What’s happening to him…” Ronnie asked with fear.

Shana who was next to him calmly replied, “He’s having a seizure.”


Wu Peng Fei began to sweat buckets, he originally wanted to say ‘you’re joking right?’, but Shana’s cold eyes and tight lips made him suddenly feel a lot of pressure.

Not only was the feeling coming from Shana, but also Li Ya Lin and Ye Lian.

Especially Ye Lian, he felt that the girl was completely different from the shy girl he once knew in the past…

However, Wu Peng Fei didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. After all, he and Ye Lian wasn’t in contact with each other for several years.

If he could change from a big fat man to what he was now, it wouldn’t be unusual for Ye Lian to become the person
she is now.

With such a distraction, he and Ronnie didn’t notice Ling Mo at the back had furrowed his brows, and he seemed to be having a headache.

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More than a dozen invisible tentacles frantically forced in and stirred the spiritual light ball of the man with the disgusting smile, and many images were frantically pouring into Ling Mo’s mind.

When he stopped twitching, Ling Mo’s forehead was already covered with a layer of cold sweat.

He wiped off his sweat, then glanced at corpse and spat, “You actually tried to take advantage of us and use us as your shield, you really deserve to die!”

In addition to the reason why the man with the disgusting smile took out his gun, Ling Mo had also gained a lot of other information.

As a member of the intelligence team, he had a lot of information in his hands.

However, Ling Mo’s spiritual strength was limited and some things that were deep inside his memories couldn’t be dug out.

Fortunately, that kind of stuff was useless to Ling Mo, so there wasn’t a need for him to try and look through it.

“Although not everyone in the intelligence group is like this guy or Huang Zhen Dong, but their very existence is clearly a wrong decision.”

Ling Mo sorted out the information he just obtained while thinking about it.

Most of the information pouring into his brain was rather messy.

However, after improving his spiritual strength, Ling Mo’s speed at processing the information was much faster than before.

The man with the disgusting smile joined the camp at the very beginning. He personally witnessed the whole process of the development of the camp.

The information about the development of the camp that Tom and Sun Zeya told him wasn’t any different from the memories of the man.

However, just like Ling Mo guessed, any large-scale force entering a relatively stable development stage, would eventually cause internal problems.

It wasn’t unreasonable to say that when there are people, there would always be battles.

Fighting with nature, Fighting with zombies, fighting with mutant beasts, and fighting with other humans.

After the Falcon Camp established an isolation zone in City A, problems began to appear.

The main problem was the friction between the core members of the military that didn’t have any superpowers and the psychics both in the military and not in the military.

One was powerful and was in control of the army, the other was just powerful and didn’t wish to be ordered around.

However, the number of psychics in the camp was small and didn’t have any power.

The establishment of the intelligence team was the result of the compromise between the two parties.

But as time went by, the purpose of the intelligence team began to change.

From the beginning of collecting information on new members, to monitoring and causing problems to psychics…

The man with the disgusting smile was a radical, and clearly enjoyed this change, but Ling Mo felt that this change was not good at all and there was clearly something bigger going on.

“It was definitely a correct decision for me, not to join the humans. I definitely can’t outwit these fucking scheming bastards…”

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