My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 33


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 33 – Survivor Group

All through the night, Shana was alternating between sane and mad, interspersed with a few spells of deep stupor. Finally, in the morning, she appeared to be somewhat more stable.

But just as Ling Mo feared, the current Shana did become a zombie, but at the same time still have a trace of reason. The current Shana is only a line away from zombies, but the strength is already much stronger than the ordinary zombies.

Thanks to Liu Yu Hao’s foolish actions last night, Ling Mo realized that there was indeed a pattern to Shana’s current bipolar situation. Normally, Shana would exist in a seemingly human form, being able to reason and mumble out a few words, albeit at a much lower mental capacity. But when she has encountered something stressful or physically threatening, she will immediately lose those shreds of reason, and transform into a vicious and murderous zombie.

But under Ling Mo’s manipulation, her mood gradually stabilized, and does not hold strong hostility towards Liu Yu Hao and Wang Cheng. But because of the special spiritual connection between her and Ling Mo, it seems that the people closest to Shana is Ling Mo.

For example right now, Shana is staring blankly at Ling Mo, one hand tightly pulling him…

“Shana, do you recognize me?” After crying out her name hundreds of times, Shana did maintained impression to her own name, she will react as long as someone calls. But that was as far as she could respond to someone talking. Ask her a question, and you would get nothing but a stupefied expression.

But Shana has demonstrated strong interest to her own long knife, whenever seeing Shana holding the long knife, somewhat sluggish and in the state of confusion, then suddenly grabbed at the scabbard of the sword, that sense of momentum is even stronger than the prior Shana!

But then she refused to put down her long knife, and Ling Mo always felt that Shana is the same as Ye Lian, they should all have the opportunity to completely regain sanity, therefore he did not force her to give up the long knife. As long as there is obsession, it’s much better than completely reduced to senseless zombies.

It can be said that in Shana’s current situation, it completely firmed Ling Mo’s confidence. Zombies are indeed terrible, but the culprit behind the zombies is after all, the virus. And from the current situation, Ling Mo already has a mind forming. With the continuous evolution of virus, zombie’s strength will continue to grow, and at the same time, they will eventually grow into rational monsters! Shana’s situation illustrates this point! She absorbed too much virus at one point, and appeared to the current state, and Ye Lian who after evolution also show signs of senses.

Therefore different from Liu Yu Hao who is in the mood of grief, Ling Mo right now is full of energy!

“Big brother Ling…..Shana’s current state right now…” Liu Yu Hao right now is afraid of getting too close to Shana, he could only sit far on the sidelines, watching every move of Shana. It’s not difficult to tell from his expression that, he is not only filled with doubts, but also feel sad for Shana.

Any normal person, would not want to become zombies, even if not so completely…

Ling Mo deeply looked at him, said: “instead of letting Shana die, or turn into something like Lu Xin, don’t you think that the result have been very fortunate?”

“This….” Liu Yu Hao’s face emerged a hint of hesitation, then nodded heavily, “yes, right now at least is better than dead…..and at least she is not showing hostility to big brother Ling.”

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As he said the last sentence, Liu Yu Hao’s tone is somewhat bitter. Ling Mo did not tell him about his ability to control zombies. Therefore Liu Yu Hao thought that Shana is close to Ling Mo is completely out of her instincts, but happens to not have any memory to this comrade who has been fighting side by side, this of course made Liu Yu Hao a little heartbroken.

“Uh….” Ling Mo rubbed his nose, said, “maybe, I am talking that perhaps, Shana will slowly recover her senses.”

“What?” Liu Yu Hao is surprised, no longer having a depressed air, suddenly locked his eyes on Ling Mo’s face.

Ling Mo slowly said: “as you have seen, Shana right now is different than those ordinary zombies, you could not say that she completely still have her senses, but at least not completely controlled by instincts. This situation probably never occurred on any zombies before….But no matter what, as long as her rational ability is not completely erased, then there is hope to restore. But this time frame might be short, or it might be long.”

What he said were all predictions, but Liu Yu Hao’s eyes have already become extremely hot!

“Hope is good! But…right now Shana only sees you….” After the excitement, Liu Yu Hao then again become depressed. With Shana’s current situation, he could not even be too close to her, not to mention be the same as before.

Just as Ling Mo was going to reply, he suddenly sees Wang Cheng running like a trail of smoke, then stopped at a place that is quiet far away from Shana, said with a joyous face: “there are people on the street! Survivors!”


Following Wang Cheng to the balcony, Ling Mo see through from the window, and of course see the survivors.

But after one look, Ling Mo could not help but twitch his eyes. There is not only one survivor down there, but an entire survivor group!

There are about twenty young women and men, all carrying different kinds of backpacks and holding all kinds of weapons at hand. They seems like they have been searching for food from early morning, but right now was attacked by dozens of zombies. After watching for a while, Ling Mo realized that even though this group of people are normal people, but there are a few young men with very good combat ability, and they attack much more viciously than others.

But what made Ling Mo pay attention is that, is there methods of killing zombies. Those few young men rushed at the very front, the rest of the people is scattered around, using the automobiles as cover and started to deal with zombies. Even though their combat abilities are not very strong, but they become horned into each other, take care of each other, even if they could not confront the zombies like those young men, but they could get rid zombies one by one during the process.

Seeing here, Ling Mo could not help but want to call out good, this kind of team in his perspective is the real survivor group.

But they are after all does not have enough battle personnel, in a place like zombie dense area, they are soon in the state of danger. Attracted by blood, more and more zombies from all directions drilled out and lunged wildly at them. And after these people persisted for a little bit, they had to stop the battle and retreat, eventually they actually retreated into this area, and directly toward the building where Ling Mo and his people is staying!

Soon, there came the muffled “bang” sound from downstairs, obviously these people have already rushed into the safety staircase. But soon after a loud sound immediately came over, it is those zombies crazily hitting the staircase door. Listen to the sound it seems that not for long, the staircase door will be forced open, at that time a group of zombies will swarm inside, and Ling Mo and his people who are hiding inside the house may also be in danger.

At this time the best way is to hide in the house and not making a sound, but with the sound of messy footsteps, Ling Mo suddenly somewhat despondent.

These people, they actually came upstairs, and they even rushed into the corridor on the second floor!

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