My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 330 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 330 Part 1 – Repeating One Hundred Times In The Mind

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Of course, the information stored in the mind of the man with the disgusting smile was more informative than that.

“An ordinary intelligence team member actually has a secret crush on the Chief of Staff… However, Su Qian Rou’s position as the Chief of Staff seems to be a bit mysterious.”

Based on the previous deal between her and Ling Mo, she clearly supported the cooperation with psychics.

However, in the memories of this man, her attitude towards this issue was rather ambiguous.

In his words, Su Qian Rou was a gentle woman who rarely published opinions that were prone to conflict, and rarely participated in these types of topics.

Of course, this was a completely subjective impression from the man and Ling Mo didn’t believe all of it.

Being so young and being able to reach this position, this Su Qian Rou was definitely not a simple woman.

In addition, there was another piece of information that bothered Ling Mo. It was the current research results of the Falcon Camp Laboratory.

‘It seems that I still underestimated their ability. This experiment was also mentioned in the Dark Bible, but it was recorded as a failure at that time. But from the memories of the man, they had already succeeded once. The results of this research is quite useful for me…’

Ling Mo thought, and said, “We should quickly leave, it seems that someone is chasing after him, but unfortunately I don’t know who since his memories are a bit fuzzy…”

He had just taken Ye Lian and the others to another street when Zhang Yu and Yu Wen Xuan arrived.

“Huh? How did he die over here…”

Zhang Yu squatted down, looked at the corpse in shock and turned over the body to get a better look.

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“There are bloody holes in his hands and knees, as if they were shot by bullets, but there’s a slight difference.”

Zhang Yu frowned and said.

Yu Wen Xuan pinched the hair on top of his forehead, and smiled crazily, “It seems that he was very unlucky. He must have met with other survivors and had a conflict, right? It doesn’t matter now, give me a moment to grab the necessary tools to get rid of the body.”

He fished out a bottle of gasoline as he said this.

“WTF, are you seriously not curious about who killed him? What if he told them about what we did?”

Seeing that Yu Wen Xuan wasn’t listening to what he was saying, but instead, was excited to burn the corpse, Zhang Yu could not help but sigh.

He stood up and closed his eyes. After carefully sensing the area for a while, his expression suddenly became weird.

“That’s strange, why do I feel it again here… but isn’t that a good thing!?”

When he opened his eyes and saw Yu Wen Xuan staring at the burned corpse on the ground with a crazy smile, Zhang Yu’s scalp immediately turned numb.

Saying Yu Wen Xuan was ‘stubborn’ could be a polite way of describing him, but a more realistic way to describe him, would be ‘paranoid’.

However, if he wasn’t paranoid, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve his current status.

As long as it was something he believed in, he wouldn’t give up until he achieved his goals.

And what caused the most headaches for Zhang Yu was the fact that Yu Wen Xuan had many things he believed in, many of them were complicated, and none of them made any sense.

“There’s definitely something wrong with your brain!” Zhang Yu couldn’t help but swear.

Yu Wen Xuan immediately turned around and said, “Eh, so you figured it out?”


Zhang Yu rolled his eyes and turned his eyes towards the direction that Ling Mo and his group left.

He vaguely felt that the reason why he wasn’t able to capture the exact position the past several times was probably due to the other side having an ability related to spiritual force.

If this was the case, he would need to hide his presence in order to chase after his target.

Anyways, whether it was for their safety, or to help Yu Wen Xuan find his sister, they would definitely need to find this person.

Otherwise, no matter which part failed, Zhang Yu’s life could be considered, officially finished.

At this time, Ling Mo was supporting Wu Peng Fei in bypassing several abandoned cars. After hearing that people were chasing after them, Ronnie had also increased her pacing.

However, she was just an ordinary girl, and she soon started panting.

Looking at the relaxed faces of Ye Lian and the other girls, she felt a bit unhappy.

Their bodies looked thin and weak, yet why weren’t they tired?

As a girl, Ronnie’s observation was very detailed.

She noticed that Shana’s over exaggerated scythe wasn’t a decoration. Whenever it touched the ground, it would leave a white mark.

“No wonder he never bothered to look at me. These three girls are beautiful and strong… We are all girls around the same age, but why am I so weak compared to them…”

Ronnie tried asking them for help several times, but they ignored her and maintained a certain distance from her.

Obviously, Ling Mo noticed Ronnie’s stamina, but he couldn’t do much about it other than slowing down a bit.

He was already supporting Wu Peng Fei, and due to his heavy injuries he was putting his whole weight onto Ling Mo, which was consuming a lot of his energy.

If he tried to help Ronnie as well, he would probably suffer from an unexpected situation due to the lack of physical strength.

As for the three women, it was already worthy of praise that they haven’t tried biting her yet… Asking them to help support her would definitely not be good…

Plus Ling Mo felt that asking them to help her would be too unfair to them.

Why should he bother his girlfriends and torment them for an irrelevant girl? It wasn’t his problem to care.

to be continued…

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