My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 330 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 330 Part 2 – Repeating One Hundred Times In The Mind

Editor: Zephyr04

Ronnie’s expression and Ling Mo’s actions, were all noticed by Shana.

Although it was only a small matter, Shana’s mouth still evoked a smile.

“Shana, what are you smiling about?”

Li Ya Lin was currently holding Ye Lian’s hand, her eyes were very sharp and had captured Shana’s abnormality with just a glance.

Shana displayed a shy look and shook her head slightly, “How am I smiling?! Senior Sister, you’re really…”

Saying this, she subconsciously waved the scythe in her hand, and a cold breeze immediately passed by Li Ya Lin.

This sudden display of cold light scared Ronnie, and she quickly took the initiative to be more distant from them.

Li Ya Lin sharply flashed backwards, avoiding the light, and smiled at the same time, “Isn’t this the legendary feeling of shyness?”

Ye Lian on the other hand, curiously turned her head and looked at Shana, and then couldn’t help but ask, “Yeah…your… why is your mouth smiling?”

Shana’s attitude towards Li Ya Lin was quite casual, but when it came it Ye Lian, it was a bit unique.

In short, she would always listen to Ye Lian’s words…

Of course, in most circumstances, Ye Lian wouldn’t actively ask for anything.

“Did I…. Really…?” Shana reached out and touched her mouth before then saying, “Actually, it’s because I feel that Brother Ling is very interesting.”

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“Interesting?” Ye Lian tilted her head in confusion.

Shana nodded, “It means that he makes people feel like it’s fun being around him. Don’t you guys agree? He obviously is very good to us and he’s often a pervert… However, he’s never said those words to us, right?”

“What words?” Li Ya Lin also became interested.

When Shana looked at Li Ya Lin, her expression suddenly became confused and she whispered, “Senior Sister, what do you guys say to each other when you and Brother Ling are doing that kind of thing?”


Li Ya Lin rubbed her chin with her slender fingers and searched through her memories for a while, “At first, we rarely talked because Ling Mo always kept trying to push me down under him, so we were busy fighting for control…. However, later we talked a lot more, mainly about my memories.”

“Ling Mo usually said to me, Senior Sister, don’t bite, please don’t bite, and please don’t bite from below…”

When she said this, Ye Lian couldn’t help but widen her eyes in amazement, “Wow! That sounds just like him!”

Ronnie’s face flushed red and felt embarrassed.

She hated the fact that she was running too slow, but she didn’t dare to fall behind, so she could only run at a pace where it wasn’t too far away from the girls.

However, the problem was that, how could they communicate with each other without any hesitation on such private matters, instead of whispering?

What was more horrible was the fact that they gave such vivid descriptions that you could basically imagine it!

From the way they spoke, it seems that the three of them were actually not jealous of one another, it seems that… that pervert is quite capable…

Ronnie blushed as she looked at Ling Mo who was at the very front. The phrase “Don’t bite from below” repeated itself in her mind for more than a hundred times.

“Heehee… I often generally say…AH! Don’t! … and fuck… something like that.” Li Ya Lin said.

“How come you said those things during that?” Shana was stunned.

Li Ya Lin asked strangely, “Don’t the girls in those movies all act like that?”

“Weren’t you a teacher before? Was it really okay for you to watch those kinds of movies?”

After Shana muttered this, she suddenly lowered her voice, “Then tonight, why don’t you tell us about the movie! Senior Sister, you seemed to have learned the lines and know what kind of emotions are supposed to be used. Eh? we seemed to have gone off-topic… What I meant before was that Brother Ling never told us whether he loves us or not right? Men usually propose in order to do that with women… but he obviously did that to both of me, but…”

In this aspect, Shana who had recovered a bit of her humanity, was very confused…

Who would have ever thought that the Shana, that often trolled people, actually had such a girly side to her?

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