My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 331 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 331 Part 1 – That Tall Perky Buttocks

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“No…I can’t do this anymore…”

Even though the distance to their destination was a little over a thousand meters, in a place filled with buildings, they ended up traveling more than one kilometer.

Ronnie couldn’t keep up with Ling Mo’s pace. Even though she knew that the chances were pretty low for zombies to be nearby, seeing broken flesh and blood everywhere brought her a huge sense of nervousness.

Even though she was panting really hard and her feet felt as heavy as lead… these were things that she could easily overcome, however…

“Hold on for a little while longer.”

Ling Mo turned his head back and said.

If it wasn’t for Wu Peng Fei, Ling Mo wouldn’t have been willing to bring this girl with him.

In fact, he could probably take an accurate guess on why this girl followed them.

Her backer, Boss Guan, had died already and the other man with decent skills was injured.

She probably became worried that she might meet someone similar to Ling Mo in the future and end up with the same ending as them.

But if she stayed with Wu Peng Fei, she could indirectly obtain safety from following Ling Mo.

Regardless of whether Wu Peng Fei joined Ling Mo or the camp, she would still benefit from either.

Another reason why Ling Mo let Ronnie stay with them was that he knew that this girl had stood out to support Wu Peng Fei when he was getting beaten by Boss Guan.

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“I… I can’t hold on any longer…” Ronnie said with an awful look.

Ling Mo frowned, she seriously had too many problems!

“How about you let me walk by myself, and you help hold Ronnie? Wu Peng Fei suggested.

He looked at Ronnie with a worried expression. Although this short-haired girl wasn’t that pretty, but at least she treated him well, which made Wu Peng Fei feel a little bit touched.

Ling Mo rolled his eyes.

You’re no different from a mummy right now and can only use one leg to move freely. Can you even walk on your own? You must be joking!

If Ling Mo really let him walk on his own, their speed would slow down to a snail’s speed in an instant…

“No…” Ronnie blushed and looked at Ling Mo with a very embarrassed look.

After getting used to Ye Lian and the girls, Ling Mo became really impatient towards girls like Ronnie, who were always shy and embarrassed.

Especially at this time, where hidden dangers could be everywhere in this street!

‘If you have something to say, say it already!’

“What’s wrong?” Ling Mo asked impatiently.

Ronnie whispered, “I need to pee…”

“What?” Ling Mo didn’t hear clearly.

Ronnie bit her lip and shouted, “I SAID I NEED TO PEE!”

“Oh…” Ling Mo scratched his head. “Then go pee, holding your pee for too long isn’t good for you.”

Wu Peng Fei looked at Ronnie with a funny smile as she ran into a shop next to him. He turned his head to look at Ling Mo and said, “Not bad, if I remember correctly, you seldom talk to girls. And now…”

Ling Mo smiled and thought to himself that he had no choice but to abandon that personality ever since he had to help Ye Lian change her clothes after taking a shower.

At this time, Ronnie had hidden herself within the shop and wasn’t able to find a restroom after searching around the store. She had no choice but to squat behind the counter.

As sounds of pee echoed out, a zombie with only one leg struggled to get up from the grass behind the store.

She grabbed the ground with both hands and quickly climbed to the store, then smelled the scent from coming from the window and climbed through it.

However, the female zombie was very fat, and window of this store was very small……

“Rrrrawr…. Rrrawr…”

She let out a low roar, the bloody red eyes of the female zombie stared at the beautiful white buttocks in front of it and then struggled as she tried to grab it with her hands.

If someone were to translate what the zombie said, she probably would be saying, “Ass, I want to eat.”

“I have so much pee right now, due to holding it in for so long. That pervert won’t take this chance to leave me because I’m taking so long will he?”

Ronnie thought anxiously.

Suddenly she had a bad feeling that something was behind her.

Her heart started to beat quickly, and she slowly turned to look back.

A zombie was staring back at her!

The female zombie’s hand grabbed at her and Ronnie screamed violently, “AHHH!”


Wu Peng Fei was casually chatting with Ling Mo when they suddenly heard the scream.

Ling Mo quickly threw the cigarette on the ground and quickly ran towards the shop.

Looking at Ling Mo’s explosive speed, Wu Peng Fei’s jaw dropped, “This kid… is so fast.”

Ye Lian and the girls looked at each other.

They weren’t able to notice that there was a zombie nearby due to the area being full of a bloody and rancid smell.

However, the scent of a human’s pee was more attractive than a bloody smell.

They frowned and moved further away in order to avoid triggering their body’s zombie instinct.

This was one of the things that Ling Mo taught them, otherwise he would feel a lot of pressure every time he went to the bathroom.

to be continued…

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