My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 331 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 331 Part 2 – That Tall Perky Buttocks

Editor: Zephyr04

Every time he would go to the bathroom, he would be surrounded by three female zombies, and he would feel their heated gazes focused on his little friend…

That really isn’t a wonderful experience!

With Ling Mo’s speed, he had already rushed into the store in a blink of an eye

“What happened!?”

He had just shouted when a figure jumped onto him.


Ronnie was completely terrified. They hadn’t seen a single zombie in the past few days and she inevitably became too relaxed.

She didn’t expect to encounter a zombie in this kind of situation….

Ling Mo looked behind her and saw the female zombie that was still struggling to squeeze in through the window.

“Her fatass can’t even fit in, what the hell are you even afraid of….”

Ling Mo sighed reluctantly, and with just a thought, a substantialize tentacle came out.

The low roaring that was coming from the throat of the female zombie, immediately stopped. Her mouth was still open and she had a crazed expression on her distorted face.

A bloody hole suddenly appeared on her forehead and bright red blood started to flow out from it.

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“But she… … just… …”

Ronnie said incoherently.

“Um… can you let go of me first?” Ling Mo said as he scratched his head.

Ronnie let out of scream and quickly let go of him, wishing she could find a hole to hide herself in.

But just after taking one step, she tripped and landed right on the counter.

“Why didn’t you remind me to pull up my pants!”

Ronnie hurriedly pulled her pants up and felt ashamed. What made it worse, was the fact that Ling Mo had been staring at her with great interest!

Just thinking of her running into his arms with her pants down, then pushing away and landing right on top of the counter with her ass sticking out……

Didn’t that mean he saw everything?!

“Eh? I forgot.”

Ling Mo said without changing his expression.

Wasting his time and getting into trouble, he obviously should collect some benefits……

Ronnie was pissed to the point of almost vomiting blood, but after gnashing her teeth for quite some time, she still didn’t dare to curse at him.

She had noticed that Ling Mo was cold and distant towards strangers like her.

Although he wasn’t the type to kill for no reason, who knew what would happen if he was pissed off.

While that happened, on a different street, Zhang Yu suddenly took a sniff, “There’s something.”

Yu Wen Xuan glanced at him curiously and tried to imitate him, “Yep, I seem to see the blood and pieces of flesh everywhere…”

“You do realize you can fucking see all of this the moment you open your eyes right?”

Zhang Yu glared at him and said, “What I meant was that I think I smelled a human.”

“Huh? What do human’s smell like to you? Chicken flavor?” Yu Wen Xuan curiously asked.

“Don’t interrupt me.” Zhang Yu closed his eyes and took a deep breath. “Slightly spicy, a bit stinky…”

“Ding! Mustard!”

“URINE dumbass! WTF is wrong with you? I’m not playing a game of who can answer faster with you! Why the fuck did I choose to follow you, WHY?! GODDAMMIT!”

Zhang Yu couldn’t wait to rush and kill Yu Wen Xuan. To piss off someone completely, this captain of his was the number one in doing so!

If he was actually joking, then it would be fine, but he’s always serious.

This was what pissed off Zhang Yu the most.

But… If it wasn’t for Yu Wen Xuan, he might have died a long time ago…

“It seems that the person is peeing ahead of us. That’s basically giving us a trail, let’s go” Zhang Yu said happily.

Yu Wen Xuan smiled and said, “Zhang Yu, you’re exactly like a police dog. We should call that ability of yours “Police Dog.”

“Don’t you think you’re timing for jokes is awful? Sooner or later, I’m going to end up beating your ass!”

Zhang Yu clenched his fist and shook it in front of Yu Wen Xuan.

As the two followed the trail, their pace increased drastically.

They leaped from one abandoned car to another and soon a corner appeared in front of them.

Right before they were about to pass the corner, they immediately hid their auras.


Zhang Yu had just finished speaking when suddenly, a figure appeared in front of him.

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