My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 332 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 332 Part 1 – Being Stimulated

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These two people came very quickly and so suddenly!

Even though Ling Mo didn’t notice them in advance, it didn’t mean he couldn’t react in time.

In fact, as all of them grew stronger, Ling Mo and the three female zombies had a reaction time that far exceeds that of an ordinary human.

Ling Mo’s strength, was spiritual based.

His nerves reacted very quickly and paired up with his spiritual abilities, whether it was attacking or defending, he could execute them immediately with just a thought.

Ling Mo would constantly improve his physical strength every time he encountered a strong opponent to ensure that he would also match it up with his reaction speed.

But that didn’t mean it was completely synchronized. There would be times where he would see the trajectory of an attack coming, but it would be too late for him to do anything about it.

However, the girls on the other hand had reaction speeds that were far more than that of ordinary humans, and probably even many psychics.

And because they were driven by instincts when it came to fighting, their reaction time was god-like since they didn’t rely on their nerves to respond….

The evolution of zombies was basically a process of constantly improving the fragile human body into a fighting machine.

Human’s had too many weaknesses….

In the physical aspect of the human body itself, it often lacked physical strength and flexibility. It also couldn’t compare itself to general predator animals. Nor did humans have a natural hunting talent.

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Ling Mo had met and seen all kinds of people ranging from normal people to movie stars. However, there weren’t many that he knew were natural born killers.

Zombies on the other hand were different. Ordinary zombies were basically violent meat grinders, while high-level zombies were crazy killing machines with extremely strong individual combat capabilities.

Even if their intelligence was restored, what they awakened wasn’t the humanity that was still inside their bodies, but the cruel side.

However, Ling Mo always felt that this side originated from humans.

If you thought of it from a different perspective, weren’t humans also cruel towards their prey?”

In the eyes of human beings, setting up a trap for prey was called having wisdom. In the eyes of those animals, it was nothing but blood and terror.

This theory could also be used to describe the relationship between zombies and humans.

At this time, the person that stood in front of Zhang Yu was Ye Lian, who had already reached the peak rank of advanced zombie.

When they appeared, Ye Lian gently took two steps and then jumped on the roof of the car that was in front of them.

Having such a good ability in jumping, she directly blocked Zhang Yu’s path.

And while facing him, Ye Lian’s Tang Sword weaved in front of her and attacked him without hesitation.

All of this happened in a blink of an eye. Although Zhang Yu succeeded in sneaking up on them, he didn’t even get the chance to make the first move.

During that fight, another person appeared beside Yu Wen Xuan. This figure appeared very strangely, as if the figure was hiding in that space the whole time. The moment he arrived, that figure suddenly came out and attacked him.

The half-moon-shaped blade was like a deadly snake kiss, a cold light aimed directly at Yu Wen Xuan’s neck.


As the shadow of death came toppling down towards his head, Yu Wen Xuan just excitedly laughed out loud.

He had actually twisted his body midair and the cold light swept past his face.

At the same time, a fireball appeared on top of Li Ya Lin’s head.

But right when the fireball appeared, Yu Wen Xuan saw Li Ya Lin’s appearance.


At the same time as he exclaimed, Zhang Yu let out a groan as he fell heavily onto the ground.


Just as he wanted to get back up, the tip of the Tang Knife had already reached his throat.

Ye Lian didn’t say anything, however, those chilly eyes of hers were more effective than any kind of threat people could possibly say.

Yu Wen Xuan was also kicked onto the ground and the fireball disappeared silently in the air.


Yu Wen Xuan’s shout made all the people present, completely stunned.

Li Ya Ling wanted to finish the battle, but she was stopped by Ling Mo.

This man in front of them had conjured a fireball, completely shocking Ling Mo. He had prepared to finish him with his tentacles, but didn’t expect for the man to suddenly give up resisting.

And when Ling Mo heard him call out “Cousin”, he suddenly had a very strange feeling.

to be continued…

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