My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 332 Part 2


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 332 Part 2 – Being Stimulated

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Zhang Yu was scared shitless and didn’t dare move. His heart was much calmer after seeing Ling Mo and the others stop their attacks.

“Hahahahaha! Cousin! It’s really you! I was about to say, why the fuck was Zhang Yu making me chase after you guys. I finally realize it’s because he had found my cousin. You idiot! why didn’t you just tell me!

Yu Wen Xuan completely ignored the footprints that were on his face and struggled to get up very excitedly.

‘You’re the fucking idiot! I only wanted to know if that intelligence team member told them anything about us…’

Zhang Yu rolled his eyes and thought.

“As for your cousin… I only had a vague feeling of her being here. I honestly didn’t expect her to actually really be here. But strangely enough, the person I felt wasn’t her, but…”

He turned his eyes to Ling Mo and there was a hint of doubt in his eyes, “Why do I get the feeling that those two zombies from before have some relation towards him? I really can’t figure it out…”

At this time, Ling Mo had also recognized Yu Wen Xuan. In the big war between humans and zombies, this person could be recognized as the most dedicated psychic in the entire Falcon Camp that always fought desperately with everything he had against the zombies.

When Ling Mo went to steal the mutant beast gels with his corpse, these two idiots had also chased after him.

However, fortunately for Ling Mo, he didn’t suffer any serious injuries other than the loss of a corpse puppet. The mutant beast gels had also been retrieved by him later after the incident.

Hearing him call out cousin again, Ling Mo turned and looked carefully at him again.

Previously, Ling Mo had also thought that he looked familiar, but when he thought clearly about it, he realized he didn’t know this person, making Ling Mo always wonder why he felt this way.

But now when he looked at him again, Ling Mo noticed that he really did have some similar features as Li Ya Lin.

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Of course, the degree of similarity wasn’t high.

However, Ling Mo and Li Ya Lin had been together for quite some time already. Even if there were only subtle similarities, they would still be noticed by Ling Mo.

“My dear sister [1], this is great, I just knew that you were still alive. I had this feeling I would find you once I entered X City. Meeting you here today, shows that our relationship as brother and sister is really deep…”

Looking as Yu Wen Xuan rolled around and attempted to grab Li Ya Lin’s ankle, Ling Mo hesitated before stepping in to block him.

This man’s behavior during the war was too dangerous, it wasn’t a good idea to believe him so easily.

“Huh? What are you doing?”

Yu Wen Xuan had been staring at Li Ya Lin’s feet when suddenly there was a pair of men boots that blocked his view.

“What are you trying to do?”

Being stared at by Yu Wen Xuan’s bright eyes, Ling Mo felt as if his scalp was tingling.

This man really is crazy…….

He looked back at Li Ya Lin and saw her frowning as she looked at Yu Wen Xuan.

Her spiritual activity was very intense and it seems that she was looking for information about the person in front of her from her memories.

Yu Wen Xuan carefully stared at Ling Mo, then looked at Li Ya Lin and asked, “Sis, who is he to you?”

Although Li Ya Lin was still confused, she still gave a response, “My boyfriend.”


Upon hearing the news, Yu Wen Xuan was stunned.

He still had a hand up in the air and he looked horrified with his mouth slightly open.

After a few seconds, he twitched and suddenly slammed into the ground.

“What the fuck is wrong with him?!”

Ling Mo was shocked and asked quickly.

Zhang Yu looked at Ling Mo in a complicated way and then said, “It seems that he was too stimulated and fainted…”


“By the way, can you let go of me first? You should already be able to tell that we don’t have any malicious intentions.”

Zhang Yu said with a bitter smile.

Ling Mo took a few seconds to analyze the combat power of both sides and felt that he was currently in an absolute advantage.

Moreover, the situation wasn’t clear, there was no need for him to be so stiff, so he dragged Ye Lian over.

However, Ling Mo still kept precautions and was now holding Zhang Yu’s and Yu Wen Xuan’s spiritual light balls with his spiritual tentacles.

Zhang Yu was indeed a psychic with strong spiritual power. Although he couldn’t see anything in front of him, he could still sense that he was under a powerful threat.

This made his expression even more complicated and he started to be a bit more careful in the way he spoke.

After confirming that Yu Wen Xuan only fainted, he told them a simplified version of their situation from beginning to end.

When he talked about the two zombies, Ling Mo’s expression didn’t even change one bit and said, “Oh, I might have encountered them before. I honestly don’t remember; all the zombies look the same to me.”

Zhang Yu naturally didn’t completely trust Ling Mo’s words, but even if he had a longer time to think, he would never imagine that Ling Mo had to ability to control zombies.

[1] – In Chinese, the word sister can be used as female cousin as well depending on how the sentence is phrased.

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