My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 333 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 333 Part 1 – Brother-In-Law, Let’s Be Friends?

Editor: Zephyr04

The unknown was always something that terrified people and was also the main reason why psychics were considered as a dangerous threat.

Ling Mo’s ability has gradually evolved from a simple puppetry power to what it is today. Not to mention his powers in confusing his opponents had also grown stronger.

As long as no one was strong enough to see through the identities of the girls with their eyes, it would be impossible to guess what Ling Mo’s ability was.

Spiritual type psychics were probably the most mysterious out of all the psychics.

Of course, there is going to have some people who can analyze the clues left by Ling Mo with their scary demon-like intelligence to put the pieces together.

But Ling Mo always believed that as long as he was strong enough, even if he were exposed, he could always just kill the person.

Being overly cautious and being very timid, were two totally different concepts.

In order to improve one’s strength, you can never completely avoid risk.

Although he knew that Ling Mo wasn’t telling the complete truth, Zhang Yu could only reluctantly accept it.

He went on to say, “This dumbass lying on the ground right now next to your feet is our… Captain. Fuck, why do I feel so embarrassed right now? Oh right, since he isn’t awake, I wanted to ask you something. That person that died in the square…”

“Oh, that person. He suddenly took out a gun and tried to shoot us, so I killed him.” Ling Mo casually said without hesitation.

A direct answer without any time to think was usually the truth. This was good news for them, if it were true.

Plus, Zhang Yu couldn’t think of a reason for Ling Mo to lie to him.

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The reason, of course, was because he would never be able to have guessed that Ling Mo has the ability to read other people’s memories.

After hearing Zhang Yu ask this question and then adding the events from the memories, Ling Mo naturally put the pieces together and figured out most of what has happened.

His mouth moved slightly and he thought to himself, these two people didn’t seem like those strict soldiers from camp….

“Well, everything I have to say is said. You now know our current situation so you don’t need to be so nervous around us. We don’t have any malicious intentions.”

Zhang Yu smiled and said.

Ling Mo nodded, then curiously turned his gaze to Yu Wen Xuan, who was still lying on the ground.

Hearing Zhang Yu’s story, it seems that Yu Wen Xuan was quite normal originally……

But when his power got stronger and stronger, it seemed to have also affected him as well. He seemed to have become more and more paranoid.

He was also very persistent in finding his cousin.

Unfortunately, this paranoia of his might also be shown on Li Ya Lin’s love life.

“Cough, Cough, so he might be a bit unfriendly to you, but you can rest assured that I won’t let him do anything stupid…”

Zhang Yu said while kicking Yu Wen Xuan at the same time.

No matter how you look at it, it seems that he deliberately used this method of waking him up as revenge.

Ling Mo didn’t agree with him. He didn’t even consider them as his opponents. Although Yu Wen Xuan was very strong, Ling Mo had two leader-rank zombies around him, and one that has reached the peak of advanced zombie. He also has his superpowers that cannot be guarded.

However, in Zhang Yu’s eyes, how could the normal looking Ling Mo be stronger than Yu Wen Xuan?

On the contrary, he was more amazed by the performance from Li Ya Lin and Ye Lian.

However, while Zhang Yu wasn’t optimistic about Ling Mo, Ronnie and Wu Peng Fei weren’t optimistic about Yu Wen Xuan either.

They were both thoroughly convinced and impressed by Ling Mo’s strength after personally witnessing it.

“They obviously got their asses handed to them, yet their acting so arrogant…”

The two of them glanced at each other and couldn’t help but reveal a smirk.

However, immediately right after Ronnie smiled, her cheeks were flushed. She couldn’t help but reach out and touch her butt, “Does that incident from before count as me being taken advantage of…”

Under the stimulation of pain, Yu Wen Xuan woke up immediately.

Although Ling Mo looked relaxed, he was actually on guard against Yu Wen Xuan. Zhang Yu immediately warned, “Hey, perverted sis-con, don’t fucking do anything stupid….”

Yu Wen Xuan turned his eyes to Li Ya Lin without waiting for Zhang Yu to finish speaking and then looked at Ling Mo right after.

“So, this means that I already have a brother-in-law? That makes me so sad, I didn’t even get to attend the wedding!”

Yu Wen Xuan grabbed on to Zhang Yu and pulled himself up. He then raised his hand and tried to grab onto Ling Mo’s shoulder in order to pull him closer, “Come, dear brother-in-law, please tell me how you guys met and how you fell in love with each other, and do I by any chance have a niece already?”

“…. You’re not jealous?” Zhang Yu was completely stunned, but also at the same time very embarrassed as well.

I had already confessed everything to them yet your showing them something else.

I obviously described you as a perverted sis-con. Shouldn’t you at least say something like, “Don’t you dare touch my cousin, or take an attack of mine.” after waking up. You could at least cooperate with me a little here, no?

This sincere blessing and act of true joy clearly doesn’t match with the previous mood of you fainting!

to be continued…

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