My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 333 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 333 Part 2 – Brother-In-Law, Let’s Be Friends?

Editor: Zephyr04

“Why the hell would I be jealous? I’m so happy that I have a brother-in-law now! I fainted because I couldn’t contain all the excitement when I thought that I might have a niece….”

Yu Wen Xuan felt embarrassed as he said this while moving closer to Ling Mo.

“Why the fuck are you embarrassed? I’m the one that lost face!”

Zhang Yu’s eyes twitched slightly, as if trying to suppress the urge to rush and beat the shit out of Yu Wen Xuan.

Ling Mo took a step back and avoided Yu Wen Xuan’s hand, and whispered to Li Ya Lin, “Senior Sister, have you remembered this person yet?”

Li Ya Lin carefully stared at Yu Wen Xuan and said, “Um… In my memories, I did have a cousin that has a good relationship with me, and he looks exactly the same. However, the cousin I remember … Isn’t mentally ill!”

“Ahhahaha, isn’t that me? Everyone changes, you’ve already become a woman and look even more beautiful than before. Even though I’ve become slightly different from before, but my heart is still the same….”

Yu Wen Xuan looked very excited as he easily explained.

Although Li Ya Lin’s expression was quite cold, Yu Wen Xuan was extremely enthusiastic, which made other people, including Ling Mo, sympathize with him.

“Eh…since he is indeed your cousin, you should be a little bit more…”

Ling Mo took the initiative to speak after seeing Li Ya Lin step further and further back due to Yu Wen Xuan staring at her.

“Oh, alright then.” Li Ya Lin looked at Yu Wen Xuan reluctantly, then slowly said, “Cousin.”

Yu Wen Xuan smiled in surprise, then reached out and patted his chest. Finally, he took two items out and said, “Here, this is for the both of you. Brother-in-law, these are welcome gifts, let’s be friends okay?”

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Li Ya Lin was reluctant to accept this gift. She normally wouldn’t be willing to come in contact with other humans. It was normal for her attitude to be like this, especially when another human suddenly shows up, claiming to have a blood relationship with her.

Her mind was probably in complete chaos right now…

For other zombies, it didn’t matter whether or not there was a blood relationship, since it was all the same for them. If you weren’t a zombie, you were prey. This type of thinking couldn’t be changed.

However, Li Ya Lin had been with Ling Mo for a long time. Although she didn’t gain her humanity back, but it doesn’t mean she was similar to ordinary zombies that completely relied on their zombie instincts.

Ling Mo sighed and glanced at the two “gifts”.

“…. Such an unusual type of gift.”

This cousin of hers sure has a sense of humor, giving two fucking grenades as welcoming gift!

After confirming Yu Wen Xuan’s identity, Ling Mo was still very careful of him, but had acted much more friendly towards him.

This could be considered as a risk for Ling Mo, but at the same time, it could also be an opportunity.

On one hand, Yu Wen Xuan, might be able to find some flaws or even Li Ya Lin’s current identity since he was familiar with her in the past.

On the other hand, he is a very powerful psychic, and his position in the Falcon camp isn’t low.

With such a relationship, it could help Ling Mo greatly in the future.

There was no doubt that the Falcon Camp would take control of most of the resources in the entire region.

Compared to what he could get by himself, Ling Mo could attain even more with the Falcon Camp’s help.

With Yu Wen Xuan here, Ling Mo’s burden could be reduced by a lot!

And soon, he could help do Ling Mo a big favor.

The two sides conversed for a while, when Zhang Yu proposed to find a place to sit down and talk about it.

After finally finding his younger cousin, Yu Wen Xuan wouldn’t be willing to go back with him right away. Not to mention Wu Peng Fei’s injury wasn’t light. He was unable to stand up for so long.

Ling Mo’s original intention was to send Wu Peng Fei to the camp as soon as possible, but if he had joined then, he would at most be an inconspicuous survivor.

However, if he had a referral from Zhang Yu or Yu Wen Xuan, his treatment inside the camp would definitely be completely different.

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