My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 334 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 334 Part 1 – Build Relationships

Editor: Zephyr04

On the second floor of a fast food restaurant near the station, a group of people were sitting together, facing each other.

The afterglow of the setting sun shined on the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the coldness from the evening made Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie tighten their necks.

The atmosphere was kind of a bit strange……

Yu Wen Xuan’s eyes glowed as he looked back and forth between Ling Mo’s group of people while combing his own hair at the same time.

His eyes made people very uncomfortable. It felt as if he wanted to swallow people alive.

Ordinary people would never do something like that. Ling Mo felt his scalp turn numb under his gaze.

Zhang Yu had been observing Ling Mo secretly as well. He always felt that there were many things he couldn’t figure out about this person.

There were just too many suspicious things about him, but he didn’t know how to deal with them so he could only continue to observe.

“Senior Sister, how are you feeling?” Ling Mo grabbed Li Ya Lin’s hand and whispered in her ear.

Li Ya Lin frowned and avoided Yu Wen Xuan’s gaze, and then pitifully said, “I.. I don’t know…My mind is a complete mess.”

In other words, her mind wasn’t simply controlled by her zombie instincts….

Ling Mo felt a little satisfied, because it showed that his hard work had paid off.

Yu Wen Xuan’s attitude also made Ling Mo very satisfied as well. He didn’t seem to notice anything strange about Li Ya Lin’s cold attitude.

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To Yu Wen Xuan, finding his sister was the greatest satisfaction he could possibly receive.

A person with his kind of mentality wasn’t the type to ask about Li Ya Lin’s situation.

As a result, the possibility of Li Ya Lin’s identity being discovered was greatly reduced.

But Ling Mo still felt that both sides shouldn’t stay together for too long, or they would eventually figure it out.

Even if he was mentally ill right now, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t notice the huge abnormal change that had happened to his cousin.

“Zhang Yu, so how is it? Are you envious or do you hate me for how lucky I am? Just look at my sister, beautiful, strong, and much better than your daughter…”

Yu Wen Xuan said foolishly, “And she may give birth to a perfect little niece at any time.”

“You must be kidding about giving birth at any time, right? Even if you were to lay eggs, it would still require some time…” Ling Mo remained silent, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

Zhang Yu glared at him fiercely, “My child is only three years old!”

“Don’t mind this idiot.” Zhang Yu turned his eyes to Ling Mo. “You guys should all be psychics, right? Are you interested in joining our camp?”

“No.” This time, the voice that refused was actually Li Ya Lin’s.

For her, other than Ling Mo, human beings were simply prey.

But when someone from whom she regarded as prey, showed up, and even had a blood relationship with her, Li Ya Lin’s brain immediately fell into chaos.

In this chaos, Li Ya Lin became more dependent on Ling Mo, practically sticking herself onto him.

This kind of behavior had been noticed by Yu Wen Xuan, and his target of attention suddenly became Ling Mo.

“You sure?”

Zhang Yu originally wanted to say something else, but Li Ya Lin’s expression made him feel that it was going to be useless, and her attitude towards this decision was very firm.

“It’s fine if you don’t want to join. This camp is becoming more and more meaningless.”

Yu Wen Xuan suddenly grinned and interrupted.

“However, if you stay outside, the environment here is very difficult to survive in.” said Zhang Yu, who was unwilling to give up.

Yu Wen Xuan directly waved his hand, “Don’t you already have me in the camp?”

Zhang Yu suddenly slapped his forehead helplessly.

‘Do you really have to make me say things so directly?’

Even Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie both widened their eyes in shock. When did the camp have such a dark side?

It seems that even after the apocalypse, there were still some things in this world that hasn’t changed….

However, Wu Peng Fei quickly calmed down. He thought to himself, wasn’t he the same?

He wanted to do something grand, something that will allow him to show off in front of Ling Mo. He wanted to earn back his dignity, and also be able to pay back the debt of gratitude.

“Although we won’t be joining, my brother here….” Ling Mo looked at Wu Peng Fei and took the initiative to say.

Since there was a relationship, why wouldn’t he use it. Although Yu Wen Xuan has a mental problem, it was still at least better than dealing with those that were old and savvy.

Ronnie hesitated for a moment and interrupted, “And me as well.”

Ling Mo glanced at her and she immediately blushed, quickly lowering her head.

‘Fine, I’m only doing this for you just because that ass of yours were very nice and tall to look at….’

“They both always wanted to join your camp.” Ling Mo said.

Zhang Yu frowned slightly. He already noticed that these two people were the weakest in their group. They weren’t even psychics, nor did they have any special skills. They were just two ordinary people.

If he wanted to rope someone in, he would rope in Ling Mo and these three girls…

“No problem, leave it to me!”

Zhang Yu was still hesitating when Yu Wen Xuan patted his chest to guarantee.

to be continued…

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