My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 336 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 336 Part 1 – Whatever I Have, You Will Always Have A Share

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Zhang Yu claimed that they still had something to take care of first, so they didn’t take Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie with them.

Ling Mo guessed that what they needed to take care of was most likely related to the two dead members of the intelligence team.

But judging from their calm expressions, it probably wasn’t difficult for them to solve the issue.

The look that Yu Wen Xuan gave Ling Mo before he left was with meaning.

Ling Mo guessed that he was probably going to take action tomorrow.

However, he would need to have a well thought out plan, since he needed to figure out how he would steal the body and to send it over to Ling Mo.

After Zhang Yu and Yu Wen Xuan left, Ling Mo and the rest were facing each other.

“Forget it, let’s go to my place first. Everyone can spend the night there, and wait for them to arrive tomorrow.”

Ling Mo said, as he grabbed a backpack and carried it on his body.

He glanced at the communicator in his hand and noticed it was already turned on.

This communicator could remain in a turned on state for a Long time, coupled with Ling Mo’s hand-cranked generator, even if it was left ‘on’ for one night, there wouldn’t be any problem.

Both, Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie were really interested in this communicator. Their eyes shone just like those people who saw the newest IPhone and wanted to get one so bad that they were willing to sell their kidneys in order to get one.

“WTH, you guys were in an era where there was better stuff than this. What is up with those expressions?”

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The looks on their faces gave Ling Mo goosebumps and he quickly put the communicator into his pocket.

Wu Peng Fei’s attention was still on Ling Mo’s pockets. He rubbed his hands and said, “Now that I think about it, I haven’t touched any electronics for about half a year. There’s no signal or power. These things have basically become scrap metal. Before when I was able to use it, I took things for granted. I never realized the benefits of being in a high-tech era. FUCK….”

Ling Mo was stunned, but also displayed a sense of emotion, “That’s true. Other than fighting, the only entertainment to do now is pa-pa-pa, right?

He glanced at Wu Peng Fei with a look filled with questions, and then inadvertently looked at Ronnie.

“Don’t! Don’t ask me!” Ronnie blushed again, roaring.

However, Ye Lian and the other girls all agreed and nodded after looking at each other.

Li Ya Lin licked her lips and looked at Ling Mo with her seductive eyes and said, “Yes, the activities of making children…are very fun.”

Ronnie and Wu Peng Fei were shocked, their eyes quickly turned towards Ling Mo.

But the expressions displayed on their faces were completely different.

Wu Peng Fei had look of envy and gave Ling Mo a thumbs up, “You’re a fucking badass.”

Ronnie widened her eyes and subconsciously covered her ass, “You…You PERVERT!”

“Hey, I’m the innocent one here.” Ling Mo replied while rolling his eyes. These female zombies lacked a filter and couldn’t control what they want to say….

Ten minutes later, when everyone arrived at the retirement home, Wu Peng Fei and Roniie both showed a look of disbelief.

“No way, you guys live right here?”

Wu Pengfei stood at the gate of the home and looked around.

“The environment here is very good. Even though it looks kind of old, it’s still pretty clean.”

Ling Mo looked at them and explained.

“But…. Don’t survivors generally all live in basements or warehouses? There is absolutely no security over here at all.” Ronnie stared at Ling Mo with widened eyes “In short, isn’t the more closed off a place is, the better it is to prevent zombies from getting in, right? But here… zombies can enter from basically everywhere.”

Saying this, she walked to the half-opened iron gate and pushed it with her hand.

“Dangdang” the rusty gate broke, tilting over and scaring her.

“There’s not even a gate!”

Ling Mo glanced at her and couldn’t help but smile, “We are survivors, not hamsters. As for me? I have never liked living in a closed place. Do you really think that thick walls can actually block zombies? Don’t you think you’re a bit too naive? Even if there was a wall here, do you honestly think it can stop the zombies?”

Other zombies might not be able to, but when they have evolved to something similar to Ye Lian’s level, it’s not hard for them to break through a wall.

Even if they can’t break the wall, those zombies would either climb the drain pipes or something along the lines to get around.

Staying in a closed place was tantamount to being stuck at a dead end. Instead of always being trapped, it was always better to have multiple escape routes.

This is what Ling Mo believed in and had been doing it since the beginning.

“Che.” Ronnie didn’t believe him and rolled her eyes.

to be continued…

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