My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 336 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 336 Part 2 – Whatever I Have, You Will Always Have A Share

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Ling Mo was too lazy to bother explaining. Either way, there would always be multiple people that has this kind of attitude. As long as they didn’t understand something, they would always stubbornly believe that they are correct.

Originally, Ling Mo was slightly worried that Hei Si would suddenly charge over and scare the shit out of both of them, but to his surprise, he couldn’t even see Hei Si even when they entered the building.

Ling Mo used their connection to sense her and found that she was somewhere in the courtyard, but was unable to locate her specific location.

“Did she fall asleep again? If that’s the case, then she should be close to evolving… I’ll go look for her after settling them in.”

Ling Mo thought, while leading Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie to the top floor.

The rooms here were all cleaned, but some rooms were completely destroyed due to the playfulness of the female zombies with Hei Si. It was as if a typhoon had hit those rooms.

“These two rooms should be fine. You both can stay here for tonight. The bedding is still relatively clean. If you wish to take a bath, you can go downstairs to get some water to heat up.” Ling Mo said.

“The living conditions here are really good. There is actually water that can be used for shower, which is quite extravagant.” Wu Peng Fei opened the door in surprise and said while looking around at the same time, “Ling Mo, you’re basically living a rich man’s life.”

“I highly doubt that. The treatment you’ll be getting when you enter the Falcon Camp will most likely be better than what you’re getting here.” Ling Mo crossed his arms, then leaned against the door, and smiled bitterly.

Wu Peng Fei looked at Ling Mo strangely and said, “Stop lying, even though I might have better living conditions in the camp, but I’ll always be under the control of others, unlike you, who gets to live freely. And even if that wasn’t enough, it’s impossible for me to find and hug so many girlfriends. My brother, you sure are blessed.”

“You would never be able to understand my suffering….” Ling Mo sighed and said.

Wu Peng Fei’s expression suddenly became serious, “Brother, I don’t know what’s the reason for you not joining the camp. If you don’t want to say it, I won’t ask. But actually, I think the pond there is too small for you. I know you. You aren’t the kind of person who can compete with many fish in a small pond. In that kind of environment, you will suffer.”

“Why do I get the feeling that I’m being despised.”

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“Haha, that’s not what I meant. Mainly, you’re still quite young. Although your social experience is more than a student, it is still not enough. Not only that, you are too emotional. We have been separated for so long, yet you don’t doubt my words? My dad always says that if you hadn’t seen someone for some time, you should take some time to know that person again and not trust them so easily.”

Wu Peng Fei let out a long sigh and said, “But the reason why I treated you as a good brother was because you follow your emotions. Even when I was being stupid and cut the connection between us, I still always regarded you as my brother. And although we are the same age, we grew up in different environments. Although the camp might not be suitable for you, I think it will be very suitable for me.”

Ling Mo had never heard someone use these words to describe himself. It was actually his first time.

He originally wanted to refute, but he kept silent at the end.

Indeed, this was his weakness. If he didn’t go to find Ye Lian in the beginning, he might have become a leader of a survivor team by now, and be living a wonderful life.

But that kind of life, wasn’t something that Ling Mo wanted.

He would rather live a tough life, even if he has to deal with both zombies and humans at the same time, he still wouldn’t complain.

In this aspect, he was actually quite similar to Yu Wen Xuan.

Pursuing his desires, whether it was right or wrong, at least he can be completely honest with himself.

Wu Peng Fei certainly didn’t know about the complex emotions that was going inside Ling Mo’s heart. He smiled and limped over, and then patted Ling Mo’s shoulder, “Brother, if… No, No if! Since you’ve saved my life and gave me a new path, I will try my best and occupy a place in this pond! When that time comes, as long as I get something from the pond, you will always have a share! Don’t reject me… Without you, I would either be dead now, or living the life of a dog. I would have never been able to get these opportunities.”

After he finished speaking, he stared at Ling Mo deeply with a pair of sincere eyes…

Two minutes later, the both of them shivered at the same time.

“Don’t do that again….”

“Yea, that felt a bit creepy….”

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