My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 337 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 337 Part 1 – Let’s take a shower together

Editor: Zephyr04

“Listen here, there is only one rule: don’t bite them.”

Ling Mo called his three zombie girlfriends to him and warned them.


“Be serious! I really mean it.”

Ling Mo stretched out his fingers and flicked Shana’s forehead lightly. He then grabbed her and Li Ya Lin’s hands and then handed them over to Ye Lian.

“Watch them carefully for me!”

These days, they were stimulated by the strong scent of blood, and all of them were a slightly eager to taste human flesh and blood.

In addition, Wu Peng Fei was injured, and his body always had a fresh bloody smell. If it was a normal zombie that smelled this, they would be unable to stand it.

Although Ye Lian currently has the lowest intelligence among them, she was also the most obedient.

Actually, her intelligence has grown almost the same as Li Ya Lin’s. The only difference is that she didn’t recovered much of her memories.

“Okay!” Ye Lian’s big eyes shone slightly as she nodded.

“If they don’t listen… humph, you know what to do.”

After he finished speaking, Ling Mo looked at Ronnie’s room with vigilance and then went downstairs.

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At night, the retirement home was very quiet. Other than the sound of the wind blowing, there were only noises coming from the direction of the station.

While going downstairs, Ling Mo used all his spiritual power to concentrate on sensing Hei Si’s location.

Ever since Hei Si evolved, the spiritual connection between Ling Mo and her had become weaker.

It wouldn’t break, but the connection wasn’t as strong as the other zombies.

However, from the way Ling Mo sees it, as the zombies evolves and become stronger and higher leveled, the difficulty of controlling them increases.

Even if the position of the other party couldn’t be accurately detected, as long as the spiritual connection existed, there wouldn’t be a problem.

If Ling Mo wanted to forcibly take control of them, it wasn’t impossible.

However, Ling Mo didn’t treat Hei Si as an ordinary zombie puppet. He didn’t want to risk harming her by forcibly taking control.

To sum it up, to Ling Mo, she was more like a pet to him……

“It’s all her fault for choosing a maid girl as her host. When I think of her as a pet, I feel that I’ve suddenly become slightly perverted…”

Ling Mo shivered and walked out of the building against the cold wind.

Hei Si wasn’t in this building. There were three other residential buildings in this retirement home’s courtyard.

“I sense that…. she’s closer over here.”

Ling Mo looked around and then turned to his left.

Past two trees, were two old residential buildings that stood like two black monsters in the dark night.

The branches shook slightly in the wind and looked very scary.

However, it was impossible for Ling Mo to be scared by this. There were much scarier things, like the warehouse in the courtyard, which is full of corpses.

“That’s weird, why did she run all the way over here to hide?”

Ling Mo muttered, then put his hands into his pockets and casually walked over there.

He didn’t want to look for her by searching the two buildings manually as it would be dumb, so, as he slowly approached, Ling Mo put all his concentration into sensing Hei Si.

Several invisible spiritual tentacles stretched out and quickly extended towards the two buildings. At the same time, Ling Mo was also trying to magnify the weak spiritual connection he had with Hei Si.

“This could work… I can treat it as a kind of exercise.”

After walking 20 to 30 meters, Ling Mo had already been completely covered in cold sweat.

Improving spiritual force was a very difficult task. Being able to materialize your spirit was good enough to obtain respect from many spiritual type psychics. After all, unlike Ling Mo, other psychics may not have a method to quickly recover spiritual force.

However, Ling Mo felt that this wasn’t enough, this level that he’s at is far from enough……

Spiritual type psychics are basically both strong and weak at the same time.

While they were in the dark or in a far distance, they would be able to attack and defend, making their combat power amazing.

But the moment they were too close to their opponents, or were shot by a long ranged weapon, they lacked the ability to completely defend themselves.

“The two types of psychics that are the strongest, should be psychics with spiritual force and those with the ability to control fire. However, any type of psychic shouldn’t be too unbalanced. Since I can attack with my spiritual tentacles, am I able to slightly change the shape of the tentacles to protect myself? For example, Lin Tian Xiang’s protective energy shield could actually block the attack of zombies. But the reason why I made my spiritual force shape into a tentacle was to reduce the consumption of spiritual force …Ugh, if the spiritual force is too low, it would be completely useless.”

While Ling Mo was thinking, he stopped in front of one of the buildings, “Okay, it must be here.”

to be continued…

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