My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 337 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 337 Part 2 – Let’s take a shower together

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: jhung0301

While he was walking into the building, Ronnie was staring at him curiously through the window on the top floor of his place of residence, “Taking a walk? What’s the point of circling around it a few times before going in? Forget it, I don’t care, I might as well take this chance to take a bath while this pervert isn’t around!”

She became excited at the thought of taking a bath.

When Ronny opened the door of her room while humming a song like a little girl, she unexpectedly found Ye Lian and the other two girls standing right outside her door.

“Do you… guys need something?”

“Do you want to shower together with us?”

Shana stared at Ronnie for a while, then the corners of her mouth slowly rose up.

There was only a no biting rule. However, there wasn’t a rule that says that they couldn’t play with this human girl….

Ye Lian seemed a little lost as she saw Shana grabbing Ronnie. She vaguely felt that something wasn’t right about this whole situation.

“I don’t think… we’re breaking any rules, right? As long as we don’t bite it’s fine!”

After coming to this conclusion, Ye Lian was happy.

Ronnie was originally still hesitant, but when she saw Shana and Li Ya Lin smiling at her while grabbing her hands, in addition to Ye Lian looking at her with those innocent, pretty big eyes, Ronnie couldn’t help but be shy.

They were all girls, but in such a situation, it really was hard to refuse their friendly invitation!

Especially Ye Lian, it was difficult for people to say no to her when she showed this expression.

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“Well, since were all girls, I guess …it doesn’t really matter.”

Ronnie thought about it and then nodded.

“Hehe! Great! I’m looking forward to it!”

Shana’s eyes shone brightly as she looked at Ronnie. What Ronnie never noticed was that there was also a hint of red in it.

Ronnie felt very embarrassed. They were so welcoming, but she actually had feelings of envy and hatred towards them.

However, why are they so excited. It was just a bath……

While Ronnie was still confused, Shana had pulled her to another room.

As the door closed, Shana and Li Ya Lin involuntarily exchanged looks when Ronnie’s back was facing them.

Their black and shiny pupils turned blood red at this moment, and then quickly returned back to black.

Sitting inside his room, Wu Peng Fei heard slight movements from the outside of his door. He couldn’t help but lie down on the bed, revealing a hint of envy, “I haven’t seen this guy in ages. I can’t believe that he actually turned from a guy who was too shy to talk to girls, into a winner at life. Having three beautiful women as his girlfriend, and none of them have anyone else in their eyes except for him. Really…makes people envious!”


Ling Mo suddenly sneezed and then rubbed his nose, “Did I catch a cold? No, I don’t think that’s possible since my body’s condition has improved and gotten stronger. Ah, almost found her….”

He put his focus back into his searching ability and eventually stopped in front of a door.

He was in a house on the fourth floor, in front of a barely closed, old fashioned yellow door.

The weak spiritual connection revealed that Hei Si was inside.

It was possible for him to find the exact location of Hei Si with just sensing. After all, this place isn’t very big. He didn’t need to thoroughly search every floor.

However, Ling Mo obtained his current strength by constantly and consistently practicing very hard, with the addition of relying on the physical improvements he gets when the female zombies get stronger.

Only by turning some of the practices into habits, could he then use it freely at any critical moment.

“Hei Si, you better not be evolving again when I’m not around you. As your master, it gives me a huge headache when you evolve when I’m not around and the only choice I have is to accept the fact that you evolved……”

Ling Mo sighed, as he slowly pushed the door.

However, upon seeing the scene inside the room, Ling Mo’s expression instantly became stiff.

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