My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 338 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 338 Part 1 – Is It Not Easy To Conquer A Dog Girl[1]?

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Inside the room, everything was in ruins!

The furniture inside the room were mostly destroyed, pieces of the wall could be found everywhere, and there were many places that had traces of being destroyed.

In the middle of the room, where the window was facing, a figure was hanging under the chandelier.

Long hair flew with the night breeze, and a looming face that had its eyes closed.

Her hands were slightly open, looking like she was floating in the air. Ling Mo couldn’t believe what he was seeing and felt that it was unreal.

But if you look carefully, you would notice that behind her head, there were silver strands of hair flowing within her hair.

It was those silver strands of hair that enabled her to hang on the chandelier.

These silver strands of hair were very different compared to regular hair. It was as if they were alive.

Even with Ling Mo’s sharp observation skills, he could barely see the traces of these silver wires with the moonlight that was coming from outside the window.

At first glance, it looked like a strand of normal hair, but when Ling Mo examined it closely, he could see a translucent hollow tube containing something that had the color of blood flowing inside.

In addition, it was constantly stretching, having the elasticity of a rubber band.

These silver wires closely connected between Hei Si’s real body and the maid girl, forming a symbiotic relationship.

“Is…is this Hei Si’s evolution?”

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Ling Mo slowly approached two steps and observed her carefully.

He didn’t know if he was imagining things, but the body of Hei Si’s host seemed to be more evenly proportioned than before.

Despite hanging in the air, there was a very harmonious aesthetic feeling to it.

Nice breasts, slender waist, and long legs……

Like other high-level zombies, the skin of Hei Si’s host looked more delicate, but when Ling Mo reached out and touched it, he found out that it was actually very tough, not as vulnerable as the human skin.

“Oh right, Hei Si doesn’t randomly look for hosts. After all, her current combat power is mainly based on her host. So if that is the case, does this mean her host has also evolved?”

Ling Mo circled around the maid girl and curiously squeezed her calf.

“Although it doesn’t seem much different from the outside, it definitely feels much stronger. Sure enough, she probably did evolve. Now she fits much better with Hei Si’s body, making her much stronger.”

This body isn’t as strong as Ye Lian’s, but that wasn’t a problem. Hei Si’s most important role in Ling Mo’s group was her ability to transfer information among them in addition to her strong sense of smell.

In terms of melee, it was already good enough if she were able to protect herself. Ling Mo’s requirements in this aspect wasn’t high for her.

He turned his gaze back to Hei Si’s main body, the creature that looked like a white scarf attached to the neck, which seemed to be breathing, vividly.

Her whole body seemed to be made out of cartilage tissue, and looked as if it could be flattened or squeezed into any type of shape. Ling Mo even suspected that this was actually an organ from Hei Si’s original body.

For example, it could be the heart that is currently being used, or even her partner [2] ……

“Fortunately, she’s a female, otherwise I’d definitely have psychological trauma!”

Of course, the biggest possibility was the brain……

The other organs were almost impossible compared to the brain.

But who could possibly prove this?

Unfortunately, Ling Mo was not a professional in this area. He could only make deductions based on what he sees.

For example, this contraction movement coming from Hei Si, in short, resembles that of a heart, but when the silver hairs are pulled away, a smaller version of Hei Si’s head could be seen…….

“I admit that I’m truly confused at this moment…. I really can’t figure anything out. Fortunately, her evolutionary experience isn’t the same as Ye Lian and the other girls. But it would still be beneficial to me if I could learn more. Not to mention, she is my pet after all….”

What worried him the most right now was that Hei Si might face an obstacle during the process of her evolution.

By that time, as her master, he should at least figure out a solution to help her, right?

There was a huge difference between zombies that were kept as a pet and zombies that lived free in the wild. Compared to those that lived in the wild, the biggest advantage for those that were kept as pets, was that it guaranteed survival during the evolution process and won’t be eliminated as someone else’s stepping stone.

However, it was also true that zombies living in the wilderness grow stronger and faster in a cruel environment

The purpose of Ling Mo trying to understand all of this was to figure out a way to protect them while making them stronger in the shortest amount of time.

Ling Mo stared at Hei Si’s body for quite some time. Just when Ling Mo’s eyes was beginning to strain, Hei Si’s spiritual activity suddenly became very intense and had a blowout.

The maid girl’s mouth made a “hmm” sound, her arms became more open, and her toes wildly stretched.

Her expression showed that she was in a bit of pain, but also pleasure as well.

to be continued…

[1] – Dog Girl – It’s exactly like those anime girls that have dog ears.

[2] – partner – Males private area

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