My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 338 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 338 Part 2 – Is it not easy to conquer a dog girl?

Editor: Zephyr04

As Hei Si’s main body began to shrink more intensely. Ling Mo was staring at her nervously and couldn’t help but whisper, “Come on, you can do this!”

But after ten seconds later, Hei Si encountered an obstacle and the speed of her contractions gradually slowed down.

The host body started to twist unbearably and her legs began to slowly twined together.

“Is … is she failing?! What will happen if she fails to evolve?”

Ling Mo was completely shocked. He had never seen a zombie or mutant beast failing to breakthrough to the next evolution. Then again, it was more appropriate to call Hei Si a mysterious creature now!

What should he do?!

Noticing that Hei Si’s spiritual activity started to weaken even further, Ling Mo began to feel nervous.

“I need to help her somehow. Maybe stimulating her might help!”

The spiritual tentacle that was connected to Hei Si’s body moved violently!

A stimulating sensation was immediately sent into Hei Si’s spiritual light ball.

Ling Mo began to concentrate all his spiritual force quickly and carefully observed Hei Si’s reaction.

Hei Si’s spiritual light ball was like a deep pool, and the stimulation from Ling Mo was like a small rock thrown into the water.

A little ripple broke out from the center of the drop point and then rippled slowly.

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“Umm…. Wuuu….”

The maid girl made a noise from her throat and her toes tightened once again!

“There’s a reaction! That’s a good! Having a reaction is a good sign!”

Ling Mo excitedly rubbed his hands and began to slowly increase the output of his spiritual force, disregarding the huge amount of spiritual force it was consuming.

Need to be careful! Have to control the amount so that it doesn’t give too much or too little!

In order to not injure Hei Si, Ling Mo’s forehead was quickly covered in sweat.

At first, everything seemed to be working out fine and Ling Mo wanted to continue using his current method until Hei Si broke through. However, halfway through the process Ling Mo encountered another roadblock.

The output of his spiritual force was maxed out, but he couldn’t stimulate her spiritual activity, Hei Si couldn’t advance any further in her evolution.

“The evolution of the mutant beasts and zombies is the continuous transformation of the virus within their bodies. The more viruses they accumulate, the better their evolution is. Once they reach Leader rank, the large amount of viruses that have accumulated within the body is then absorbed and transformed into something better. But how does a mysterious creature evolve? In any case, absorbing the virus is definitely a direction I should focus on…. Maybe we can try using the zombie evolution method and stimulate her both spiritually and physically, so that her virus absorption speed would be faster…”

The moment Ling Mo thought of that solution, a few spiritual tentacles quickly extended out from his spiritual light ball.

Ling Mo could not help but swallow his saliva as he substantialized his tentacles.

Although his spiritual force was being drained rapidly, Ling Mo was full of hope to the point that he didn’t even feel any headaches or exhaustion!

The evolution of a mysterious creature was actually happening right in front of him!

What he was about to do, was something he would definitely feel ashamed of, however, it is okay to abandon shame sometimes …maybe.

The substantialize spiritual tentacles slowly reached out to Hei Si…

Ling Mo’s eyes stared hard at Hei Si’s snow white body as sweat dripped down from his head!

Once his tentacle touched Hei Si’s neck, it slowly proceeded to go up, and rubbed the maid girl’s soft chin, like a gentle hand.

The other tentacles went elsewhere. One went above her, one went from behind, and another wrapped itself all around Hei Si’s body to help support her.


Seeing the maid girl comfortably tighten her body, and Hei Si’s main body trembling in pleasure, Ling Mo turned around and found a destroyed drawer. He then sat down and fished out a cigarette from his pocket.

“No matter how strong and high-leveled she looks, she’s still just a dog. Scratching her in the right spots completely did the trick!”

Ling Mo wiped sweat off his face, then lit a cigarette as he revealed a strange smile.

He had actually used his spiritual tentacles to help scratch the itch of a dog girl. This kind of thing could only be done after abandoning his sense of shame……

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