My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 339 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 339 Part 1 – Whose Butt Is Flying?

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After releasing an unbearable cry, Hei Si finally broke through for her evolution under the double stimulation!

She straightened her body as if she was being electrocuted and her towering breasts bulged forward, swaying.

Those silver wires on top of her head also became straight before starting to sway her as if they were in pleasurable state.

After a long while, the silver strands of hair that clung on the chandelier and her body both became relaxed  

When she fell from the air, Ling Mo was already underneath waiting. He opened his arms and caught her.

“It’s not easy being a pet owner. I even have to assist her in her evolution. Without my help, who knows how many times she would have to try in order to breakthrough. Fortunately, her path of evolution followed the same path as usual even though she wasn’t a zombie nor a mutant beast, if it wasn’t I would have definitely felt helpless.”

Ling Mo reluctantly sighed. He could have left Hei Si alone and just let nature take its course. Failure was also part of a natural process.

Judging from what just happened, if she had failed, she would have definitely injured herself, but it wouldn’t have caused her any long-term damage.

Even if he didn’t catch her and let her fall onto the ground, she still wouldn’t be hurt.

However, People had feelings….

Even if he was raising a dog, he would still love it, let alone the appearance of this dog being a human girl.

“Forget it, just consider it as my loss.”

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Ling Mo wrinkled his nose and looked down at Hei Si, who was covered in sweat and said, “Let’s give you a bath. Judging from your current situation, waking up tomorrow is still a problem for you.”

Originally, with Ling Mo’s strength, holding a skinny girl wasn’t a problem for him at all.

However, the after-effects of consuming too much spiritual force had started to show.

Ling Mo started to feel dizzy and even his thinking was affected, let alone using any more spiritual force.

And as more time passed, his condition became worse.

Hei Si’s body was simply a pump that almost sucked Ling Mo’s spiritual force dry.

In Ling Mo’s current state, if he were to fall asleep now, he would only wake up s few days later.

Fortunately, he had an easy way to recover his spiritual force. All he had to do was drink some of that sweet liquid [1] and sleep well for one night.

And if that didn’t work, he could also drink the blood of the Spider Empress.

“I need to quickly give her a bath…. It’s if I stayed up for a week and I could knock out at any time….”

When he reached the bathroom, Ling Mo put Hei Si over his shoulder and used his free hand to open the door.

He had consumed too much of his spiritual force. Every move of his made him feel like he was floating in the clouds, giving him no sense of touch, and he was beginning to see a double of everything.

This was the biggest weakness of spiritual type psychics. If their physical condition wasn’t as good as Ling Mo’s, they would have already fainted by now.

If this ever happened on the battlefield, that powerful spiritual type psychic would eventually become a zombie’s dessert

While that was happening, inside a bathroom of the house, two curvy figures were squeezing into a large wooden barrel.

The other two figures stood outside the barrel. One of them was posing a variety of strange postures while the other helped.

“Then, the woman in the movie screamed and was caught and pulled upside down.”

Li Ya Lin, who was sitting inside the wooden barrel, was telling the contents of the movie with excitement, but upon saying this, she paused and waved her hand, “Hurry up and act it out.”

“What? Hang upside down?”

Ronnie, who had raised one of her legs, became stunned and revealed an extremely embarrassed look.

However, it was hard to see the shy expression on her face.

Surrounded by the steam of hot water, her face had turned bloody red.

Shana who was standing at the side, smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll help you.”

Ronnie looked at Shana with hesitation and then slowly bent down.

to be continued…

[1] – That sweet liquid is zombie saliva.

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