My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 339 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 339 Part 2 – Whose Butt Is Flying?

Editor: Zephyr04

“Why did I promise to take a bath with them?! Not only that, I also ended up making a bet with them! No matter what the outcome is, I’m still the one at a disadvantage. Wwu Wwu… That’s not even the worst part. Why the hell are they so interested in the 108 positions [1]? What’s even worse is that they are making me demonstrate it…. I… I’m still an unmarried woman!”

Most importantly, Ronnie was still dearly of them even though they were all so nice towards her.

She was so afraid to even try to resist!

Moreover, as Li Ya Ling vividly described these positions, Ronnie, who was originally forced to demonstrate these shameful positions started to feel slightly interested in them…

This was what made her so angry! Did she somehow awaken some kind of weird fetish?!

As Ronnie lifted her leg, Shana instantly caught her ankle and pulled her legs up.

While Ronnie screamed, Shana raised her ankles directly into the air and then helped put her foot onto the towel rack that was on the wall, “Done, hold on for five seconds!”

“Five… Four… Three… Aah, I can’t hold on anymore!”


Just when Ronnie couldn’t stand it any longer and her whole body shaking, the door of the bathroom suddenly burst open.

A dizzy Ling Mo had appeared at the bathroom doorway. He was carrying Hei Si over his shoulders and her snow white legs were dangling in front of him.

“Am I seeing things, or did I just see a butt fly past me?”

Ling Mo asked.

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Ye Lian got her head out of the barrel and gave Ling Mo a sweet smile, “Brother…Brother Ling.”

“Huh? You found Hei Si?”

“You were gone for such a long time Brother Ling!”

The three female zombies had already noticed Ling Mo in advance and wasn’t surprised by his sudden appearance.

However, after landing back on the ground, Ronnie let out a scream after turning her head.

Ling Mo’s eyes followed the source of the scream and stared at Ronnie for three seconds before finally reacting.

His expression suddenly became stiff, and he quickly threw Hei Si to Shana, “Help give her a bath, her whole body is covered in sweat.”

After he finished speaking, he turned and said, “Relax, everything I just saw now, I had already seen it before. As for the other areas…. you were lying down, so I couldn’t see.”

“Aaah! These words don’t comfort me you fucking bastard!”

Because she was afraid of showing anything else to Ling Mo, Ronnie pressed her body to the ground, facedown and didn’t dare to move.

As Ling Mo dizzily stumbled out of the bathroom, Ronnie quickly pushed herself up, ashamed and said, “Why am I so unlucky, why! And what did he do to make that girl be completely covered in sweat….”

Ronnie said, and then looked up at Hei Si.

However, when she made eye contact with Shana, she couldn’t help but feel a chill.

Shana was carrying Hei Si in her arms and had a strange smile on her face, “I suddenly feel that we could do a complete demonstration. Ronnie, do you want to play the man or the woman?”

“Can… Can I have not play?”

Ling Mo was still in shock after closing the door.

At this time, a door at the other end suddenly opened, and Wu Peng Fei took a peek outside.

He looked suspiciously at Ling Mo, who was standing outside the door, but soon noticed Ling Mo’s extremely tired appearance.

“That room… is the bathroom…. FUCK! This makes me so envious!”

Wu Peng Fei suddenly came to realization and immediately revealed a look of grief and indignation.

He beat his chest for a while and silently closed the door.

“I just received a shock. I can’t believe that my spiritual force seems to have actually recovered a little after being stimulated.”

Ling Mo’s shock wasn’t because he saw Ronnie’s butt.

One, he has already seen it before, and two, he was so dizzy that he didn’t completely realize what he saw until now.

But such an important thing like recovering spiritual force was something Ling Mo couldn’t ignore.

If Ling Mo was at his normal state, he would have never detected this meager amount of recovery. However, right now when his spiritual force is almost completely drained, this tiny change was completely amplified.

“Based on the human body, it was impossible to recover so quickly. This kind of rapid self-recovery could only occur in zombies, right? How much of my body has been corrupted by the virus? If this continues, is it a good thing … or a bad thing?”

[1] – basically sex positions

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