My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 34


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 34 – To jump off building or not?

In fact, it is not difficult to understand when these survivors fled into this building; their reason is probably the same when Ling Mo and his people chose here. First of all, this building is the closest to the door, and it also has the best geographical conditions here. One side is the artificial creek; the other side is the Fountain Square, which has a certain distance between the surrounding houses. This way they will not fall into a zombie horde, and still have several escape routes.

Most likely this group of people wanted to go through this building to temporarily break free of the horde, then try to take the opportunity to escape from the other side of it.

But as soon as these people stepped on second floor, followed by a loud noise from downstairs, the door was apparently completely broke down. This movement and their footsteps also immediately lured out zombies that were hiding within the building. Then, a cacophony of chaos erupted from the hallway down the floor, sounds of flesh being stabbed and screaming of survivors being ripped apart by the zombies greeted Ling Mo and the rest of his group.

Ling Mo quietly walked to the door, looked out through the cat hole, and saw these people have retreated to a suite diagonally opposite, and quickly locked the door, a large group of zombies is densely packed in the corridor, frantically charging at the door. The sound of tearing and chewing are amongst it, Ling Mo guess that they must have appeared causalities, and now the corridor should also be full of corpses, zombies and human alike.

Retreating into a suite like this will not hold off the zombies forever; most likely that group of people is planning to jump off the building to escape. That would be a good way to attract the zombies that were chasing into the staircase, then jump out of here, so even if not to completely throw off the zombies, they still acquired enough time to escape.

To jump off from the second floor is actually quite dangerous, but Ling Mo knows that it’s all grass field outside of this building, as long as you are not particularly unlucky, should not be able to broke your leg. Especially in this kind of emergency situation, is not easy to find another foolproof solution. Coming up an apartment meant that you have just cut off your routes to escape to only the stairwells, which has been rendered impossible by all the zombies clamouring about, or out a window.

“What should we do, big brother Ling, should we help?” Hearing the sound from outside, Liu Yu Hao walked to Ling Mo’s side with an extremely fearful expression, whispered.

Ling Mo looked at him sideways, said: “there are at least thirty zombies outside, as soon as we open the door we will be turned into human hamburgers with extra giblets, how can we possibly help them??”

Liu Yu Hao is suddenly speechless, and Ling Mo is secretly shaking his head in his heart. Liu Yu Hao has a heart of gold, and would never let someone suffer in his eyes. But that means that he does not know when to back off, and let people go. Sure it may make Ling Mo sound like a heartless jerk, but sometimes you have to save yourself first.

But hearing more and more zombies outside the door, some zombies even started to bang on the door here, Ling Mo’s face suddenly becomes somewhat gloomy: “we cannot stay here, let’s go.”

Zombies hitting the door does not necessarily mean that they found Ling Mo’s trail, but in the temporary loss of the target, and stimulated by the smell of blood where they reacted extremely violently. Not only banging on the door at Ling Mo’s place, but also the other doors are also being struck.

Wang Cheng has already been scared to death by the movement outside, at this time he subconsciously asked one thing: “from where do we go?”


But even though saying words like this, Ling Mo will not rashly jump off the building unless it is absolutely their last course of action. If they land and break a leg, they become sitting ducks. Fortunately he has used furniture to block the door last night, at this time even though the doors were knocked with “bang bang” ringing. The barrier appeared to be too sturdy to break down, but the zombies were piling up at their door, finally realizing that there are survivors within. Time is running out for Ling Mo.

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Ling Mo quickly dug out a climbing rope from the backpack which was salvaged from breaking down a barrier from a general store, he never imagined it would be useful up until now.

He quickly tied it into a knot, then fixed it after, Ling Mo then manipulated Ye Lian and Shana went down first grabbing the rope. The second floor is not high, and the window air conditioning unit can also be used to break their fall, plus these two zombie sisters skill is much more flexible than average person, they soon dropped to the ground and immediately started to clear the area of zombies nearby for Ling Mo and his people.

Liu Yu Hao’s face is white as a sheet, and he insisted to not go first, Ling Mo yanked on the rope twice to check if it’s steady, then grabbed the rope to jump on the air conditioning unit, then rappelling down, jumped down and let go of the rope when there he is still one meter above the ground.

Soon followed by Wang Cheng, and at last when Liu Yu Hao is jumping, zombies finally breached the barricade and forced the door open, several zombies directly rushed to the window and did not hesitate to jump down.

But how could zombies know how to use the rope, as soon as they jumped down, they fell flat face first on the floor. More zombies rushed out the window and landed on the crushed zombie corpses, charging to attack. Ling Mo and Ye Lian did not give them the opportunity for them to get far. Shana’s eyes immediately turned red as she started to attack, but Ling Mo’s scalp went numb, quickly strengthened control over her, and not letting her to continue attack.

“Go. Now!!”

In the blink of an eye there are soon several more zombie bodies on the ground, it is conceivable that soon the entire horde will divert their attention at them, thus Ling Mo immediately brought Ye Lian and the rest to bolt away towards the side entrance of the district, which was relatively less populated by zombies.

But just as they went along this residential building to the back of the lane, they bumped into that group of survivors!

These people jumped from the other side, their target was also to escape from the side door.

As soon as Ling Mo saw this group of people, he realized with a sinking feeling that they must have attracted the horde over. But only a few isolated zombies found them, and the rest of the horde remained at the back of the apartment.

“You…” One of the young men is running in front, most likely opening the road, therefore immediately seeing Ling Mo and his people, suddenly exclaimed loudly. Most likely they never thought that there are still survivors in this residential building, and much less coincidentally bumping into them.

Ling Mo rolled his eyes; taking advantage that these people are left behind at the rear, to quickly escape is a serious matter. Who knows what kind of methods they used, that group of zombies did not appear for a while. When Ling Mo brought Ye Lian and his people running all the way out of the compound, then heard the movement of zombies coming over.

“Hey!” The young man from before still is persistent, panting and called out to Ling Mo and his people.

Been forced to give up their temporary foothold this early in the morning, Ling Mo’s expression is not looking very good, and his tone is also unhappy: “what?”

“That…..”The young man was by no means stupid, as soon as he opened his mouth he started to apologize, “sorry, we didn’t know that you guys are here, we dragged you down. This is not the place to talk, how about come with us to our camp?”

Camp? This group of people still has a camp?

Ling Mo suddenly showed a hint of surprised looks, originally he wanted to refuse, but then he glimpsed at Liu Yu Hao standing behind him.

Of course, he does not want to go to any kind of survivor camp, what with him having a growing posse of zombies behind his every step. Wang Cheng’s life and death he also does not care, but Liu Yu Hao this person gave Ling Mo good impression. But his personality decided that Ling Mo could not keep him by his side. The best result is to let Liu Yu Hao find a good place to go, with the survivors.

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