My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 340 Part 1


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 340 Part 1 – Is Five Minutes Enough Per Round?

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After returning back to the station, Zhang Yu felt as if he was on pins and needles. He feared that the news of them killing the intelligence team members had already been exposed.

Fortunately, the station was extremely busy, the hall was packed like sardines, filled with newly sent soldiers and survivors.

The hall was noisy, mostly due to some survivors unable to accept the reality that they were going to fight on the frontlines against zombies. Loud noises and sounds of people crying could be heard once in a while.

“Wuwuwu [1], when I was asked to join, didn’t we agree that I would only be participating in the production line? Just because I don’t have any talents, you decide to throw me to my death….”

“What a shitty camp! They are still the same as before. People who bring no value to them are considered trash to them.”

“I want to go back; I don’t want to fight zombies anymore! I also heard that there are mutant beasts, just one of those monsters can kill many people …”

“Is it because there are more and more people in the camp now and we have a food shortage, so you guys want to send us to our deaths to reduce food consumption!”


A bulky officer, who couldn’t stand it anymore, decided to stand up and fire his gun at the ceiling.

The gunshot echoed in the hall, and the crying survivors became stunned and looked at him in horror.

“Enough! You’ve all been bitching all day! Who the fuck do you think you guys are? Are we supposed to take care of you guys unconditionally when you do nothing? I used to be a soldier. Now, I’m just a survivor like you! I had been fighting with my life on the line and what did I get? A better status? Food and drinks? FUCK ALL OF YOU! I could die any time! In this recent battle, eight people from my team had died! Do you know how many people were in my team originally? FIFTEEN! Half of my team died, but do you fucking see me crying and bitching over here?”

The bulky officer roared as a pair of fierce eyes were revealed, “All of you better shut up! It’s finally peaceful these past few days, can you all just shut the fuck up! No one here will be sent to die. Just follow orders and everyone will have a chance at survival!”

He was so pissed off to the point where he was panting after he finished shouting. It took awhile for him to calm down and lower his arm.

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Although he was happy being able to teach this group of people a lesson, he also revealed a trace of fear in his eyes….

He wasn’t sure if it was his scolding that had worked or the gunshot that had made everyone listen to him. The station became much quieter after that.

However, many of the survivors were still scared and many of them also felt uneasy.

When people got used to living in a safe environment for a while, they would develop a strong resistance and fear when they’re forced to face death again.

This was true for these survivors…

On the other side. The door to the ticketing box was opened, and many boxes of ammunition and various weapons were brought in and piled up inside.

A few soldiers were still carefully holding some supplies on a truck outside the door.

“They expect us to take over the Bai Shi District with such little ammunition. Isn’t the camp being a little stingy?”

Yu Wen Xuan carefully observed the situation of the station and ridiculously smiled.

X City consisted of 9 districts, which Bai Shi District was the closest to A City, and was also the farthest district from the central city. It has also become the district that is selected by the Falcon Camp to build an isolation zone.

It was impossible for the Falcon Camp to completely gain control X City, which has both a large population and area.

Even if they only aimed at regaining Bai Shi District, the price they would have to pay would definitely be huge.

However, as long as the isolation zone was successfully built in the Bai Shi District, this resource-rich area would be like an unowned treasure chest that would belong only to the Falcon Camp.

The ammunition that they used could also be refilled in the X City Military District.

“I’m afraid that this attack will result in our loss and all this ammunition would be wasted. I heard that the higher ups were very upset with the results of our previous battle. We lost so much ammunition and soldiers due to several mutant beasts and high-level zombies… just to win a few streets that are nearby. Who knows what sacrifices we will need to make just to advance into that densely populated university….”

Zhang Yu let out a long sigh and said.

He and Yu Wen Xuan had been squatting here for a while, but other than a few passing soldiers who saluted to them, no one came to ask about any missing members from the intelligence team.

This made Zhang Yu gradually calm down.

“It seems that you were right, those two guys were acting on their own…WTF!”

When Zhang Yu turned his head, he saw Yu Wen Xuan holding a boxed lunch and eating happily, as if he was never worried at all.

Not to mention, he was also a senior officer, one of the three captains, but right now, he was eating like an ordinary survivor, squatting down on the ground, eating without any sense of shame.

to be continued…


[1] – Crying sounds

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