My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 344 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 344 Part 1 – Shooting Flames From Your Butt With Style

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Li Ya Lin’s reaction made Ling Mo realize that he still underestimated the desire that leader-level zombies had for the reproduction of offsprings.

But thinking back, zombies never joked around. Li Ya Lin kept mentioning about having children due to instinctual needs.

He had already sowed his seeds on a number of occasions, but all of his seeds were drowned in the virus. Ling Mo gradually felt disheartened by this.

For him, having the girls was enough.

It’s a pity that they couldn’t have children, but there wasn’t a need to rush.

But when he saw Li Ya Lin’s expression and realized that her spiritual light ball was violently fluctuating, he felt shocked.

Sure enough … the so-called, no need to rush, was all his idea!

Although Li Ya Lin was a zombie, she also had her own desires.

Maybe in the future, Shana and Ye Lian would also enter this type of situation. Could he continue to ignore it when it reached that point?

“In this case, hopefully we can find a solution to this problem in A-City!” Ling Mo thought while revealing a smile at Li Ya Lin.

Seeing his expression, Li Ya Lin’s slightly violent gaze slowly returned back to normal, and her spiritual activity also calmed down as well.

Fortunately, this abnormal change wasn’t noticed by the others.

The middle of the bridge was completely blown up. It was impossible for the SUV to drive through it.

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When they had reached the bridge deck, Yu Wen Xuan stepped on the car accelerator, but quickly slammed the brakes under the screams of Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie.

“HOLYSHIT, I almost thought the car would drop directly into the river!” Wu Peng Fei patted his chest to calm himself. At that moment, his heart was beating so fast that he almost felt like he was dying.

“I thought I was going to die….” Ronnie quickly pushed the car door open and threw up.

Ling Mo’s complexion had turned pale. He glared at Yu Wen Xuan and with great difficulty, resisted the urge to choke him to death.

To stay with this madman was putting your life at risk!

However, Ye Lian and the girls were all happy, even Hei Si showed an expression full of excitement.

In addition to killing zombies and teasing humans, they seemed to have discovered a new type of entertainment.

“Ahahahaha, exciting isn’t it? Most people can’t see such godly driving skills like mine.”

Yu Wen Xuan jumped out of the car and took a bunch of firecrackers from the trunk.

These firecrackers were modified and it was very long.

“We need to keep these monsters occupied over here, otherwise we won’t be able to get through.”

Yu Wen Xuan explained while at the same time, while preparing to set off some firecrackers.

The whole bridge was about 130 meters long, and destroyed area in the middle was roughly 50 meters.

On the opposite side of the bridge, it was completely packed with zombies. They kept groaning and waving their blood-stained arms.

Their blood-red eyes looked violent and their twisted faces were terrifying.

Some zombies grabbed onto the iron railings of the bridge and kept scratching it, letting loose a shrill loud noise.

Facing so many zombies at such a short distance, Ye Lian and the girls seemed indifferent and Ling Mo was able to remain calm. However, Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie had turned pale, and their legs started trembling.

If it wasn’t because they just had a near death experience, they probably would have freaked out by now.

Yu Wen Xuan’s “Godly Driving Skills” played a major role in helping them steel their nerves.

“Previously, I felt that I was sick of the car moving. Now I find myself feeling sick after seeing so zombies…… Please allow me to hide in the car……”

Wu Peng Fei slowly climbed back into the car. Ronnie forced herself to take a closer look and couldn’t help but scream, and then quickly jumped back into the car, burying her head and not looking back.

Ling Mo stood at the edge of the bridge and looked thoughtfully at the zombies on the other side.

Why…? Do I get that feeling something is wrong……?

“Ah, Yes!”

Ling Mo suddenly cried in surprise, “The zombies here are really different compared to those that I met!”

With a distance of fifty meters, even a high-level zombie wouldn’t be able to jump over.

The river below was very deep and the currents were strong.

But these things couldn’t be considered as obstacles for zombies!

From Ling Mo’s experience, as long as someone was on the other side, they would definitely try and rush over!

But surprisingly, they stood there for two or three minutes. Although the zombies were wild with craziness, none of them had tried to jump over to attack!

to be continued…

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