My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 344 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 344 Part 2 – Shooting Flames From Your Butt With Style

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“See, I told you guys, the zombies are extremely adaptable to the environment. These zombies have learned that it’s not smart to try and jump over. However, the amount of zombies that died to this river are thousands.”

Said Yu Wen Xuan, who had just finished placing the firecrackers.

“Fortunately, I never drank directly from any river, or even wash my face with it….”

Ling Mo had just finished speaking when sounds of two people vomiting coming from the direction of the SUV.

“Don’t tell me you guys drank from it? Isn’t that asking to die?” Ling Mo asked curiously.

Wu Peng Fei raised his hand with great difficulty and swayed.

“Did you use it to wash your hands or brush your teeth?” Yu Wen Xuan also added with interest.


When he asked this, Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie vomited even more.

“Eh…. I feel sorry for you guys. But Wen Xuan, even if these zombies don’t jump, how are we going to get to the other side? Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and asked.

“There is a small reservoir above us and we can go past through the dam. But if we don’t keep them occupied here, these zombies will follow us.”

Yu Wen Xuan said.

He was the one leading. Although Ling Mo did have his doubts, he didn’t ask anything else.

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After the SUV turned around and started to drive down from the bridge, Yu Wen Xuan made a snap with his fingers.

Ling Mo noticed a spark of flame fly onto the bridge and guessed that the fuse for the firecrackers.

“We only have five minutes, hold on to your seats!”

As the first firecracker exploded, Yu Wen Xuan began to speed up.

The SUV sped along the desolate river bank and they soon saw a small reservoir.

The dam hasn’t been blown up, but the connection between the two areas was. However, the gap seemed to be about ten meters long.

“A drawbridge?”

A drawbridge was installed onto the connection. This was the first time Ling Mo has ever seen such an ancient design for a bridge. Its appearance was similar to the drawbridges that castles used to cross moats.

However, this bridge looked as if it was about to crumble and looked dangerous.

“Of course, our thinking in the past was more optimistic. We thought that we could completely eliminate these zombies without consuming too much ammunition and troops. But the truth was, it was too difficult to stop them. The drawbridge was completely useless against them. We didn’t even bother thinking about regaining lost territory, everyone just wished to never lower the drawbridge again.”

Yu Wen Xuan’s tone was filled with sarcasm and laughed.

“But…. I remember there were a few towns over there, right? Moreover, isn’t that the way to the mountains? Several huge districts are over there …” Ronnie suddenly interrupted.

She had just finished asking, when she suddenly thought of something. Her eyes widened and she raised her hand to cover her mouth.

“Could it be that you guys…….”

Looking at her horrified expression, the look on Yu Wen Xuan’s face suddenly became serious, “If you were the leader, would you choose to save the majority, or put them all at risk just to save a few people that might be already dead?”

“I….” Ronnie was stunned.

This problem seemed to be too heavy for an ordinary girl……

Wu Peng Fei took a deep breath at this time and said, “It’s obvious to save the majority. Decisions made by leaders aren’t always morally right, but they are definitely correct.”

Yu Wen Xuan unexpectedly looked at Wu Peng Fei and showed a smile, “Yep, you said it well.”

After lowering the drawbridge, Yu Wen Xuan rushed into car and quickly drove through. Then he went back alone and pulled the drawbridge back up.

At first, Ling Mo thought that Yu Wen Xuan’s abilities could only be used for combat. However, Ling Mo never expected him to put in so much effort just to develop a new technique with his abilities.

With a distance of more than ten meters, he actually jumped across the river without hesitation after getting a running start.

A flame burst out from his butt, letting him shoot forward instantly, like a rocket launcher, he then smashed into the back of the SUV with a “Bang.”

This action scared everyone in the car. When Yu Wen Xuan got back into the car with a smile on his face, he found Ling Mo staring at him with a strange expression.

“What’s wrong? Were you just thinking that I looked very handsome after pulling off such a godly stunt like that? No need to worship this big brother….”

Yu Wen Xuan grabbed his hair proudly and asked.

“No… All I wanted to ask is if your ass… is okay?” Ling Mo asked in a strange tone.

At the moment when Yu Wen Xuan got on the SUV, Ling Mo clearly saw that his pants were burnt.

Luckily, inside his pants, he wore leather, which protected them from the danger of his ass showing. However, it still looked quite hilarious….

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