My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 345 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 345 Part 1 – Faster, More, And Less Effort!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

The sounds of firecrackers could be heard once every few seconds. It was enough to attract the attention of those zombies.

When the SUV drove to the other side, everyone in the car felt as if their hearts stopped beating.

The amount of zombies here was too difficult to estimate. Although the overall number was definitely not as large as X-City, but they were never clustered into such a big horde!

Ling Mo looked somewhat calm on the surface, however, Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie’s expressions were extremely ugly.

Especially Ronnie, she totally regretted her decision to join them.

If it wasn’t for her sudden impulse to remain here, she wouldn’t have her ass seen nor would she be dragged to this place to die….

Although she regretted it, she didn’t complain out loud. She completely broke down in panic and felt wronged!

However, right now was a crucial moment. Although Ling Mo could hear the uncontrollable sobs from Ronnie, he didn’t have the time to take care of her.

Even Wu Peng Fei didn’t bother to use any other means of comforting her other than whispering, “Calm down, with Ling Mo here, there won’t be any problems.”

Yeah……. Although I think he’s a huge pervert, it seems like he is the only person I can rely on at this time….

“The location here is a bit more hidden and since no one ever dared to use the drawbridge again, there aren’t any zombies in the vicinity.”

The SUV suddenly made a sharp turn and climbed up a mountain track.  Yu Wen Xuan, in a relaxed manner, said “However, the route we are taking will have quite a lot of zombies. Yes…. In about two minutes, we will meet a large number of zombie brothers and sisters! Please look forward to a spectacular scene!”


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“Ye Lian, hold your gun out of the window and start shooting when the zombies show up. Don’t let them get too close. In this type of situation, it’s too dangerous for hand-to-hand combat. Shana, you’ll be responsible for the other side and Senior Sister will be responsible for supporting either side if the situation gets rough.”

Ling Mo thought for a while and quickly made arrangements, “As for me, I’ll go out to the sunroof. I’ll take care of all the zombies at the front.”

Ye Lian reached out and touched Ling Mo with concern.

Although she didn’t say anything, her big eyes have already conveyed the emotions that she wanted to express to Ling Mo.

“Don’t worry, for the spiritual force consumption, I’ve already prepared a solution for it.” Ling Mo smiled and nodded.

The solution he was referring to was the remaining bottle of blood from the Spider Empress in which he had in his backpack. After a bit of dilution, it was the best item to use to recover spiritual force.

But this stuff was very valuable to Ling Mo. If he could, he would have tried to save it. However, now he didn’t really have much of a choice.

“What about me?” Wu Peng Fei quickly asked.

Ling Mo wanted say he would be glad if they didn’t cause trouble, but just when the words reached his lips, he changed them, “Didn’t Wen Xuan say there were guns behind the seat? Take one out and let Ye Lian help set it up. However, you must make sure the muzzle is always facing the window. When the zombies get close, don’t think too much, just shoot.”

“Ok!” Wu Peng Fei nodded immediately.

He naturally knew that Ling Mo gave him something to do so he wouldn’t feel useless. In fact, he didn’t expect him to kill many zombies.

However, this at least allowed Wu Peng Fei to feel very motivated!

to be continued…

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