My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 345 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 345 Part 2 – Faster, More, And Less Effort!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“I believe that I can kill at least one or two zombies if I shot randomly. I can’t be worse than Ye Lian, right? I doubt that she had any gun training. She probably at most has only touched them….”

Although it was really embarrassing to compare himself with a girl, Wu Peng Fei only had this method to encourage himself.

“Are you fine with my arrangements?” Ling Mo turned to Yu Wen Xuan and asked.

“Very good! Then, what should I do? Make some arrangements for me as well. To be honest, you being able to respond to this so calmly let me get a better understanding of you.” Yu Wen Xuan said with a smile.

“Just concentrate on driving, don’t stop for any reason. If you stop, I don’t really need to tell you what will be left of us. Also, you should be able to handle your own window, right?”

After Ling Mo finished talking, he took a deep breath and got out from the sunroof.

The strong wind blew straight into his face and Ling Mo felt a lot more clear-headed.

On both sides of the road were low-rise bungalows. Looking further, he could already see the main road.

The figures of zombies could also be faintly seen.

Since he was the only one on top of the car, his actions were not visible to others. Ling Mo quickly put the mutant zombie drug into his mouth, then looked in front of him with a solemn expression.

With Yu Wen Xuan’s driving speed, the SUV had already reached the main road in a blink of an eye.


Several zombies were hit by the SUV, but the dozen or so zombies that were still around wildly rushed over.

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The shots of gunfire sounded immediately, and blood was splattered everywhere.

However, like what Yu Wen Xuan had said before. The zombies in A-City were more experienced in dodging bullets than the zombies in X-City!

As soon as they noticed a muzzle being pointed at them, these zombies would quickly speed up, or jump very high to avoid the bullets.

Wu Peng Fei fired seven or eight shots continuously, and missed.

On the contrary, Ye Lian’s shots were accurate and fast, she seemed to be able to predict the zombie’s movements. There were many times where they were struck by her bullets when they tried to evade.

It’s not surprising though; she is a zombie……

However, the people in the car didn’t know that. Yu Wen Xuan and Wu Peng Fei were completely stunned by Ye Lian’s precise shooting.

Especially Wu Peng Fei, he knew Ye Lian a long time ago. Although Ye Lian’s behaviour was different compared to the past, he also noticed that Ye Lian changed a lot.

But her turning into a sharpshooter was too much for him to handle!

“She’s so strong….”

Wu Peng Fei’s mind completely broke down. In these past two days, his understanding of things was subverted too much and too fast.

However, Ling Mo had long anticipated this result.

In the past, Ling Mo discovered that Ye Lian had a talent for shooting, when she was playing with crossbows.

However, since she was a zombie, she naturally preferred melee over ranged combat. Who knows if the situation will change after she evolves.

Some zombies that were hit by the SUV didn’t die. They quickly got back up and threw themselves on to the car. Several of them landed on top of the hood and slowly struggled to climb up.

With the addition of these zombies, there were already five or six zombies hanging on to the SUV.

Some zombies leaped violently on to the railings on the side of the road. Using only one jump, they leapt from the railings and threw themselves towards Ling Mo.

However, with Yu Wen Xuan’s driving speed, these zombies caught empty air and fell heavily on the ground.

“Ling Mo, it’s your turn!” Yu Wen Xuan screamed and excitedly out loud as he slammed on the gas pedal!

Since Ya Lin chose to follow this man, he would believe in Ling Mo for the time being!

A zombie had caught the wiper, then jerked itself upwards, and slammed into the front window.

As they were only separated by a layer of glass, Ronnie screamed out loud from the backseat, however Yu Wen Xuan was still smiling.

There was no need to try and escape. No matter how many zombies he faced, he would never run away anymore…

At that time, the girl who he didn’t trust didn’t hesitate to save him. Now, will this man, who he placed his trust in, disappoint him?


When the zombie slammed the window the second time, it was suddenly hit by something invisible and it directly flew away.

When it fell back down, it smashed into the SUV.

All the zombies that were unable to get a strong hold of the car were immediately shaken off by the impact.

One of them tried to grab onto the front bumper, however, it’s legs were run over by the wheels of the SUV. Half of the body immediately became flesh and blood under the intense friction and its intestines were flowing out to the ground.

The combination of his substantialized tentacles combined with his puppet ability, made Ling Mo the strongest fighting force.

Not only were the zombies on the car cleaned up in a weird way, but even the zombies that ran towards the car were also killed.

And when compared to the girls’ attack method which doesn’t necessarily always kill, Ling Mo would kill every zombie with a head shot.

Every zombie that he killed, there was always a small hole on its head!

Ever since his fight with the Spider Queen, Ling Mo’s control over his tentacles has become much better.

In this way, it would allow him to attack more zombies at the same time, using the same amount of spiritual force.

However, the difference between the Spider Queen’s tentacles and his, was that her tentacles were all real physical attacks, which consumed physical strength.

And Ling Mo’s tentacles were purely spiritual. Even if he materialized his tentacles, the amount of damage he could deal would depend on his mind.

It was faster, more efficient, and used less effort!

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