My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 346 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 346 Part 1 – Attack of the Baby Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Before the SUV reached the main road, both Ronnie and Wu Peng Fei had hoped that Yu Wen Xuan was joking about what he had said….

However, everything he said was … true!

The zombies along the way were like the endless waves from the sea. After getting past one wave, another wave would show up right behind it.

Ling Mo’s spiritual force was quickly consumed and if it wasn’t because he had taken the Spider Queen’s blood beforehand, he probably wouldn’t have been able to last this long.

Ye Lian and Wu Peng Fei’s bullets were almost completely used up, leaving about 10 or so grenades left.

After being thrown into a densely packed group of zombies, a blast of fire flashed, and countless disembodied limbs flew out.

Hei Si was responsible for throwing grenades. Her host wasn’t as strong as Ye Lian and the girls, but her main body had a strong sense of smell and a keen judgement.

There was basically no need for her to visually see where the zombies were. She could judge where the most number of zombies were based on their smell and she was always accurate.

Who would have thought that this useless maid girl would actually be able to play such an important role at a crucial time? Wu Peng Fei felt that if his eyes widened anymore, his eyeballs would drop out…….

After meeting Ling Mo, he felt that he experienced a never ending amount of surprises and fears, constantly challenging the limits of his mind.


Yu Wen Xuan honked the horn and yelled excitedly.

However, Ling Mo had already noticed that although he seemed crazy most of the time, he would always make a fairly calm judgment at a critical moment.

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If it weren’t for his quick sharp turns shaking off a few zombies, Ling Mo’s pressure would have been much greater than it is now.

Not to mention, it was impossible to drive a car in a sea of zombies without having nerves of steel and accurate judgment.

“Phew…. With Wen Xuan’s help, I can basically just focus on the zombies in front of us without any worries, making this battle an excellent way for me to practice.”

Ling Mo exhaled a deep breath and thought excitedly.

His spiritual force had been emptied out several times already, but he was able to quickly recover it. In the process, Ling Mo felt that his spiritual force seems to have gotten some stimulation, indicating signs of growth.

Ling Mo had developed some new methods of using spiritual force, but the biggest obstacle in front of him now was that he didn’t have enough spiritual force.

However, spiritual force wasn’t something that could easily be improved.

The evolution of psychics wasn’t as direct and easy as zombies.

The zombies could swallow their own kind to evolve, but what could psychics do? They can’t possibly go and bite other psychics now, can they?

Therefore, every opportunity to grow his spiritual force was extremely valuable for Ling Mo.

The SUV drove recklessly into the streets, leaving behind many zombie corpses along the way.

Ling Mo took notice that all the roads chosen by Wen Xuan had very few vehicles.

Even if he was blocked from the front, he would find a way to go around, in order to avoid getting trapped.

“Do you know what? You guys are so lucky! The strongest zombie doesn’t seem to be active. He’s probably still wounded ever since he escaped from us last time!”

Yu Wen Xuan suddenly shouted.

The strongest zombie?

That’s right, with so many zombies trapped in one small area, there would definitely be one that evolved into a Zombie Leader.

If a zombie leader really did jump out to stop them, that would truly be terrifying……

However, with such an important detail, Yu Wen Xuan didn’t bother telling them this first and decided to let luck determine their fates. Ling Mo really wanted to jump back inside the car right now and smack him a couple of times in the face!

“Pay attention everyone! We are heading towards the direction of the camp now. The number of zombies over there blocking our path is the most!”

Yu Wen Xuan’s shouting made Wu Peng Fei’s face suddenly become extremely ugly.

Over there is the most? WHAT THE HELL! Then what about the place we just went through?! It’s completely packed with zombies!

Ronnie was already frightened to death. To her, a couple of more zombies didn’t seem to be much of a difference from the current amount of zombies….

to be continued…

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