My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 346 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 346 Part 2 – Attack of the Baby Zombie

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Compared to how important those experimented corpses are…. it’s fine to take a bit of risk.”

Ling Mo took a deep breath and drank a bit of the zombie drug to prepare himself.


The SVU quickly sped up, advancing into a Garden Avenue and the number of zombies on the road increased significantly.

Moreover, the amount of high-level zombies also increased significantly. Many zombies began to take the opportunity to bypass Ling Mo’s defense and successfully throw themselves onto the car.

However, Ye Lian and the girls were able to display their extremely strong combat power at this time. Even though they had limited visibility within the car, they were able to bypass this issue thanks to Hei Si’s ability share the Lind Mo’s to the girls.

After Hei Si’s evolution, the spiritual force consumption of Ling Mo’s vision sharing ability was greatly reduced and the transmission speed was much faster than before.

It felt as if the processor was upgraded.

Ling Mo vaguely felt that her spiritual world also contained some other strange things, however, now is not a good time to check about it. He can only hold off his curiosity.

For a moment, Ling Mo and his girlfriends, as well as Hei Si, protected the entire car.

Waves of fire erupted from the front of the car. Wen Xuan had also begun to take action.

Seeing that the pressure eased a little, Yu Wen Xuan suddenly uttered a strange scream, “Quickly! Look at your ten o’clock! The real monster is coming!”

“MOTHERFUCKER! Would it fucking kill you to just say look at the left side in front of us?!”

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Ling Mo loudly cursed and then looked at the direction he had said.


At first, Ling Mo only saw a group of zombies, but soon, he saw the “monster” that Yu Wen Xuan was talking about!

It was a zombie with a fat body, looking at its spiritual fluctuations, it had just recently reached the level of an advanced zombie.

Based on Ling Mo’s current strength, he didn’t need to spend too much effort in killing zombies of this level. He wasn’t really worried, but what made him really widen his eyes in shock was that there was a small zombie sitting on the top of that zombie’s head!

The size of its body was as large as a cat. It looked no different from a human baby other than having bright red eyes. When it opened its mouth, a row of small teeth could be seen.

The fleshy little hand waved and for a moment…. it looked quite cute!

Li Ya Lin jumped up and struggled to get out and get a better view from the sunroof.

Looking at Li Ya Ling’s eager gaze, Ling Mo’s heart was shocked.

This … was the offspring of the zombies…?

However, it seemed harmless!

“Baby zombie, currently A-City’s special attraction. Hahaha, enjoy it!”

Yu Wen Xuan’s laughter came from inside the car.

But soon, he cried, “OW! Ya Lin, why are you kicking my head!”

Li Ya Lin said with a blank expression, “Ling Mo is mine, who permitted you to speak to him!”

“Hey, you’re being jealous at the wrong person!” Ling Mo quickly whispered.

Li Ya Lin looked at him with surprise, “Am I really?”

“The one that should be surprised is me… That’s a man! And he is also your cousin! But you did good kicking him….”

Ling Mo had just finished talking when Yu Wen Xuan’s screams erupted again.

At this time, the fat male zombie had already rushed towards the SUV with the baby zombie. Yu Wen Xuan shouted from inside the car, “According to the information we have, the zombie’s nature is similar to a penguin. The males are the ones who takes care of the babies. Oh! maybe their more similar to hippos! Anyways, the way they fight is a bit….”


Ling Mo had already opened his mouth at this time and only had enough time to curse, “FUCK!”

He originally thought that the male zombie would run with the baby to get closer, but didn’t expect him to be a long-range shooter!

When the male zombie was around 50 meters away from the SUV, he took the baby zombie from his head and threw it to Ling Mo!


Did the zombie dad, decide to use his child as a bowling ball because the bones of his child was very hard?

“If there was a law that protected underage zombies of abuse, you would definitely be guilty.”

Ling Mo’s scalp had turned numb, but thanks to Yu Wen Xuan’s reminder from before, he was able to prepare himself adequately.

More than a dozen tentacles instantly covered in front of him and had substantialized….


When the baby zombie hit Ling Mo’s tentacles at a very fast speed, he found out that he was wrong!

This little guy felt as if he hardly had any bones. He was basically a round meat ball!

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