My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 347 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 347 Part 1 – Moving Human Turret

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301


The baby zombie let out a soft giggle in the air and directly bounced off.

However, at this moment, Ling Mo also got a better look at its appearance from a much closer distance.

It was slightly smaller than a human baby, but it was much more developed.

Whether it was its eyes or the teeth, both things made people feel threatened!

“Although it’s appearance looks terrifying, it seems to be quite easy to take care of…”

Ling Mo had just breathed a sigh of relief when the baby zombie landed on top of a zombie and then jumped madly towards the SUV!


The baby zombie instantly tightly grabbed the roof of the SUV, not letting go. It was lying flat on the car, staring at Ling Mo less than half a meter away.

It wore an innocent smile on its face.

Originally, Ling Mo thought that Ya Lin would have been more interested in the baby zombie, but when he turned his head, he found out that she had went back inside the car.

Without the ability to attack from a distance and the sunroof being too cramped, she went back inside the car to give Ling Mo some more fighting space.

It seems that Li Ya Lin’s interest was limited since she wasn’t the one that gave birth to the baby zombie….

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The idea of catching the baby zombie and letting her hold it for a while was instantly shattered.

The baby zombie looked harmless on the outside, but the hands that broke through the iron roof of the car immediately made Ling Mo think of three words: IT’S A SCAM!

Those were just a pair of small baby hands!

An ordinary zombie was incapable of breaking through an iron sheet of a reinforced car, yet this baby zombie did it as if it was playing with tofu.

Ling Mo finally realized why the male zombie threw the baby out without any worries……

It’s reasonable to say that guarding the young was a behavior most creatures had.

Since zombies had the instinct to breed and increase their population, they should naturally have the instinct to protect their future generations.

However, now it seems that baby zombies were even more powerful than ordinary zombies!

Thinking about it, it seems quite reasonable since ordinary zombies got their strength step by step after being infected with the virus. And baby zombies? They were born into a body that was completely filled with the virus!

They can’t be looked down on them just because they’re small. The virus in their bodies is pure!

They’ve at least reached the qualities of a high level zombie!

Whether a zombie was strong or not had nothing to do with their gender, body, or even their age.

What mattered was the purity of the virus. This was the only criteria for measuring the strength of zombies.

Of course, there were individual differences between different zombies, and in general, each zombie had different strengths. This was the same with humans.

However, the appearance of baby zombies meant that zombies have become a completely different race!

Ling Mo tried to use his ability to control it, but the baby zombie seemed to have sensed the danger, and immediately shot out like a cannonball.


Ling Mo had just enough time to move his tentacles in front of him, when he felt a shadow flash in front of him.


The baby zombie was repelled once again, but this time it was able to cling onto the rear of the car. It then gave up attacking Ling Mo and directly smashed into the rear window.

The baby zombie’s body was small and fast. Even with Ling Mo’s skills, it was hard for him to aim the little monster. As long as it couldn’t be aimed, attacking it was useless.


Screams from Ronnie and Wu Peng Fei immediately came from inside the car. Although the car was modified and installed with bulletproof glass, it was still unable to withstand the attacks from the baby zombie.

The rapid continuous sounds of banging were like a reminder of death!

“Although it feels like I’m using them as bait, this is a very good opportunity!”

If Ling Mo wasn’t able to turn his tentacles around in time, he could then only watch helplessly.

However, as long as Ling Mo wasn’t afraid of consuming his spiritual force, he could directly make the tentacle directly pass through the vehicle, let alone turn!

After the screams from Ronnie and Wu Peng Fei succeeded in attracting the attention of the baby zombie, Ling Mo’s tentacles immediately found an opportunity.

to be continued….

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