My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 347 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 347 Part 2 – Moving Human Turret

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“The baby zombie’s elastic body can absorb most attacks, it is also extremely fast, and it is also strong. It’s a pity that it has almost no intelligence and probably can’t handle penetrating attacks…. I need to seize this opportunity and not let Wu Peng Fei this idiot gets killed.”

“Shana! Help me here!”

With the help of his shared vision, Ling Mo quickly found a solution.


This baby zombie had just broken through the window when Shana came and smacked it right in the face during that split second.

As a zombie leader, Shana’s eyes had the ability to change colors in an instant and confuse the baby zombie that was in the air for just a moment.

For Shana and Ling Mo, just a moment was enough.

Ling Mo’s tentacles directly turned around and knocked the baby zombie that was still in the air.

The baby zombie fell to the ground and it was quickly left behind.


The fat male zombie quickly ripped apart the ordinary zombie that was about to eat the corpse of the baby, and blood splattered all over him.

Even though it was such a bloody scene, Ling Mo felt moved for some reason, especially when the fat male zombie carefully picked up the baby zombie.

“Are zombies…. Really just monsters….”

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“We’re almost there! We’ll be making a turn right now! This road is the closest, we will be there very soon!” Yu Wen Xuan suddenly cried.

It seems that he didn’t intentionally try to look for death. Although there were many zombies on this route, the distance to the camp wasn’t too far.

In addition, most of the zombies had actually gathered at the banks of the river. The only time they faced so many zombies on the road was on this Garden Avenue.

Even though Yu Wen Xuan acted wild and exaggerated a lot, he wasn’t stupid.

The car they drove was also completely modified. From this whole journey, other than the front of the car having a ton of dents and several deep scratches left on the roof by the baby zombie, there weren’t any issues with the car.

“Thanks for your hard work, give me five?”

When Ling Mo pulled himself back inside the car, Yu Wen Xuan immediately raised his hand smiled.

Ling Mo glared at him and said, “How about I use my hand and you use your face?”

“Ahhahahahaha, you have such a sense of humor.” Yu Wen Xuan quickly withdrew his hand back.

“Unfortunately, up until now, I’ve only seen a baby zombie so far….” Ling Mo frowned.

Yu Wen Xuan thought for a moment and said, “Hmm, it might be because our goal was just too small. A large number of zombies didn’t even respond to us, and most of them were attracted to the bridge by the firecrackers. But still, it really does feel a bit strange … forget it, we should just be happy that we were able to easily pass through, hahaha …”

“Easily pass through my ass!” Ling Mo rubbed his eyebrows and said.

At this time, Ronnie was still hugging her head. The baby zombie had scared the daylights out of her when it suddenly showed up behind her and started smashing on the window.

Out of curiosity, Ye Lian knocked her on the head and she suddenly snapped awake and slowly raised her head in panic, “Where’s that little monster….”

“I really need to thank you guys for screaming. Those noises were much more effective than the firecrackers! It seems that there are benefits for having people that can’t calm down ….”

Ling Mo said with a smile.

Wu Peng Fei touched his chin with embarrassment, but he was trembling non-stop as if he stepped on an electrical wire. No matter how you look at it, this action of his seemed very funny. “Hehe…. But why does your words sound so strange? I’ll just pretend your complimenting on us…. In short, you’re very welcome. If you ever need us to scream, just say it.”

“What’s our situation now?” He looked around and asked.

“We are almost there.”

The SUV made a sharp turn and sped into a small road. It was too fast and the ordinary zombies that were chasing the car were quickly left behind.

Ling Mo calculated that it actually took them less than five minutes to reach the main road and pass through Garden Avenue.

But the number of zombies he killed during this trip was more than the total amount of zombies Ling Mo killed in the past two to three months.

As his strength increased, Ling Mo basically focused on aiming only the high-level zombies. It had been such a long time since he experienced the feeling of being surrounded by countless ordinary zombies.

Sure enough, facing a high level zombie was scary, but seeing so many ordinary zombies in front of your eyes was absolute terror.

On the other hand, Ling Mo’s spiritual strength had become enhanced and experienced growth after being depleted and replenished multiple times in such a short time period.

“It’s impossible to train with this method since I don’t have suitable companion to help me reach these requirements needed to train. We were only able to successfully pass through this zombie horde only because we had Wen Xuan as our crazy driver and also had the help of Ye Lian and the girls. All the bullets we had were completely used up and we didn’t have any grenades left over…”

Summing up his combat experience and analyzing the results has become a habit of Ling Mo’s….

Yu Wen Xuan looked at Ling Mo, who was currently pondering in his thoughts and his eyes flashed.

“Maybe Ling Mo himself isn’t aware of it, but he is really strong! Do all spiritual type psychics have such great potential? Not only is he strong, but he can remain calm regardless of the situation…. His attacks from the sunroof was even more powerful than having four machine gunners shooting at the same time. He is simply a moving turret….”

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