My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 348 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 348 Part 1 – Burn! My Cosmo!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

A large group of buildings and a river appeared in front of them. This river separated them from the other side.

At first glance, you could tell that the river filled with green water was very deep and there was a very awful odor coming from it.

The river they needed to go across was nearly twenty meters wide and formed a natural barrier for A-City’s isolation zone against the zombie horde.

“Get ready everyone, we are abandoning the car.” Yu Wen Xuan suddenly said.

“Hey! I don’t know how to swim!” Wu Peng Fei screamed.

Ronnie also quickly added, “I…I also don’t know how.”

“Who told you we were going to swim…. Do I look so unreliable?”

Yu Wen Xuan frowned and said.


“Of course….”

Ling Mo didn’t even have the strength to nod in agreement. Although he didn’t have headaches since he was able to replenish his spiritual force in time, his temple still felt as if it was swelling continuously due his improving spiritual force. It would take a while for him to familiarize and digest the feeling.

At the end of this short journey, all of them practically relied on Ye Lian and the girls to fight.

Fortunately, there weren’t any obstacles at all in this road. With Yu Wen Xuan’s fast driving speed, most of the zombies were left behind to eat their dust. How could the remaining zombies be their opponents?

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Ling Mo had the feeling that Yu Wen Xuan must have done something with his abilities, otherwise how could it be possible for him to drive an SUV like a sports car?

“Rest assured, I won’t mess around…. Snap!”

After Yu Wen Xuan snapped his fingers, a black shadow suddenly swept across the river and quickly zoomed past in front of them.

“How can there be a lifeboat in this place?”

After seeing the true appearance of the black shadow, Wu Peng Fei who had been frightened by the shadow, immediately sighed in relief and asked.

The lifeboat was hung on the opposite side of the river and as long as the rope broke off, it would float over here. Yu Wen Xuan had directly burned the rope with his ability.

“You guys can regard it as a hypocrisy from upper management. They left this option as a way out for those survivors who managed to escape from the mountains. Although I feel that even if there were people that could survive in the mountains, they wouldn’t take the initiative to leave and look for death. However, all information is blocked. Maybe some of them thought that the situation outside was a little bit better…. However, in my opinion, I think the camp’s real intention is to give the survivors that are residing in the camp a justified explanation for things. They need to manipulate the people’s minds in order to get them to do what they want.”

After Yu Wen Xuan finished speaking, he immediately stopped the car, “Ling Mo and I will stall them, you guys hurry and get across! Ling Mo, are you able to cross the river directly? If not, I will carry you……”

“DON’T!” Ling Mo felt his scalp go numb and said with a cold face.

“Understood, then be careful.” Yu Wen Xuan smiled indifferently.

The moment the two of them got out of the car, they both released their abilities. A burst of flame and more than a dozen invisible tentacles rolled out towards the rear of the car.

More than 20 chasing zombies rushed quickly towards them and behind them were dozens more.

But these twenty zombies immediately ran headfirst, right into their long-awaited attacks. In addition to being directly headshotted by Ling Mo, some of them were instantly burned to crisps.

Both Xia Zhi Ning and Yu Wen Xuan were fire type psychics, however Xia Zhi Ning’s ability only allowed her to raise the temperature of the object she was in contact with. The moment she stopped coming in contact with the object, it would lose its effect. Yu Wen Xuan’s ability was clearly more superior than hers.

“This might be the difference in one’s talent….. based on the expression from his face, it seems that he’s consuming physical strength.”

Ling Mo had just finished thinking when Yu Wen Xuan suddenly clenched his fist and a serious look appeared on his face as he roared, “BURN! MY LITTLE COSMO!”


“Ehhhh, don’t mind me.” Yu Wen Xuan didn’t feel embarrassed at all and smirked. “If I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t be able to use my power that well.”

“So basically you’re reminding yourself….” Ling Mo suddenly realized.

When he first began using spiritual force, he also had that feeling of having power but unable to use it.

However, Ling Mo solved this issue by relying on continuous practice. He practiced until his abilities became an instinct for him.

Yu Wen Xuan used a method that reminded himself of how to use his powers and the results also seem to be very good.

“Forget it, I would rather spend more time practicing than act like a crazy person…. He actually called out something embarrassing like ‘BURN! MY COSMO![1]’

Ling Mo glanced at an invisible tentacle that was waving in front of him and thought.

to be continued….

[1] – It was a line that the hero calls out when he uses his power in the anime Saint Seiya

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