My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 348 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 348 Part 2 – Burn! My Cosmo!

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

Ye Lian and the others has already placed the lifeboat in the river, but it would take them at least a couple of minutes in order to row to the other side.

In these next few minutes, we can’t take a step back!

“Huu! Come!”

On this flat road, nearly a hundred zombies rushed towards them in a mad dash. However, Ling Mo surprisingly didn’t feel worried.

Perhaps it was due to him fighting such a fierce battle recently,  he felt a sense of arrogance growing within him.

Both his hands were still inside his pockets and his eyes slowly closed.

The zombie horde in front of him immediately became a group of spiritual balls of light.

This wasn’t the first time for Ling Mo to fight with his eyes closed.

Every time he was in this state, he would be totally immersed in this feeling.

Moreover, without the visual impact of the zombies in front of him, he could simply annihilate the spiritual light ball one by one. Ling Mo felt that this was more efficient than fighting with his eyes open.

However, this state also had its drawbacks.

A living creature would instantly turn into a spiritual light ball that was unable to defend itself, but would also lack the pressure to kill him.

It even gave him a sense of pleasure every time he killed in this state. It felt as if he was pinching a bubble. However, this type of pleasure made Ling Mo shudder.

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“If I indulge myself in this state for a long time, my mind will definitely become twisted. However, this time, I have no choice but to use this method.”

Ling Mo slightly frowned as he thought.

“Sure enough, it is a pure spiritual type attack….” Yu Wen Xuan curiously glanced at Ling Mo.

In front of Yu Wen Xuan, the air seems to be distorted as fireballs began to emerge one by one out of nowhere.


Wu Peng Fei, who was standing on the boat, quickly tapped Ronnie and said.

At this moment, Ronnie was nervously clutching the lifeboats side tightly and she didn’t dare to relax.

When they had set sail, Ye Lian and the girls used their boat paddles to kick off from the shore directly and used so much force that they actually pushed the lifeboat three to four meters forward, scaring Ronnie to death.

“What is there to look at……”

“Ling Mo and Wen Xuan. They’re so strong….”

Wu Peng Fei looked enviously at the battle occurring on the shore. He wouldn’t even be able to face one of those zombies in a confrontation.

Ling Mo stood still in the same place waiting for the zombies to come. However, whenever the zombies were about ten meters away from him, they would suddenly fall to the ground and a hole would always appear on their heads.

Accurate and efficient, like a god of death!

At this time, Ling Mo’s frail and ordinary back gave a strong sense of pressure to people!

However, if he were able to see the invisible tentacles that were flying around in front of Ling Mo, he wouldn’t be thinking like this….

As for Yu Wen Xuan, you would hear his laughter from time to time.

Fireballs fell down from the sky, and each attack was launched from a very tricky angle.

Head, legs…. The amount of zombies he killed weren’t many, but his attacks successfully stalled them.

When they finally got closer to the shore after being pushed back little by little, Ling Mo and Yu Wen Xuan were almost at their limit.

“I’m going to go first, you come later…. HEY!”

Yu Wen Xuan had just finished shouting with a face full of sweat when he saw Ling Mo suddenly opened his eyes and turn around to run to the shore.

“To fight together with a guy that is a professional in selling out his teammates, I’ve long made preparations to prevent this from happening to me….” Ling Mo revealed a delighted expression.

At the moment when he was about to fall into the water, his body seemed as if it was hooked by an invisible rope and suddenly shot up to the sky and landed gracefully on the opposite shore.

And the place where he landed was just under the pole that was used to hang the lifeboat.

Yu Wen Xuan killed a few zombies in a hurry and couldn’t help but yell out “WAH!” in horror as he saw the traces of a zombie horde emerging from faraway. A burst of flames immediately erupted from his ass and his whole body immediately catapulted up into the air.

After making a turn in the air, he landed head first on the opposite shore.

After landing, he lay flat on the ground, and didn’t move one bit, as if he was completely out of energy.

“I couldn’t hold on anymore. If I had hesitated for another second, I might have just died on the other side….”

The zombies quickly rushed to the shore. Other than one zombie that was pushed into the water, the others just stood there at the edges, violently waving their arms.

The zombie that fell into the water tried to move and sank even deeper, although he didn’t drown, but he didn’t know how to swim either.

“KAKAKA! [1]”

Shana shocked everyone as she smiled and she slowly cut off a bar from the iron railing at the shore. She handed the bar over to Ye Lian.


As the iron bar accurately hit the zombie in the river, the color of blood immediately smeared the river.


Wu Peng Fei looked at the scene in front of him and swallowed.

[1] – The sounds of cutting

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