My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 349 Part 1

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 349 Part 1 – Theories Pertaining To The Virus

Editor: Zephyr04     Translator: Jhung0301

“Huff!* Huff*!”

Yu Wen Xuan laid on the ground, panting and looked extremely tired.

Although Ling Mo was also leaning on a telephone pole, he looked much better than Yu Wen Xuan. Only his face was pale and his forehead was slightly covered with sweat.

“How the hell is this even possible, the person who killed the most is you, but why do you look more energetic than me?”

Yu Wen Xuan turned over, then leaned on his side to look at Ling Mo, and unwillingly asked.

“The answer is very simple; I can last longer than you.” Ling Mo coolly said as he wiped his sweat.

“This…. Why do I suddenly feel this has a double meaning?” Yu Wen Xuan struggled to get up, but eventually gave up.

The zombies on the opposite shore had no intentions of leaving. More and more zombies started to show up.

Some advanced zombies even noticed the electrical wires that were hanging above their heads, but when they grabbed the wires, they discovered the lines were already cut off by the Falcon camp.

But even though they didn’t succeed, their intelligence was enough to make people feel cold with fear.

There was a saying that war would promote human development. It seems that this saying was also applicable to the zombie race.

“With such terrifying learning capabilities, these zombies will eventually figure out a way to cross the river. The camp … won’t always be safe.” Ling Mo suddenly sighed and said.

“This natural barrier is only the first line of defense. In fact, several advanced zombies have occasionally figured out a way to cross over. There are several lines of defense in the isolation zone. It’s not as vulnerable as you think it is.” Yu Wen Xuan smiled and said.

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Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie’s nervous expressions immediately eased, the moment he said this.

Knowing the fact that only a river separates them from a large group of zombies, they would obviously feel uneasy, nor would they be able to sleep, let alone living here for a long time.

But when they heard there were other defensive lines, they immediately felt a sense of security.

“So basically…. this river is used to block off large amounts of ordinary zombies, while the other defensive lines are used to take care of the higher-levelled zombies…. Not a bad method.” Ling Mo nodded thoughtfully.

But didn’t this mean they would need to figure out a way to get past the other defensive lines?

“Even if the security at the main entrance was super tight, why do I keep getting the feeling that it would have been a lot easier and more convenient than the way we took?”

Ling Mo suddenly stood up straight and looked at Yu Wen Xuan, who was still lying on the ground.

“Ahhahaha, don’t worry, I wouldn’t deceive you. You’ll understand later when you see the front lines. Anyways, I would rather pass through a zombie infested area than face a review at the main entrance.” Yu Wen Xuan said in a serious tone.

Ling Mo went silent for two seconds, before suddenly stepping on Yu Wen Xuan’s face, “FUCK YOU! You’re really asking to die!”

If they were both in normal conditions, Ling Mo would have wanted to kick Yu Wen Xuan with all his strength.

However, right now, Yu Wen Xuan was so exhausted, even an ordinary zombie could kill him right now….


A high-pitched scream sounded through the river bank, and the zombie horde immediately became flustered and started to move.

“Explain clearly to me about your plans and you better not leave any details missing!”

Ling Mo asked and returned back to lean on the telephone pole. He finally felt a little bit better after stepping on him.

Only Ye Lian and the girls could still calmly sit at the shore next to Ling Mo and Yu Wen Xuan. Wu Peng Fei and Ronnie had both already hid in some corner. It seems that as long as they couldn’t see the zombies on the opposite side, they could pretend that they didn’t exist.

“Hey, can you guys talk about this later? Let’s get out of here first….” Ronnie whispered.

Ling Mo didn’t pay any attention to her. Yu Wen Xuan was as stiff as a dead dog. She couldn’t possibly think that he would carry Yu Wen Xuan, would she?

“We already agreed that you wouldn’t hit the face….” Yu Wen Xuan covered his nose and sat up slowly, feeling wronged, “Didn’t you also enjoy killing just right now? Having said that, don’t you feel that all your violent thoughts have been let out?

“Violent thoughts? I’m not some kind of perverted killer….” Ling Mo rolled his eyes.

However, the smile on Yu Wen Xuan’s mouth suddenly became a bit strange, “Don’t get so easily upset, and carefully think about that experience. Don’t you feel that the violent feeling in your body has been released?”


Ling Mo was stunned and then suddenly sat up straight.

“Violent feeling?”

to be continued…

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