My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 349 Part 2

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My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 349 Part 2 – Theories Pertaining To The Virus

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Indeed, ever since he gained the ability to control zombies, he occasionally felt a stuffy feeling inside his chest.

This feeling was very violent, as if it was encouraging him to shred everything in front of him into pieces, just like… the instincts of a zombie.

However, Ling Mo has always been suppressing this feeling. This feeling only lasted for a short while and didn’t leave any negative impacts to his mind.

And because of this, Ling Mo didn’t pay too much attention to it.

With Yu Wen Xuan’s reminder, Ling Mo discovered that the violent feeling he has been suppressing, seems to have been vented after a killing frenzy.

But…. How did Yu Wen Xuan know about this?

Could it be….

Seeing Ling Mo’s reaction, Yu Wen Xuan smiled and said, “You understand now? Although it’s a bit unimaginable, have you ever wondered why a large number of humans mutated into zombies, while at the same time, Psychics began to emerge from the survivors? Or why, at that moment, did so many people start to awaken their special abilities?”

“…. As for these abilities, I had seen some reports on this topic before. Some of those reports provided explanations that the human body changed, while others explained that it was due to abnormal brain development, and there were even some that said it was because of having strong thoughts. Of course, most people thought that these reports, were fake. I was also one of those people that believed these reports were fake. Maybe it’s because of this that I subconsciously didn’t accept the psychological hints that I was a psychic, making it hard for me to use my abilities. I don’t make these sounds just to look cool, I do it because it helps me use my abilities.” Yu Wen Xuan didn’t forget to provide an explanation for himself.

“I also had a similar theory….”

Ling Mo’s now carried a dignified expression.

He had also thought about these things, however, he could only contemplate his theories with himself since there was no other psychics to discuss these things.

Plus, these theories were all unfounded speculations, which Ling Mo wasn’t very fond of. What was the point of thinking of those things when there was no clear answer, and it wouldn’t help increase his survival chances?

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All his energy was basically placed on improving his strength and the evolution of his girlfriends.

“As for the virus…. No one knows where it came from and there isn’t any way to know. But I think that when the virus erupted, it was probably already lurking in everyone’s body.” Yu Wen Xuan suddenly turned his head and focused the topic on the virus.

Wu Peng Fei couldn’t help but say, “That’s impossible! Everyone? Then why weren’t we infected?”

“No need to rush, I was going to that. At the beginning of the apocalypse, only a portion of the people mutated first, while others turned a few days after. This phenomenon seems to be similar to an epidemic. Those with a weak constitution immediately changed while others with a better constitution lasted a day or two longer. Of course, as far as we can tell, the attack of the virus had nothing to do with physical fitness. Maybe the virus had its own infecting criteria.”

It was rare for Yu Wen Xuan to say such things in such a coherent way. For a time, he gave people an “I don’t really understand but it sounds impressive” feeling.

“These set of theories have long been widely circulated in the Camps, but some people were opposed to these theories. In the end, there was no way to verify these documents, so none of it was officially recorded.” Yu Wen Xuan continued.

Ling Mo nodded. His heart was more inclined to this view.

“But what does this have to do with psychics?”

“Dear brother-in-law, when did you find yourself gaining abilities? A day later? Two days later? Yu Wen Xuan asked curiously.

Ling Mo was just about to answer, when he suddenly realized something, “You didn’t by any chance gain your abilities in the first day, did you?”

“Yep. Looking at your expression, you probably took a slightly longer time, right? Actually, I asked a lot of people. There isn’t a specific time range when a person awakes his abilities, but in general, most of them got their abilities within ten days after the apocalypse broke out. I… I gained my abilities in the first day because something happened to me. And because it was very important to me…. I vividly remember every detail of it.

Yu Wen Xuan suddenly buried his head and his voice became a bit strange, “At the time when I gained my abilities, my whole body was boiling with anger. I felt as if I wanted to destroy everything in front of me…. As a result of being in that state, I unexpectedly found out that I gained an ability. I’m guessing you were in a desperate situation when you gained your superpowers, right?”

Ling Mo hesitated, then nodded.

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