My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 35


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 35 – Deuce in broad daylight

The young man anxiously looked at Ling Mo, realizing that he would be the leader of the group.

“Where is your camp?” Ling Mo frowned and asked after a long moment of silence.

The young man probably did not expect Ling Mo to hesitate so much when being asked to join him. Any ordinary people encountering another survivor group will all rushed up like gummy bear (editor’s note: means to stick together like glue)! The reason of why he invited Ling Mo and his people is that partly because he felt guilty for driving them out of their hiding spot, on the other hand, he is somewhat surprised by the combat ability by Ling Mo and his people.

Although on the road to the direction of the side door, there weren’t that many zombies, but there is always a few coming out to block the way. Originally the young man thought that they would not stand a chance, and would have to sacrifice a few survivors just to get past those zombies.

But to their great surprise is that, this seemingly very weak team of strangers-two strange looking red-eyed girls, two teenagers, and one young man are exceptionally strong! These scattered zombies did not even cause the slightest effect on them! A group of people like this one is obviously not a burden, but well worth any food they want!

“District Ginkgo! How about it, would you like to join us back to the camp?” The young man somewhat eagerly asked.

District Ginkgo is not very far away from here; just two blocks detour to go. But this gang evidently seemed just left camp, why go back so soon? In such matters, Ling Mo did not intend to conceal and opened his mouth to ask.

Young man quickly said: “you are mistaken, we came out two days ago, gathering supplies in this neighborhood, originally we planned to take the risk and look for something today around this area, but did not think that here is really the tiger and dragon’s den (indicating full of zombies). Right now we are set back, we intend to immediately return, to avoid greater injury to persons. “

That’s why…Ling Mo nodded and looked back at Ye Lian and Shana. At the moment Shana is emotionally stable, same as Ye Lian where one could not tell that she was truly a zombie from appearances, but for safety reasons, Ling Mo quickly manipulated Ye Lian and pulled out a cap to wear on Shana.

This little movement did not rouse the attention of the young man, because at the same time, Ling Mo was speaking with him.

“Well, then we will go back to camp with you.”

“Great! Let’s go.” Young man showed a hint of joy, to the camp, newcomers generally mean two cases. First, one more mouths to feed, second, an extra boost. Ling Mo and his people are clearly the latter, regardless of the place these people are welcome anywhere.

The people of this team did not object to Ling Mo and his people’s joining, most of the people even nodded at them, to show welcome. A closer look at these people allowed Ling Mo having a much more intuitive understanding. There are both men and women in this group, they all seemed very young, the oldest is only in his early thirties, youngest looked about fifteen o sixteen.

Although just experienced a life and death battle, but these people do not look frightened, just their forehead is covered with sweat, showing tiredness. The only one that had a heavy expression is a girl in her twenties, her eyes were red, but did not shed tears.

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In the process of advancing with these people, Ling Mo heard that young man whispered a few words of comfort to that girl, then he knows that girl’s elder brother was one step late in jumping off the building while he was trying to delay the zombies, and was pulled back in front of her eyes to the window. He’s probably no more than a skeleton now.

Intend to give up the search for supplies; the group then detoured to a small alley from the main street. Ling Mo also had some doubts, but the young man who was leading the way seems to be very familiar with the route, then he put down some of his doubts.

There are not that many zombies within the alley, because this alley is caught in the middle of two buildings, both side have fences, and except the occasional scrap vehicles, there is little obstacles. After walking through this alley for about five minutes, these people then turned on to a narrow street, and more zombies also appeared.

The group’s organized way of fighting, coupled with Ling Mo from time to time reduce stress for them, it did not take very long to go through this street. Soon, this group of people arrived at Ginkgo District. Compared to the high-end residential building across The Third High, even though Ginkgo District is also a luxury real estate, but was only repaired recently, not many people stayed formally, this also means that a relatively clean environment, and fewer zombies within the district.

But at the gate there are still a small amount of zombies, this is entirely determined by the location, what can we do when there is a busy commercial street near it…

The young man said that their camp is situated in an elevator apartment within the district. This apartment’s gate was constructed well, can also play a protective role, although it will be useless if facing a large horde, but it is no problem to withstand a small amount of zombies. And there are people guarding right behind the gate, seeing the young man brought back a few strangers they only looked at Ling Mo and his people with a few judging looks, and did not say anything else.

“Our people here have to take turns on duty, and there are also people upstairs to watch, if the situation is going south, they will organize us to evacuate or conceal.” The young men seeing that Ling Mo seemed to be curious, he explained voluntarily.

Walked the second floor along the backup staircase, these people then entered a residential site. To Ling Mo’s surprise, there are no one living here, only a bespectacled woman helped these people to take down the bag, took out a notebook, making detailed records while counting the inventory brought back by these people.

“You guys wait for a bit.” After the young man accounted Ling Mo for one sentence, then he took off his own backpack, Ling Mo stood by the door for a bit, and found out that these people did brought back quite a lot of things. In addition to a variety of goods, there are a mess of drugs, clothes, and even some female products.

After that woman finished indexing the goods, he let the young man signed then indicated that they could leave. And those supplies were all categorized by her, and moved inside the room. Ling Mo looked from a distance, realized that bedroom has been converted into a warehouse, glimpsing between the opening and closing of the doors he could see that the supplies deposited in there is not small.

Young man came out with a smile: “you see, I did not had the time to tell you that in fact, I am not qualified to permit you guys to join, we had to ask the big boss . But don’t worry; our boss is a good person. Right now I will take you guys to him!”

Ling Mo nodded indifferently, eyes suddenly flash, he asked tentatively: “what you guys just did was?”

“Oh, nothing but registration. Our people here are divided into three teams, each squad turns out to search for materials, it is necessary to register storage when back here, then signed by the captain. By the way, my name is Li Yu, the captain of team two. “Li Yu‘s eyes flashed a hint of proudness.

When other people came out from the storage, they all returned to the other residence room, and Li Yu took Ling Mo to the third floor.

For this so-called leader, Ling Mo is still interested. After all, to establish such survivor camp within a short time, this means the boss can be considered quite the leader. It’s not easy to arrange for such a rigorous style of leadership in such a chaotic time, and Ling Mo is indeed impressed that these group of survivors were able to pull it off.

Before meeting this boss, Ling Mo’s mind made a lot of assumptions, but he did not think that when the door at third floor opened, appeared before his eyes turned to be a little girl that looks a little sick.

But this is not the focus…..what really let Ling Mo stared is and instantly transfixed is that, this girl, he actually know her!

That neighborhood girl, whom he thought died in Wang’s handmade sword shop, is Wang Rin!

And when Wang Rin looked at him, Ling Mo almost unconsciously blurted out: “oh hell no…..”

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